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  • Sept 19- California on Monday moved to restrict air pollutants from sources as diverse as diesel trucks and cow flatulence, the latest of several efforts in the most populous U.S. state to reduce emissions leading to climate change. Under a bill signed Monday by Democratic Governor Jerry Brown, the state will cut emissions of methane from dairy cows and other...

  • National Park Service turns 100

    Bill Nye, "The Science Guy," talks about the nation's national park system and how visitors can find a park near them.


  • EHRENFELD, Pa., Aug 9- From Appalachia to Wyoming, surging demand for cheap natural gas, tougher environmental regulations and multiple coal company bankruptcies have left behind a devastated coal business, lost jobs and billions of dollars in cleanup work. Many of the jobs are gone for good, but ex-miners can repair the damaged land and shape a post-coal economy,...

  • The business of cleaning up

    CNBC's Mary Thompson looks at the dirty job of cleaning up around the country and how jobs are growing in the environmental engineering industry.

  • Where the jobs are: Environmental engineering

    Those in the business of cleaning up are cleaning up when it comes to job opportunities, reports CNBC's Mary Thompson.

  • Making money from waste

    Tom Szaky, CEO and Founder of TerraCycle, Inc., talks about the costs of recycling and waste management, as well as his goal to recycle just about everything.

  • Could COP21 spark the end of the fossil era?

    Sarah Perkins-Kirkpatrick, research fellow at University of New South Wales, says there is a consensus among most global nations that action needs to be taken.

  • COP21 is different from Kyoto Protocol: ACCEL

    The UN climate change summit COP21, is the first time countries will have legally-binding pledges, says Rosemary Lyster, director at the Australian Center for Climate and Environmental Law.

  • Can China clean up its toxic air?

    Alvin Lin, China climate and energy policy director at the Natural Resources Defense Council, says a shift in China's environment is imminent as Beijing introduces tougher measures against air pollution.

  • The Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas

    Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital said both the nurses and the doctors knew the patient's travel history, but released him, the New York Times reports.

  • Fish for sale at Onahama fishing port in Iwaki

    Satomi Inokoshi worries that her hometown is being spoiled by newcomers that have rolled into Iwaki since the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

  • BP won a legal reprieve in its effort to force the administrator of a settlement related to the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

  • Colorado floods trigger oil spills

    NBC News' Joe Fryer reports Colorado is keeping an eye on 10 oil spills, where 2 are considered significant.

  • Fears in China are rife that pollution is out of control after 6,000 dead pigs were cleared from a Shanghai river.

  • Breathing In China's Hazardous Air Quality

    Chinese media on Monday called on the government to improve air quality, days after the Beijing's pollution index went off the charts. CNBC's China correspondent Eunice Yoon reports from the Chinese capital.

  • Professor Stephen Hawking

    While growing computing demand will mean more energy consumption, wider use of cloud computing technology will prove to be a net benefit to the environment over the longer term, say industry watchers.

  • thumbs_up_200.jpg

    In another sign the American economy is on the comeback trail, a new survey from KPMG shows optimism is improving among U.S. manufacturing and service industry executives. Executives in both key sectors say the worst is behind us.