ETF 101


  • Why ETFs are Worrisome Friday, 6 May 2011 | 10:57 AM ET

    You can trip over your shoelaces trying to understand the true mechanics of exchange-traded funds, let alone the worries over ETFs. So let’s make it simple: From a worry perspective, just look at the alarmingly high level of ETF failures to settle.

  • Option Bulls Drive Volume in Gold ETF Thursday, 26 Jul 2012 | 6:15 AM ET
    Gold bars

    Option volume lit up yesterday in the SPDR Gold Shares Trust exchange-traded fund, which tracks the price of bullion.

  • Check Out the ETF Deathwatch: Greenberg Wednesday, 15 Aug 2012 | 6:57 AM ET

    With the explosive growth in the number of exchange-traded funds being created, the number that have failed is rising, too.

  • Active Bear ETF: Tool for Shorting Stocks Monday, 11 Jun 2012 | 6:21 PM ET

    Negative on the rally? Or bullish but looking for a hedge? There’s an ETF for that!

  • The Sideways Play Monday, 13 Feb 2012 | 10:58 AM ET

    ETFs broadly covering bonds in the major taxable and tax-exempt asset classes, plus exposure to convertible bonds that feature some of the upside of stocks, are an investor’s best option to deal with uncertainty.