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  • Remaking star fund managers to fit inside an ETF Tuesday, 28 Jan 2014 | 11:04 AM ET

    The effort is under way to bring the best of mutual fund star managers to the ETF world, but it's not clear what it all means just yet.

  • Playing panicky markets with dividend ETFs Monday, 27 Jan 2014 | 4:21 PM ET

    High-dividend ETFs could be a way to go in turbulent markets, but investors need to watch out for pitfalls.

  • Emerging markets ETFs: Which to buy, which to avoid Monday, 27 Jan 2014 | 3:08 PM ET

    Emerging markets ETFs have grown based on diversification theory. But what if diversification doesn’t work? It hasn't in emerging markets.

  • How an $18 billion ETF fund of funds is investing Monday, 27 Jan 2014 | 4:35 PM ET

    $18 billion ETF fund of funds manager Windhaven Investments reveals its plan for beating the market.

  • Would sell EEM, we like ECON: Pro Tuesday, 28 Jan 2014 | 1:25 PM ET
    Would sell EEM, we like ECON: Pro

    Discussing problems in emerging markets lately, and where to invest, with Kim Arthur, Main Management CEO; Mike Vogelzang, Boston Advisors president and CIO; and CNBC's Bob Pisani.

  • ETF industry's biggest problem is your problem, too Monday, 27 Jan 2014 | 4:48 PM ET

    The fund industry is criticized for its 7,500 funds—some say marketing takes precedence over investing. Are ETFs catching up when it comes to bloat?

  • ETFs 2014: 3 big risks, 3 big opportunities Friday, 24 Jan 2014 | 9:58 AM ET

    With 1,500 ETFs on the market today, not everything is rosy. Here are the opportunities and risks lurking in ETFs this year.

  • Bob Pisani, live from ETF heaven Monday, 27 Jan 2014 | 11:25 AM ET
    Bob Pisani is in ETF heaven

    CNBC's Bob Pisani explains what an ETF actually does and why you should consider owning one.

  • ETF unfinished business: Crushing the mutual fund Friday, 24 Jan 2014 | 9:56 AM ET

    Near $2 billion in assets and with more than 1,500 financial advisors now using them, ETFs are ready to leave traditional mutual funds in the dust.

  • Biggest ETF manager's investments Monday, 27 Jan 2014 | 2:19 PM ET
    Biggest ETF manager's investments

    CNBC's Bob Pisani speaks to Stephen Cucchiaro, CIO of Windhaven Investment Management, about the firm's bond and stock holdings, and what markets keep him up at night.

  • 5 Things ETF Investors Should Know Wednesday, 13 Feb 2013 | 10:40 AM ET
    NYSE exchange floor

    As ETFs proliferate, there are a few things investor should know. Here is our list.

  • Pisani: Anything but 'BRICs' Friday, 24 Jan 2014 | 11:35 AM ET
    Pisani: Anything but 'BRICs'

    CNBC's Bob Pisani looks at the lag in emerging market ETFs, and U.S. big caps versus small caps.

  • A Bright Future for Precious Metals Tuesday, 12 Feb 2013 | 12:00 AM ET
    A Bright Future for Precious Metals

    CNBC's Bob Pisani catches up with the commodity ETF experts at the 6th annual Inside ETF Conference. Will Rhind, managing director at ETF Securities discusses his outlook for inflation and the bright future for precious metals in 2013.

  • Canary in the Coal Mine for Bonds? Tuesday, 12 Feb 2013 | 12:00 AM ET
    Canary in the Coal Mine for Bonds?

    BlackRock iShares head of fixed income, Matt Tucker, talks corporate bonds, the Fed and rising rates with CNBC's Bob Pisani.

  • Riding the Japanese Rally with DXJ Tuesday, 12 Feb 2013 | 12:00 AM ET
    Riding the Japanese Rally with DXJ

    Wisdomtree's chief investment strategist, Luciano Siracusano, breaks down Wisdomtree's Japan hedged Equity ETF (DXJ) and explains how investors can ride the rally without the downside of a depreciating yen.

  • US to Win Currency War, Then 'Implode': Schiff Tuesday, 12 Feb 2013 | 2:12 PM ET
    Peter Schiff

    The U.S. will win the global currency race to the bottom but decimate its economy in the process, economist Peter Schiff said.

  • Protecting Your Portfolio Tuesday, 12 Feb 2013 | 12:00 AM ET
    Protecting Your Portfolio

    Invesco Powershares' Ben Fulton talks with CNBC's Bob Pisani on protecting your portfolio against volatility and higher interest rates.

  • Ric Edelman: 'Why I hate mutual funds' Tuesday, 12 Feb 2013 | 12:00 AM ET
    Ric Edelman: 'Why I Hate Mutual Funds'

    Ric Edelman, chairman & CEO of Edelman Financial Services, explains to CNBC's Bob Pisani why he's biased against active management, even in the ETF arena.

  • Traders work on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.

    ETFs may be a "disruptive innovation" but experts have concerns about the rapid growth of the ETF business.

  • When it Comes to ETFs, How Much Is Too Much? Monday, 11 Feb 2013 | 1:23 PM ET

    With optimism about the growth of exchange-traded funds comes a less obvious question about whether the industry might be growing too fast.


  • Bob Pisani

    A CNBC reporter since 1990, Bob Pisani covers Wall Street from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.

  • Jeff Cox is finance editor for CNBC.com.


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