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    If the main purpose of today's joint action by the world's central banks was to ease the ability of European banks to borrow dollars, why are the central banks of Japan, Canada, England and Switzerland also involved.

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    In essence, the Federal Reserve agreed to provide cheaper dollar funding to the European Central Bank—which can then provide cheaper dollar loans to cash-strapped European banks.

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    The Federal Reserve and several other banks announced this morning that they were engaging in a coordinated action to provide liquidity in each other's foreign currencies.

  • The coordinated actions by the Federal Reserve and other central banks is aimed at the funding strains faced by European banks in what was becoming a modern day run on the banks.

  • Central Banks Take Action

    CNBC's Steve Liesman has the details on the Fed and central banks around the world launching a coordinated move to boost liquidity.

  • A triple whammy this morning: China, coordinated central bank action, and better than expected ADP report.

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    The world's major central banks unleashed coordinated action Wednesday to ease the increasing strains on the global financial system, a move that sent stock markets up sharply.

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    Europe is in crisis mode, China cuts reserve requirements, and business is up down under - it's time for your FX Fix.

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    In a stern pronouncement, Moody’s Investors Service this week warned of rising prospects for multiple defaults by countries in the euro zone and credit rating downgrades of nations across Europe if leaders should fail to resolve the spreading debt crisis.  The NYT reports.

  • E.U.

    International companies are preparing contingency plans for a possible break-up of the euro zone, according to interviews with dozens of multinational executives, the FT reports.

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    U.S. jobs-related data may pique investor interest Wednesday, as markets remain focused on developments in Europe.

  • Bill Gross: Global Opportunities

    Why investors should be focused on risk assets in emerging economies like Brazil and Asia, with William Gross, PIMCO founder & Co-CIO.

  • Amid the discussions of a euro breakup, the single currency is stubbornly strong. Here's how to trade that risk appetite away from the euro zone.

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    How do you explain the sovereign debt crisis in Europe and how it affects the world? If you're this political cartoonist-turned animator, you liken it to a disease and invent an animated drug, ContagionEx, to treat it.

  • International investor Jim Rogers

    The price of gold is due for a correction and this could be used as an entry point by investors eager to get exposure to the precious metal, while the dollar is likely to strengthen as there has been too much pessimism about it, famous investor Jim Rogers told CNBC Tuesday.

  • Europe Back in Focus

    Speculation is rising that France could soon see its credit rating slashed, with CNBC's Steve Liesman and the Fast Money team. Camilla Sutton, chief currency strategist at Scotia Capital, also weighs in on the euro.

  • Jim Cramer has brilliantly posed the most important question facing the markets today when thinking about the impact of Europe: "Is there too much hope here?"

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    With companies testing out plans for a euro collapse, here's one take on how things could play out.

  • E.U.

    The Eurozone’s policymakers are running behind warnings, and warnings are running behind the crisis. Big Bazooka 2, bailouts, printing money, and Eurobonds are only partial solutions to systemic problems and too little too late.

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    European markets experienced a rare moment of respite yesterday.  But this was just a pause in the panic. No comprehensive solution to the continent’s sovereign debt woes seems to be near at hand.