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  • A man holds a placard bearing the Greek flag.

    For months, the situation in Greece has dominated European markets for days on end as a new deadline approaches.

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    Greek deal hopes rise and lift the euro - it's time for your FX Fix.

  • Is Europe on Track for a Comeback?

    EU ambassador to the United States, Joao Valde de Almeida, says elements of optimism and signs of recovery in Europe are seen today as compared to three months ago.

  • Nouriel Roubini

    It’s a fallacy that private creditors to Greece – taking a massive “haircut” on their investment as part of a debt-restructuring deal – are losing out while the official sector’s holdings are protected, Nouriel Roubini, chairman of Roubini Global Economics, wrote in the Financial Times.

  • European Bank Note

    A lead adviser to Greece on its debt deal,  Mitu Gulati, argues that instead of repeated austerity-based bailouts, other European countries should cut a deal directly with their creditors to reduce their debt loads.

  • Following up on my Monday bearish call for risk this week, here’s a trade idea for Thursday with the thought process on why to put it on.

  • Greece Facing Default if Debt Deal Not Accepted

    CNBC's Michelle Caruso-Cabrera has the update on whether Greece will be able to get its debt deal accepted by investors.

  • European Central Bank

    The European Central Bank (ECB) is widely expected to leave interest rates on hold Thursday, a week after banks took up more of its cheap loans offered in another attempt to avert a crunch and calm financial markets.

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    Greece has come back to the forefront of the markets’ agenda over concerns about its debt restructuring package, with fears that the troubled euro zone country may finally default on its debt repayments.

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    The biggest fall of the year so far in U.S. markets – the Dow dropped over 200 points on Tuesday – is nothing compared to losses experienced last year and was probably to be expected, global portfolio manager Mark Tinker of Axa Framlington, told CNBC.

  • The "Europe" sculpture by Belgian artist May Claerhout, showing a woman holding up the symbol of the Euro, stands outside the European Parliament building.

    The Argonne, Waterloo and Normandy are among the many famous battlefields of the past. Greece, Portugal and Ireland are among the theaters of war in which European Union is currently engaged.

  • It's fixing to be a busy week in the euro zone, and this strategist wants to steer clear.

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    Participation in the Greek debt swap deal by private sector creditors, integral to the latest bailout for the stricken country, is unlikely to reach a sufficiently high level to avoid credit default swaps being triggered, James Ashley, senior economist at RBC Capital Markets told CNBC.

  • Money In Motion: Euro Ahead of ECB

    A currency trade ahead of the ECB's policy meeting, with Amelia Bourdeau, Westpac Institutional Bank.

  • There was a wide-ranging change of the guard in 2011. In Europe struggling countries such as Italy and Greece brought in the technocrats, or voted out administrations, which had failed to solve their economic crises. In the Middle East two entrenched regimes toppled under popular uprisings and a third after a revolution.In 2012, there could be an even bigger shift, with several key countries facing possible changes at the top. Citizens that rid themselves of dictators and have not yet decided wh

    There was a wide-ranging change of the guard  in Europe and the Middle East in 2011. Here are 10 other elections that could change the game of global politics in 2012.

  • European Central Bank

    This week will be a busy one for central bankers. Here's how to trade on their many meetings.

  • Mario Draghi

    The euro zone debt crisis will not be a big deal for the markets within the next few months, Larry Kantor, managing director and head of research at Barclays Capital, told CNBC.

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    Despite the lingering debt crisis and an incubating recession in many nations of the European Union, many global companies say they are maintaining or even increasing their investments in the euro zone and elsewhere on the Continent. The NYT reports.

  • Money Match Up

    Oil hits a 9-month high on global recovery, and geopolitical risks. A look at crude's next move, with CNBC's Melissa Lee and the Money in Motion traders. Also, will Obama tap the strategic oil reserve, with Dennis Gartman, the Gartman Letter. And how you can make money off next week's jobs report, with Deutsche Bank's Joe LaVorgna.

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    It's been a tough week for the euro, and this strategist has a plan to trade on the troubles.