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    The euro is down 2.6% in just two days - a huge move for a currency - and this strategist sees more weakness ahead. With the euro nosing below the 1.30 level against the dollar, is the worst over?

  • Trading the Euro's Fall

    How to trade the euro as it moves lower, with Todd Gordon, Aspen Trading Group co-head of research/trading.

  • The euro is having another lousy day, breaking right through $1.30 on the euro-dollar, now approaching the lows for the year that we last saw in January. The immediate cause was Italy's five year bond auction, which cost them a record 6.47 percent. They paid 6.3 percent in November.

  • Italian Lire

    The fact that economies across are stalling at the same time many European governments are finding it hard to sell bonds is a bit of a mystery.

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    European policymakers are taking a page out of the American playbook to address their  sovereign debt crisis, banking analyst Dick Bove said.

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    "Europe is going into recession and the ripple effect on global growth next year is the story," says strategist Peter Boockvar. "To think we can avoid it is delusional."

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    As the truth dawns in Greece and other weak euro zone economies that the price for remaining bound to the single currency will be more hardship and sacrifice, a growing number of legal and financial experts — to say nothing of the Greeks themselves — are examining in detail what would happen if Greece abandoned the euro. The NYT reports.

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    Taken into consideration the multitude of crises in the Eurozone, what did the Summit actually achieve?

  • Restoring Confidence in Europe

    The European debt crisis is continuing to drive much of the market action around the world. Insight on whether the series of debt crises in Europe will be resolved in the year to come, with Paul Donovan, UBS Global Economics managing director, who adds that the markets are still not convince by the euro zone crisis fix.

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    Hold the condolence cards, but the recession cost the rich. The share of income received by the top 1 percent — that potent symbol of inequality — dropped to 17 percent in 2009 from 23 percent in 2007, according to federal tax data. The New York Times reports.

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    The euro could be headed for a long slide—and possibly take stocks and commodities with it.

  • Cohen: There is Notable Undervaluation in Markets

    The Dow is down on new doubts that a solution to Europe's debt problems will arrive. Advice on market opportunities in 2012, with Abby Joesph Cohen, Goldman Sachs senior U.S. investor strategist.

  • France and Germany want a new European Union treaty for all 27 members or for the 17 members of the eurozone with other nations signing on a voluntary basis, President Sarkozy said today

    The search for a silver bullet to fix Europe’s debt mess again has come up empty.

  • European Central Bank

    Only the European Central Bank "has the balance sheet big enough to deal with this crisis" in Europe, Neel Kashkari, Pimco's head of equities, told CNBC Monday.

  • Europe's Grand Debt Plan No Panacea

    Stocks slide today on Europe debt doubts. The Fast Money traders share their trades as major averages extend opening losses.

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    The extraordinary move by European leaders to adopt the ideology of expansionary austerity as a legal requirement was met with an even stranger reaction here in the U.S.

  • Currencies Impacted by EU Summit

    A reaction to the new deal to save the euro zone has been mixed, even though many expect the agreement should offer the euro temporary stability. What it means for currencies in the week ahead, with Nick Bennenbroek, Wells Fargo FX head of currency strategy.

  • Last week's headlines were dominated by European leaders meeting to try to finally develop a coordinated strategy to address the fiscal woes of the European Union’s sovereign nations. As usual, Germany and France took the lead in attempting to forge a closer financial bond to alter the negative sentiment about European financial conditions.

  • E.U. Flags

    While most have dubbed the products of the European Union Summit as further ‘kicking the can down the road,’ I believe the outcome portends the end of the Euro currency as we now know it.

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    The European Union summit generated some results - but not everything investors hoped for. Here's how to trade the euro now.