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  • European Stocks Provide Ripe Picks For Investors

    Jane Buchan, CEO, Pacific Alternative Asset Management Company CEO, discusses why she believes European equities are a "stock-pickers delight."

  • Will US Markets Pullback on Cyprus Fears?

    Ben Pace, Deutsche Bank Private Wealth Management; David Joy, Ameriprise Financial; and Stuart Hoffman, PNC Financial Services, discuss how the EU's bailout plan will impact global markets, and where to find the best investment opportunities.

  • Dennis Gartman

    Proposals to force depositors in Cyprus to contribute towards a euro zone bailout has shaken the very nature of banking to its roots, according to Dennis Gartman, editor of "The Gartman Letter", who has labeled Cyprus's recently elected President Nicos Anastasiades a "fool".

  • Crisis in Cyprus Sparks Fears in Global Markets

    CNBC's Michelle Caruso-Cabrera has the latest details on the unprecedented proposal to tax bank depositors in Cyprus, and takes a look at a possible revision of the plan.

  • Cyprus Bailout Proposal 'Unprecedented': O'Neill

    "This is not a good idea at all," said Jim O'Neill, Goldman Sachs Asset Management chairman, explaining how the euro zone's bailout plan for Cyprus could impact global markets.

  • Global Markets: Euro Banks Skid on Cyprus Bailout Plan

    CNBC's Kelly Evans reports euro zone concerns have resurfaced on news of a proposal that would tax depositors.

  • Standard and Poor's sees a high risk that Spain, Italy, Portugal and France will not be able to carry through necessary reforms as the unemployed become less willing to put up with austerity, S&P's Germany head Torsten Hinrichs told a newspaper.

  • Cyrus Bailout Risks Euro Weakness Ahead

    The euro zone's proposal that bank depositors in Cyprus contribute toward a bailout has dampened risk appetite for many investors. CNBC's Julia Chatterly, Carolin Roth, and Michelle Caruso-Cabrera report all the detail on how this newest development will impact global investors.

  • Kakopetria in Solea Valley, Trodos, Cyprus

    The decision to force bank depositors in Cyprus to contribute towards a euro zone bailout could mean the country's economy could shrink by 15 percent over the next two years, investment bank Nomura said.

  • A car drives past a billboard promoting a Russian bank on a main road in the southern Cypriot port of Limassol.

    As the Cypriot parliament decides on a deposit levy, the shadow of Russian money in the island looms large.

  • Euro Zone Still Under Control: Strategist

    Christian Gattiker, global investment strategist and head of research at Julius Baer, tells CNBC that the overall European situation remains in control and that only a very messy parliamentary vote on the Cyprus bailout would prompt him to reconsider his positioning.

  • Large Foreigners Depositors Hit Hard in Cyprus

    Patrick Armstrong, managing partner and director of Armstrong Investment believes the attraction of the Cyprus Depositor Tax is that it will reach foreigners with large deposits and says big corporates should avoid having deposits in euro-domiciled countries.

  • Cyprus Levy a Farce

    Clem Chambers, CEO at ADVFN says the levy on Cyprus banks is unprecedented and signals your money isn't safe. He also says that EU, ECB and IMF have torn up the rule book and they can do it again.

  • Cyprus a Special Case in Many Ways

    Mikio Kumada, Executive Director & Global Strategist at LGT Capital Partners says the Cypriot banks are funded by a huge deposit base and the levies are a one off event.

  • Cyprus Finance Minister: Levy Was Best Available Outcome

    Cyprus' finance minister, Michael Sarris, tells CNBC why he defends the controversial tax on bank deposits.

  • Can Cyprus Crisis Be Contained?

    Gregorio Saichin, Head of Emerging Markets & High Yield Fixed Income Funds at Pioneer Investments, explains how the situation in Cyprus will play out in the sovereign bond markets in the long-term.

  • The dollar is dipping and the euro is lifting, and this strategist sees a signal that the euro zone could be on the road to economic recovery.

  • Latvia's Prime Minister hit back at Paul Krugman's criticism of Latvia's austerity measures.

  • Euro Markets Decline on Recession Talk

    European shares are lower as finance ministers prepare to discuss Cyprus bailout. CNBC's Simon Hobbs reports.

  • Cyprus, Episkopi Bay

    A Cyprus bailout is likely to be close to 10 billion euros ($13 billion), or much lower than forecast thanks to tax measures that are likely to boost revenues.