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    Investing is "unusually difficult" because of current uncertainties and there are some signs that the markets are pricing a "rare disaster" – but the situation is not as bad as it was in 2008, analysts at Goldman Sachs wrote in a market note.

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    As more and more Greek nationals turn to the promised land of Australia to escape unemployment and austerity, visa procedures may not make it as simple.

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    The former long-standing UK prime minister, Tony Blair, a self-professed pro-European, said the risk of unrest applied to Europe as a whole, the Financial  Times reports.

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    Bankers’ bonuses across the European Union are set to be limited by law, with many bank lobbyists admitting in private that they have lost the fight against a European Parliament initiative to limit the size of bonuses relative to salary, the Financial Times reports.

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    The stereotype of the lazy Greek worker, putting in long hours but not producing much, and not declaring everything to the taxman, has dogged the country’s efforts to get international sympathy.

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    Ali al-Naimi, Saudi Arabia’s highly influential oil minister is once again the center of attention at OPEC's meeting this week, with reporters hanging on every word from a man some describe as the ‘Central Banker of Oil’.

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    European Union Energy Commissioner Gunther Oettinger said "we need a United States of Europe" and that "there is no 'Plan B'" for the euro zone, in an interview with CNBC on Wednesday.

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    One of Greece’s most powerful weapons in the fight to get its economy back on track and avoid a potentially catastrophic crash out of the euro could be the millions of Greeks who live elsewhere.

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    Greek leftist party Syriza is committed to keeping Greece in the euro zone, its leader Alexis Tsipras said on Wednesday.

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    Earlier this week ratings agency Standard & Poor’s said India could be the first BRIC economy to lose its investment grade status, which was followed a day later by data showing factory output had nearly stalled in April. While India’s recent dismal economic performance has had investors looking for exits, several experts tell CNBC things are not as bad as the headlines suggest.

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    Crisis-hit states cannot return to external and internal balance without higher spending and inflation in the core, writes the Financial Times' Martin Wolf.

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    Spain and Italy need a full-scale bailout from the European Union because of their high levels of government debt and the credit quality of their banks, and will likely seek help within the next 6 months, according to Sean Egan, Founding Partner and President of Egan-Jones, an independent ratings agency.

  • Europe Cannot Let Spain or Italy Fail

    Eswar Prasad, Senior Professor of Trade Policy, Cornell University and Senior Fellow, Brookings Institute says that Europe cannot let major economies like Italy or Spain, or a periphery economy like Portugal fail.

  • 'Play it Safe' With These Stocks...

    Peter Schiff, Euro Pacific Capital CEO, and Paul Hickey, Bespoke Investment Group, discuss how investors can protect their portfolios now.

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    The stability of the global economy hangs in the balance as Greeks go to the polls this coming Sunday to choose who will lead their country.

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    Investors are seeking the safest investments and want to protect their portfolios from European exposure and unpredictability. These companies generate revenue entirely in the United States, and many of them pay a dividend that is substantially greater than the 10-year note.

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    The worst case scenario for investors is that on Sunday night the re-run of the Greek election does not produce a coalition government both willing and able to implement the austerity plan Athens has already agreed on with the other 16 members of the Euro Zone.

  • Global Markets Update: Spain's Bond Yields Higher

    CNBC's Ross Westgate reports on all the market moving events from Europe, including a look at increasing bonds yields in Spain and Italy.

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    Benchmark oil prices may trade within a tight range this week as participants wait for the outcome of a repeat Greek election on June 17 and the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) meeting to decide production policy on Thursday in Vienna, according to CNBC's weekly survey of oil market sentiment.

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    The idea that taxpayers should be expected to bail out Europe’s ailing banking system is “ridiculous” and does not work, one expert told CNBC’s “Squawk Box Europe” Tuesday.