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  • Santelli: 'Grow Up! Get Some Courage!'

    Rick Santelli says there are solutions to the nation's economic problems, but "they take courage to implement."

  • What's Moving Global Markets?

    CNBC's Ross Westgate has the latest details on European markets, including reports of German Chancellor Angela Merkel's opposition to the $45 billion EADS/BAE merger.

  • Global Markets: Growth Concerns Send Shares Lower

    CNBC's Ross Westgate reports on all the market moving events from Europe, including an IMF report singling out the euro zone debt crisis as a key threat to global growth.

  • The Good, Bad & Ugly for the Euro Zone

    Stephen Sheung, VP & Investment Strategist, SHK Private discusses the possible scenarios the euro zone will face in 2013. He adds that market volatility could rise if the ECB's bond-buying proves to be ineffective.

  • Finding an Exit for Europe

    Paul Gruenwald, Chief Economist, Asia Pacific at ANZ explains the significance of the IMF's Global Financial Stability Report. He adds that Europe may need to be pushed harder to find a clear exit out of the debt crisis.

  • European Union flags in front of European Commission headquarter in Brussels, Belgium.

    Europe’s troubled single currency is dividing the continent into warring factions, which could end in a “democratic…or violent revolution” between indebted countries and creditor nations, a prominent European lawmaker told CNBC Tuesday.

  • Merkel's Visit Sparks Protests in Greece

    CNBC's Carolin Roth reports Greeks took to the streets in protest over the visit of Germany's Chancellor Merkel; and discussing the outlook on the euro zone and euro, with Kevin Caron, Stifel Nicolaus, and Dan Greenhaus, BTIG.

  • Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel offered words of support in Athens on Tuesday, even as new data showed Greece's debt situation was worsening and as two former government ministers told CNBC, Greece would have to restructure its debts yet again.

  • Striking mine workers demonstrate outside the Anglo American Mine in Rustenburg. South African.

    Labor unrest in South Africa is weighing on the rand, and this strategist sees more weakness ahead.

  • Merkel Visits Greece Amid Protests

    CNBC's Michelle Caruso-Cabrera reports the latest details on protests on the streets of Athens over austerity cuts and the future of the euro, with Nigel Farage, UK Independence Party leader.

  • fx_fix_1_200.jpg

    Greece and Spain drive the euro and Japan and South Korea shrink their swap — it's time for your FX Fix.

  • Global Markets: IMF Cuts Global Forecast

    CNBC's Kelly Evans has all the details on the market moving events from Europe, including a report of expected disruptions in Athens as German Chancellor Angela Merkel visits Greece.

  • Ireland’s economy may have been improving since the end of June, but the Celtic tiger is not out of the woods yet, Cormac Leech, bank equity researcher at Liberum Capital, told CNBC.

  • Topping the IMF & World Bank Agenda in Tokyo

    Frederic Neumann, MD & Co-Head of Asian Economics Research, HSBC thinks the euro zone crisis and the China-Japan dispute may dominate the discussion at the IMF & World Bank meetings in Tokyo.

  • world_economy_down2.jpg

    The global economy continues to weaken but how long the slowdown persists will depend on whether U.S. and European policymakers address underlying economic challenges, the IMF said.

  • The "Europe" sculpture by Belgian artist May Claerhout, showing a woman holding up the symbol of the Euro, stands outside the European Parliament building.

    Euro zone finance ministers delivered a united defense of Spain on Monday, saying the country was taking steps to overhaul its economy, funding itself successfully in the financial markets and did not need a bailout, at least for now.

  • Markets Close Across Europe

    As European markets close, CNBC's Simon Hobbs, offers insight.

  • angela merkel greece

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel is making a southern trip, and this strategist sees the euro heading in the same direction.

  • fx_fix_1_200.jpg

    Investors fret over the global economy and Iran gets tough on currency traders — it's time for your FX Fix.

  • rock-metal-performer_200.jpg

    Gainesville, Fla.: home of botanical gardens, a museum of natural history and one of the oldest universities in the state.  But according to the latest global music piracy report,  it can now add to its reputation the more ignominious title of music “pirate capital” of the world.