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  • Does this ever happen to you at work - you’ve got critical info, but no one is listening?

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    There aren't a whole lot of places where an intelligent person can work hard, as in sixteen-hours-a-day for six or seven days a week hard, and make a boatload of money. Wall Street is one of those places, and we should keep it that way.

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    Last week in this space I blogged about compensation and a possible “class war” in the offing. Sadly, within days my prediction came true.

  • A lot of people who are not on Wall Street have a misunderstanding about the concept of “bonuses,” Tiger Management’s chairman Julian Robertson told CNBC.

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    The fury over the fact that Wall Street paid out $18.4 billion in bonuses in 2008, the "sixth largest" amount in history, is about words and nothing else.

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    OK, so John Thain's not exactly your average, run-of-the-mill executive, but that doesn't mean there aren’t a few things we can all learn about the fine art of management from the recently deposed head of Merrill Lynch, right?

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    President Obama had some harsh words on Thursday for bankers who paid themselves billions of dollars in bonuses despite the sweeping government rescue of the nation’s financial industry. Senator Christopher J. Dodd of Connecticut said “every possible legal means” should be used to claw back the money.

  • Traders may be disappointed by today's declines, but there is no way they could be surprised. Not when you have companies like Black and Decker and Illinois Tool Works giving first quarter guidance well below expectations.

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    President Barack Obama says it is irresponsible and shameful for Wall Street bankers to be paid huge bonuses at a time when the American public is dealing with economic hardship.

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    In job searches, you see a lack of offense when people focus foremost on what’s available – what industries are hiring, what jobs are suitable to their skills.

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    More spending, whether it comes from individuals, businesses or the government, helps create jobs and get us out of this recession. It doesn't really matter what that spending is on as long as money circulates.

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    Is your company suffering from Detroititis? It pertains to companies who fail to visualize that today’s customers demand appeal and finesse in products and not just low cost and usage.

  • We are seeing an absolute lack of leadership from our current CEO ranks. I’d give our “C” level executives a “D-” for how they are responding to the current crisis.

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    Most people will agree that conducting a job search, especially in this economy, is a necessary evil. I agree that it’s necessary, but I disagree that it’s evil.

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    You know what's worse than finding out that Citigroup is buying a $50 million top-of-the-line corporate jet? Finding out that Citi actually owns a whole subsidiary called CitiFlight that manages its fleet of corporate jets.

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    President Obama has wasted no time since taking the oath less than one week ago. The President has gathered congressional leaders to lobby for an aggressive economic stimulus package and he’s selling an ambitious agenda of economic overhaul straight to the American people.

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    The number of American workers filing new unemployment claims last week soared to almost 600,000. A record number of well-educated college grads will join the millions now looking for work in just a few months - And to turn this squeeze play into a trifecta, consider the tens of thousands of retired Americans who may decide to become UN-retired in 2009.

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    If you’re thinking of strategies to jumpstart your career or job search, remember George. Do the opposite. Mix it up. Make it different.

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    Your “pitch” aka your “elevator pitch” aka your “30 second intro” is one of the most important things you’ll need for your job search. If done well, it can literally open doors for you and individuals will want to continue that conversation that can lead to that terrific job. Stumble on your pitch, and doors can literally slam shut!

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    When it comes to research, nothing could be more UN-cool or “yesterday” than the local public library. I know people who haven’t been to a library in decades – literally. Well, reports of the death of the library have been greatly exaggerated.