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  • Bank of America details new housing probes Tuesday, 25 Feb 2014 | 6:27 PM ET
    Bank of America in Times Square, New York.

    BofA said federal investigators are looking into whether the bank violated certain requirements of a government housing program.

  • JPMorgan getting smaller Tuesday, 25 Feb 2014 | 10:39 AM ET
    JPMorgan getting smaller

    CNBC's Kayla Tausche reports from JPMorgan's Investor Day where CEO Jamie Dimon will present to investors the state of the company's business, as well as its plans for layoffs.

  • JPMorgan facing investors Monday, 24 Feb 2014 | 1:48 PM ET
    JPMorgan facing investors

    JPMorgan is expected to announce a broad strategy regarding its retail branches, reports CNBC's Kayla Tausche. A look at the bank's agenda for its investor conference.

  • Survey: Why consumers are leaving big banks Monday, 24 Feb 2014 | 8:00 AM ET
    Survey: Why consumers are leaving big banks

    Big banks may be gaining in their share of overall deposits, but they're not new customers. CNBC's Sharon Epperson reports on a new survey that finds about one in four big bank customers say they're considering switching banks in the coming year.

  • G-20 mulls ambitious target for global growth Friday, 21 Feb 2014 | 10:47 PM ET
    Australian Treasurer Joe Hockey

    The world's top 20 economies may agree to set an ambitious target for faster global growth at a weekend meeting in Sydney.

  • Fed unveils meeting transcripts from 2008 Friday, 21 Feb 2014 | 10:16 AM ET
    Fed unveils meeting transcripts from 2008

    CNBC's Steve Liesman reports the Federal Reserve is due to release its 2008 transcripts surrounding the financial crisis.

  • Fannie Mae earns $6.5B in 4Q; repaying US bailout Friday, 21 Feb 2014 | 8:08 AM ET

    Fannie Mae posted quarterly net income of $6.5 billion and will have repaid its full government bailout after paying its fourth-quarter dividend.

  • Markets flooded with cash, but what about risks? Friday, 21 Feb 2014 | 7:32 AM ET
    The Federal Reserve building in Washington.

    A Fed debate is growing over whether it should stand ready to raise rates to prick any asset bubbles that its regulatory tools might fail to address.

  • Sheila Bair: Warren Buffett for CNBC's Top 25 Wednesday, 19 Feb 2014 | 4:29 PM ET
    Sheila Bair: Warren Buffett for CNBC's Top 25

    Former FDIC chair Sheila Bair nominates Warren Buffett, Steve Jobs and Yahoo's Marissa Mayer to CNBC's Top 25 Contender list for their focus on customer satisfaction.

  • Sheila Bair: I applaud the Fed Wednesday, 19 Feb 2014 | 4:22 PM ET
    Sheila Bair: I applaud the Fed

    Former FDIC chair Sheila Bair explains why more capital in the U.S banking system is a competitive strength for our economy.

  • The culture of Wall Street Wednesday, 19 Feb 2014 | 10:48 AM ET
    The culture of Wall Street

    CNBC's Kayla Tausche goes inside the world of investment banking and the struggles of Wall Street to retain top level talent. CNBC's David Faber provides insight.

  • Challenger a stand-out from Aussie earnings: Pro Monday, 17 Feb 2014 | 10:50 PM ET
    Challenger a stand-out from Aussie earnings: Pro

    Charles Leyland, Managing Director at Leyland Private Asset Management says despite Challenger Financial Group's strong result, there is still plenty of growth left in the stock.

  • US to let banks do business with licensed pot shops Saturday, 15 Feb 2014 | 6:10 AM ET

    The Obama administration made it easier on Friday for banks to do business with licensed marijuana companies with less fear of prosecution, further encouraging U.S. states that are experimenting with legalization of the drug.

  • Bill Winters: ‘Bad egg’ bankers remain at work Friday, 14 Feb 2014 | 12:00 AM ET
    Lehman Brothers building in New York.

    Malpractice continues in the banking world and "bag eggs" remain, warned Bill Winters, former JPMorgan executive.

  • Bank regulators are increasing risk: Bove Thursday, 13 Feb 2014 | 12:03 PM ET
    Dick Bove

    Regulators are actually increasing risk in the US banking system, says bank analyst Richard X. Bove.

  • Senate postpones Yellen hearing as snow nears Wednesday, 12 Feb 2014 | 4:02 PM ET
    Fed Reserve Chair Janet Yellen before the House Financial Services Committee.

    The U.S. Senate Banking Committee said on Wednesday that it postponed Thursday's hearing with Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen.

  • Banks weren't allowed to fail: Kovacevich Wednesday, 12 Feb 2014 | 3:21 PM ET
    Banks weren't allowed to fail: Kovacevich

    "When a bank is truly failing we have to let it fail," says Former Wells Fargo CEO Dick Kovacevich, with Anat Admati, Stanford University professor of finance and economics, discussing the banking system and "too big to fail" banks. Admati warns banks are still a risk

  • NY regulator sees 'troubling trend' in mortgages Wednesday, 12 Feb 2014 | 2:27 PM ET

    New York's financial regulator said the explosive growth of non-bank mortgage servicers is a "troubling trend" that must be confronted.

  • Fed's Lacker calls to end too-big-to-fail threat Wednesday, 12 Feb 2014 | 8:23 AM ET
    Jeffrey Lacker, president and chief executive officer of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond.

    Calling too-big-to-fail banks "the most critical issue facing our financial system," a top Federal Reserve official urged new laws to address the problem.

  • Fed's Plosser 'worried' about not raising rates Tuesday, 11 Feb 2014 | 11:54 AM ET
    Charles Plosser, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia

    The Fed's Charles Plosser says it's always easier to lower interest rates to spur economic activity than to raise them to stop inflation.