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  • Bank stocks could rise 15% in 3-5 years: Analyst Friday, 7 Mar 2014 | 11:39 AM ET

    Marty Mosby, banking analyst at Guggenheim Partners, told CNBC on Friday that patient investors could be rewarded by putting money in these four stocks.

  • MasterCard, Visa form new payment security group Friday, 7 Mar 2014 | 11:37 AM ET

    Credit card companies MasterCard and Visa said they had formed a new cross-industry group to enhance payment system security across networks.

  • Happy Birthday Art Cashin! Friday, 7 Mar 2014 | 10:15 AM ET
    Happy Birthday Art Cashin!

    Wall Street legend Art Cashin celebrates his birthday and explains why he thinks this morning's better-than-expected jobs report is a "Goldilocks number." He's intrigued that banking lending seems to be accelerating a little.

  • Cramer: Watch Bank of America Friday, 7 Mar 2014 | 9:31 AM ET
    Cramer: Watch Bank of America

    CNBC's Jim Cramer explains why the financial sector will likely benefit from today's better-than-expected jobs number

  • The big bank theory Friday, 7 Mar 2014 | 8:56 AM ET
    The big bank theory

    Marty Mosby, Guggenheim Partners analyst, provides his top banking plays, and weighs in on whether banks are still a buy after last year's rally and this morning's better-than-expected jobs number.

  • Morgan Stanley is doing what's right: Analyst Thursday, 6 Mar 2014 | 5:25 PM ET
    Morgan Stanley is doing what's right: Analyst

    "Banks have been laggards that are now catching up," says Mike Mayo, CLSA research analyst, discussing valuations and breaking down the banking sector. Mayo also gives his best big bank play.

  • Where's the bargain in banks? Thursday, 6 Mar 2014 | 2:42 PM ET
    Where's the bargain in banks?

    Despite litigation, JP Morgan is already delivering on a fundamental basis, says Jeff Harte, Sandler O'Neill, breaking down the performance of some big banks in the financials sector.

  • XLF vs. XLE: Financials gain, energy lags Wednesday, 5 Mar 2014 | 5:13 PM ET
    XLF vs. XLE: Financials gain, energy lags

    Fast Money trader Steve Grasso breaks down the divergence in the financial and energy sectors.

  • Credit ratings for European lenders could be slashed by one or two notches, a leading credit agency has warned.

  • Bank stocks to double, says Dick Bove Tuesday, 4 Mar 2014 | 5:13 PM ET
    Dick Bove

    Look for 100 percent increase in shares of financial institutions across the board, banking analyst Dick Bove said.

  • Investment bank Moelis files for IPO Tuesday, 4 Mar 2014 | 4:53 PM ET
    Kenneth Moelis

    Moelis, an investment bank formed by former UBS bankers, filed with US regulators on to raise up to $100 million in an initial public offering.

  • Dick Bove: Banking headed 100% higher Tuesday, 4 Mar 2014 | 4:17 PM ET
    Dick Bove: Banking industry headed 100% higher

    Dick Bove, vice president of equity research at Rafferty Capital, provides his forecast for financial stocks.

  • Citi's troubles multiply amid laundering subpoenas Tuesday, 4 Mar 2014 | 6:47 AM ET
    A sign is displayed outside Citigroup Center in New York.

    A headache is growing for Citigroup as an affiliate involved in money transfers in Mexico has become ensnared in a criminal investigation.

  • Buyout barons ride market to $2.6 billion payday Tuesday, 4 Mar 2014 | 4:45 AM ET

    The five chief executives running Wall Street's largest banks will rake in just 3 percent of what their peers at private equity firms stand to make from 2013.

  •'s headquarters in Hangzhou, China

    Last June, an affiliate of the Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba made an offer to its hundreds of millions of users: Give us your cash, and we will pay more than Chinese banks wil

  • Shadow banking system 'could produce next crash' Friday, 28 Feb 2014 | 2:43 AM ET

    Germany's central bank is keeping a keen eye on the country's shadow banking system and the threats posed by U.S-style money market funds.

  • Cannot declare 'Too big to fail' has ended: Yellen Thursday, 27 Feb 2014 | 11:55 AM ET
    Cannot declare 'Too big to fail' has ended: Yellen

    Sen. Elizabeth Warren, (D-MA) asks Fed chair Janet Yellen what evidence she would need to see to declare "too big to fail" has ended.

  • 'Execution is key' for RBS: Pro Thursday, 27 Feb 2014 | 11:10 AM ET
    'Execution is key' for RBS: Pro

    Mike Ingram, market strategist at BGC Brokers, talks about the problems facing RBS and says "execution is key and it's going to take years."

  • Mt.Gox customers could be out of luck, experts warn Thursday, 27 Feb 2014 | 7:38 AM ET
    A bitcoin trader is surrounded by reporters as he protests against Tokyo-based bitcoin changer Mt.Gox in front of the company's office.

    Bitcoin exchange customers may have little chance of recovering their funds if they prove to be missing, according to legal and regulatory experts.

  • 'Very bullish' on euro zone financials: Pro Thursday, 27 Feb 2014 | 2:00 AM ET
    'Very bullish' on euro zone financials: Pro

    Beat Wittmann, CEO of TCMG Asset Management, discusses the financial sector in Europe and says he is "very bullish" on euro zone financials.