Housing Foreclosures


  • Two-Tier Global Housing Market Could Lead to Bubble: Goldman

    A two-tier housing market amongst developed economies has sprung up as some countries have rebounded faster from the global financial crisis than others, according to new research by Goldman Sachs, which warns the situation could lead to several bubbles.

  • Housing Still Precarious in Obama’s Second Term

    The one thing standing in the way of a more robust housing recovery, is tight credit. Mortgage rates are at near-historic lows, but too many potential home buyers still cannot access these rates due to damaged credit.

  • Zillow Takes a Hit on Weak Guidance

    Spencer Rascoff, Zillow CEO, explains why his company is lowering its fourth quarter forecast, and weighs in on the outlook on housing.

  • What Today's Jobs Report Says About the Housing Market

    When you dig down into the numbers you can see where the numbers are not quite as rosy as some would hope for both home buyers and builders.

  • Homeowners Hit by Sandy May Save Thousands of Dollars

    The fact that Hurricane Sandy was downgraded before it made landfall on the East Coast will save homeowners potentially thousands of dollars in home insurance deductibles.

  • Rise in Household Debt Might Be Sign of a Strengthening Recovery

    Americans are taking on more debt than they are shedding, indicating a more resilient recovery is near.

  • Home Prices Rise, but Analysts See Pressure Ahead

    While sales of existing homes are still on a bumpy road to recovery, home prices are seeing steady gains. 

  • Let Housing Lead the Recovery: RE/MAX Chairman

    Dave Liniger, chairman & co-founder of RE/MAX, says housing is key to fixing the U.S. economy.

  • Why Today's Housing Report Spooked Investors So Much

    We know we're coming off the bottom of the housing crash, but over the summer it felt to some like we were rocketing off the bottom. Now, not so much.

  • Is There a Housing Shortage?

    In a sign of a still struggling housing market, signed contracts to buy existing homes were essentially flat in September from August, edging up just 0.3 percent according to a monthly index from Realtors.

  • Home Builders Need Mortgage Bankers to Keep Recovery Alive

    A jump in signed contract to buy newly built homes in September brought volumes to the highest level since April of 2010. Is it enough to put a period on the statement that housing is in full recovery? Perhaps, but not an exclamation point.

  • Housing Headwind: Single Ladies?

    Buck Horne, housing and REITs analyst at Raymond James, makes the case on why single women may be a boon for REITs.

  • Is There a Housing Shortage?

    It’s hard to imagine, given that the nation’s housing market is still digging itself out of an epic foreclosure crisis, that there just are not enough homes available to buy. But, that may be the case.

  • Apartment Bubble Inflating Fast

    As single family home building recovers, are investors throwing too much cash at new rental apartments?

  • Builder sentiment edged up just one point in October, according to an industry association index.

    After a summer of significant monthly jumps in confidence among the nation’s home builders, fall appears to be bringing in a chill.

  • Your Home's Value: Why Elections Matter

    Jed Kolko, Trulia chief economist, discusses which candidate is better for the housing sector -- and most importantly -- the value of your home.

  • House Flippers Return

    The flippers are back, but they are a new breed, reports CNBC's Diana Olick.

  • Flipping properties is not what it used to be - now they must add value.

    Close to 100,000 properties were flipped in the first six months of this year - a 25 percent jump from a year ago. But flipping is not what it used to be.

  • A Risky Lifeline for Seniors Is Costing Some Their Homes

    Federal and state regulators are documenting new instances of abuse in reverse mortgages as smaller mortgage brokers, including former subprime lenders, flood the market.

  • How Does the Fed Help My House, My Mortgage?

    If you believe in this recovery, you should be looking beyond the builders to the more than 30 sectors that benefit directly from housing.