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  Tuesday, 24 Jul 2007 | 2:25 PM ET

Steve Wozniak, Geek Squad and (The Real Fake Jane)

Posted By: Jane Wells
Ever wanted to meet the Woz? I DO! Change the world? Eh, not so much. Now you can do both. Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is attending the upcoming IdeaFestival being sponsored by Best Buy's Geek Squad. It's an annual gathering of idea people--not Madison Avenue idea people, you know, the guys who brainstorm about putting monkeys in commercials--but people with ideas for changing the world! Through technology! »Read more
  Monday, 23 Jul 2007 | 5:13 PM ET

Bikini Clad Workers Mow Down The Competition

Posted By: Jane Wells
It's nice being able to pay someone else to mow the lawn. Now a company in Memphis is taking it a step further. You can pay a little more, and a crew of lawn mowing women will arrive at your house--wearing bikinis. The company is www.tigertimelawncare.com, a three-month old firm using the gimmick to get attention. It's worked. »Read more
  Monday, 23 Jul 2007 | 8:18 AM ET

Chinese Food Story: Fake Or Not? The Real Fake Jane Investigates

Posted By: Jane Wells
On the heels of fakesteve.blogspot.com (the fake Steve Jobs), and my own fakeJane (the fake me, see below), it turns out everything, EVERYTHING, is fake. Even the story about the Chinese buns made out of cardboard. Or is it? That's the problem with China these days. You believe the bad news, then when they tell you the bad news was a lie, you don't believe that either. »Read more
  Friday, 20 Jul 2007 | 9:28 AM ET

Fake Steve Jobs? Meet The Real Fake Jane Wells

Posted By: Jane Wells
With all the talk about the “Fake Steve Jobs” at www.fakesteve.blogspot.com, (including on this blog), followed by the "Fake Gene Munster," the Piper Jaffray analyst who covers Apple, at www.fakegene.blogspot.com (Jim Goldman alerted us to this one yesterday), it seems to me all the attention goes to the fakes. So, what if there was a “Fake Jane”? I mean, I’m kinda fake already, but what about someone pretending to be me--an evil, bitter, insecure version of me? Ok. Me. »Read more
  Thursday, 19 Jul 2007 | 10:32 AM ET

Wal-Mart Testing Toys of Biblical Proportions

Posted By: Jane Wells
Wal-Mart is test marketing religious action toys, hoping there's a Goliath-like appetite out there for something other than Bratz dolls or Dragon Ball Z. The toys are being made by One2believe in California, and they'll be rolled out in August at 425 Wal-Mart stores. The test stores are not just in the Bible Belt, but in places like California. The action figures include a 3" tall figure of Daniel in the lion's den, and a foot-tall talking Jesus. What would Jesus do? Ask him! He talks! »Read more
  Wednesday, 18 Jul 2007 | 11:48 AM ET

Steve Jobs: Who's "Playing" Him On The Internet?

Posted By: Jane Wells
Whoever writes www.fakesteve.blogspot.com says he (she?) isn't the Apple CEO, he just plays him on the internet. The true author is the object of much speculation inside the tech circle. The only clue we have is that "Fake Steve" claims he (she??) "invented the friggin iPod," a jab at the real Steve Jobs. On the blog Fake Steve rips on everyone. »Read more
  Tuesday, 17 Jul 2007 | 3:02 PM ET

David Beckham: "Goal" May Be Just To Play First Game

Posted By: Jane Wells
The Los Angeles Times is reporting that David Beckham may not debut Saturday with his new American team, the Los Angeles Galaxy, due to a swollen ankle. I was assured last Friday that his ankle, which had been giving him trouble earlier this year, was "great." REALLY? Beckham shirted up with his new teammates for his first practice yesterday, but he did not practice with them. »Read more
  Tuesday, 17 Jul 2007 | 11:10 AM ET

YouTube's iPhone Video: Or Should I Say "eyePhone?"

Posted By: Jane Wells
Google owns YouTube, the hottest platform for parodies. Here's my favorite take on Apple, and its new "eyePhone"... »Read more
  Monday, 16 Jul 2007 | 9:07 AM ET

Email Money Scams: Your Responses For My Reply

Posted By: Jane Wells
Last week I told you I got one of those international emails asking for help in dealing with money. You know, “I live in Nigeria and I’m looking for someone to help me locate $10 million my father left in a bank account.” The writing is usually contorted and only the most stupidly greedy among us would respond. The email I most recently received offered me a job helping a Malaysian company (selling something vague) make deposits in the U.S. »Read more
  Monday, 16 Jul 2007 | 8:42 AM ET

David Beckham: How He Scored A Real PR Goal

Posted By: Jane Wells
I was given the assignment of covering David Beckham’s official introduction to the Los Angeles Galaxy, the Major League Soccer team that has invested millions in him. His base salary is $5.5 million a year, about 50 times the norm. But that salary could balloon to as much as $50 million a year, based on performance bonuses, new sponsorships, and revenue sharing. Galaxy ticket sales have already soared $20 million since announcing Beckham would join the team. »Read more

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