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  Monday, 16 Apr 2007 | 8:15 AM ET

Trumping Adversity & Love in a Can

Posted By: Jane Wells
Someone has made a movie about comb-overs. Not only has someone made a movie about comb-overs, someone found a cable channel willing to air it. This is what happens when you have five million cable channels all needing to fill time. This is why you have 250 channels on your TV, but you only watch 12. In any case, the Sundance Channel is airing "Combover: The Movie," by Denver producer Chris Marino. Yes, there are shots of Donald Trump in it. »Read more
  Friday, 13 Apr 2007 | 9:23 AM ET

Germ Warfare & Love Hurts, Especially if You're Famous

Posted By: Jane Wells
Women are dirty. And I don't mean that in a "Playboy" way. Clorox commissioned a study on who leaves behind more germs. The results are disturbing: Women's offices on average have bacterial levels three times higher than men's offices. Researchers believe it's because "women seemed to have more stuff in their offices." Guilty. Particularly germ-ridden are women's computer mouses (mice?) and keyboards, which had up to FOUR times the germs found on male desk equipment. Women's desk drawers are even worse... »Read more
  Thursday, 12 Apr 2007 | 9:43 AM ET

A Manly "Funny Business" Report

Posted By: Jane Wells
The International Bottled Water Association brags that Americans last year drank nearly 28 gallons of bottled water each on average. Meantime, the Beer Institute's latest figures show we each drank 30 gallons of beer. Somehow, I don't think the same Americans chugging 30 gallons of Bud are also drinking 28 gallons of Evian. By the way, Nevada drinks the most beer at 43.2 gallons per gambler, er, person. Guess which state comes in second? »Read more
  Wednesday, 11 Apr 2007 | 2:19 PM ET

How to Survive Working for a Jerk

Posted By: Jane Wells
As I always say, I love this job because I learn something wild every day. My latest education involves jerks. I thought I was an expert on the subject. Au contraire! For example, there's a difference between the occasional jerk, which we all are, and a "certified" jerk. You're certifiable if you consistently make people feel bad, usually subordinates. And there are two kinds! The "clueless" jerk--think Steve Carell's character on "The Office"--and the "strategic" jerk--Meryl Streep in "The Devil Wears Prada." »Read more
  Tuesday, 10 Apr 2007 | 9:30 AM ET

Profit from "American Idol" without Paying FOX a Dime

Posted By: Jane Wells
This may be my favorite ingeniously cheap PR ploy of the year so far: KFC is STILL trying to convince "Idol" contestant Sanjaya Malakar to sport a "bowl cut," to promote the chain's Famous Bowls. Malakar is the young kid who hulas but doesn't sing very well, yet he continues to advance on "Idol" partly because of a subversive campaign by Howard Stern. »Read more
  Monday, 9 Apr 2007 | 9:19 AM ET

J-Lo on "Idol," Mother's Day Pitches And More

Posted By: Jane Wells
J-Lo Down Low. Jennifer Lopez will be on "American Idol" this week, and, frankly, I can't wait to see her and Sanjaya have a "session." But the question is, who needs whom more at the moment? Idol's ratings are down 10% according to Nielsen. But Lopez's new album, her first Spanish-language endeavor, sold only 48,000 copies its first week. That's fantastic for.... »Read more
  Thursday, 5 Apr 2007 | 8:01 AM ET

The NOT "Million Dollar Challenge" Contest Winner!"

Posted By: Jane Wells
It's been very exciting holding the first Funny Business contest. Sure, we're not "The Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge," but at least we're... well, not. My contest asked readers to explain this incomprehensible press release.. »Read more
  Wednesday, 4 Apr 2007 | 9:07 AM ET

We Love Our Pets, Blame it on the Weather, & More

Posted By: Jane Wells


»Read more
  Tuesday, 3 Apr 2007 | 8:16 AM ET

Speaking of April Furhst, The Loneliest Job, and The Contest!

Posted By: Jane Wells
He’s the result of ingenious marketing: The Maytag repairman. Alone. Unneeded. Lonely. Lonelier still, the actor who plays him, Hardy Rawls. He’s being let go. Instead, Maytag’s new owner, Whirlpool, has held a national audition for the “new face” of the repairman. The winner is Clay Jackson of Richmond, Virginia, a former realtor who entered the contest “on a whim.” Man, if I were a realtor in this housing market, I’d also be looking for a more stable career, like acting. »Read more
  Monday, 2 Apr 2007 | 10:29 AM ET

The Prom Business Has Legs (And The Contest Continues)

Posted By: Jane Wells
As the mother of a couple of high school students (gag me), the prom has turned into a major annual expenditure. By some estimates, Americans spend about $4 billion a year on the event—dresses, tux rentals, flowers, limos, tickets. All for something we all desperately want to attend, believing it will be the highlight of our youth, though it usually turns out to be … just OK. »Read more

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