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Rise of the Machines

The Silver State - GE Generated Content

A century ago, prospectors sought precious metals in mountains around the town of Minden, Nevada. Today, GE's Minden Nevada facility, manufactures vital sensors that collect data off of the world's largest and most vital machines like gas turbines that power entire cities. These small sensors transmit important data which is monitored and analyzed to ensure no interruptions to this vital machinery.

Rise of the Machines

  • The Future We Dreamed Of Has Arrived

    All around us, there's a technological revolution underway powered by devices as small as a grain of rice. They are sensors, capable of tracking and recording everything we do.

  • Forward-thinking minds in science and tech are integrating high-tech device and human body and going further than ever.

  • From eBay auctions to Facebook likes, the cloud holds heaps of information. Now the question is what to do with it.

  • A nurse takes care of a premature baby.

    A research project that gathers information from hospital monitors is improving the prognosis of premature Infants.

  • Melissa Lee

    Melissa Lee is the host of CNBC's “Fast Money” and “Options Action.”