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  • Dave Kansas has written a book to help us get through these dark days and offers guidance on how to build a better, more secure future.

  • Geron

    A few days into his term, President Obama appears to have begun to undo another Bush-era policy. He hasn't yet formally lifted the Bush-imposed ban on federal funding of new embryonic stem cell research, but Obama's Food and Drug Administration has already set the stage for it.

  • Jerry Bowyer

    The last thing we need is another master of the universe who feels like the rules of the moral code do not apply to him, says Jerry Bowyer.

  • Laura Bush, George Bush and Condoleezza Rice

    Former President Bush may be kickin’ up his heels now that he’s back home in Texas – but he won’t be kickin’ back for long.

  • President Barack Obama

    After eight years of W, the nation is simply thrilled that the government will finally work again. People are hopeful about Obama not because of his soaring rhetoric, but because it seems like he's approaching the job as a President rather than an autocrat.

  • Thank you, President Bush. As you leave office, the polls may leave you somewhat disheartened and even a bit sad. AND - Thank you, President Obama. As you enter office, the polls must make you smile a bit, even though you hardly seem like the bragging type.

  • The Bush Administration prepared to leave town.  Alcoa kicked off a decidedly ugly earnings season.  The Detroit auto show didn't have much horsepower, and December sales figures showed that for retailers, decking the halls didn't bring in much holly.

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    We asked you, "Who's Book Would You Want To Read Most - GW's, Laura Bush or Dick Cheney's" - Now we have the poll results.

  • President Bush speaks during a news conference, Thursday, Sept. 20, 2007, in the press briefing room at the White House in Washington. (AP Photo/Ron Edmonds)

    President George W. Bush will be on TV tonight to deliver his farewell address. He has said, “Whatever I say, it shouldn’t be very long.” I’m sure he’s saving the "long" stuff for his book. But will his book be the must-read? Vote now.

  • The Democrats wasted no time distinguishing themselves from President George W. Bush.

  • As President Bush gets set to leave office, President-elect Obama has one more important task for him to complete. Obama and his Midwest Combine are requesting that the outgoing Republican leader send a message to Congress for the remaining $350 billion in TARP funds.

  • General Motors

    As Detroit waits to see how much financial help it will get from the White House and how that aid will be structured, we keep hearing one thing over and over. The Bush administration wants to avoid a "disorderly bankruptcy" in the auto industry. This is not good news for GM and Chrysler.

  • Wednesday, the US budget deficit came out and the monthly budget deficit was slightly better than expected at $164.4 billion for November. The erosion in the fiscal situation is being generated by increases in outlays due to the recession and the US Treasury recording TARP outlays on a cash basis.

  • Bailout Denied

    "Karnac the Magnificent" I am not. Heck, for weeks I've been predicting Congress would ultimately come up with a bailout for the Big 3. So after the Senate shot down the aid package last night, it's no wonder my wife said to me, "Gee Einstein, guess you were wrong about what would happen on Capitol Hill."

  • Barack Obama

    Americans remain downbeat about the economy, corporate America and the government's handling of the financial crisis, but optimistic about Barack Obama's ability to turn things around, according to a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll.

  • Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

    Senate Democrats were working Tuesday to put together legislation making it possible for Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton to become secretary of state despite a constitutional clause that some critics argue should bar her from joining the cabinet.

  • Barack Obama

    President-elect Obama pledged quick work on an economic recovery plan to include tax cuts and increased federal spending.

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    The Bush administration backed off proposed crackdowns on no-money-down, interest-only mortgages years before the economy collapsed, buckling to pressure from some of the same banks that have now failed.

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    Despite their deep political and philosophical differences, Barack Obama and George W. Bush are being counted on by Wall Street to work together in the next two months to tackle the financial crisis.

  • President Bush said there may be more government rescues of financial institutions like the $20 billion bailout late Sunday of Citigroup