Global Entrepreneurship 2011 - Special Report

  • Entrepreneurship Is Our Revolution Tuesday, 15 Nov 2011 | 2:20 PM ET

    Guest columnist Steve Blank predicts an imminent entrepreneurial revolution, which will permanently reshape business as we know it and change the quality of life for all who come after us.

  • Young woman painting

    Venture capitalist Patrick Chung reveals what he looks for in entrepreneurs and why.

  • A Son's Call to Champion Entrepreneurial Efforts Tuesday, 15 Nov 2011 | 3:34 PM ET
    Statue of Liberty

    America was founded on the backs of great entrepreneurs, and it will only continue to flourish if we champion entrepreneurship moving forward, says venture capitalist Mo Koyfman.

  • Ready for Launch: Five, Four, Three, Two, One... Thursday, 17 Nov 2011 | 10:11 AM ET
    Falcon 9 Rocket

    More than 90 percent of job creation at venture-backed companies occurs after an IPO. Guest Columnist Terry McGuire looks at ways to get more companies to market.

  • Want To Be An Entrepreneur? Go To School Monday, 14 Nov 2011 | 9:29 AM ET

    In a bid to take control of their own careers and avoid joining the unemployment line, college students are flocking to entrepreneurial programs — and schools are rushing to serve their needs.

  • To Erode our Economy: Turn Away Immigrant Entrepreneurs Thursday, 17 Nov 2011 | 2:58 PM ET
    Map of United States and North America

    Immigration policies are turning away high-skilled entrepreneurs from other countries — at a big cost to our economy, says guest columnist Dane Stangler.

  • For Serial Entrepreneurs, More Is Better Monday, 14 Nov 2011 | 9:28 AM ET
    Serial Entrepreneur Janet Kraus

    Some people start one company after the next, driven by  creative energy, salesmanship and a a strong sense of independence. Not all of the companies succeed, but their founders usually do.

  • Commentary: Science Rediscovers Entrepreneurship Thursday, 22 Dec 2011 | 10:19 AM ET

    The National Science Foundation set up an incubator for its scientists. The Innovation Corps is 21 teams (63 scientists in total) of NSF scientists and engineers who participated in start-up projects. The  results were truly astounding.

  • Entrepreneurial Impact Felt Around the World Friday, 11 Nov 2011 | 3:54 PM ET

    In an uncertain, unpredictable economy, risk-taking entrepreneurs aren't waiting around for better days, they're  jumping in head first to improve the economy themselves.

  • Incubators Help Power Revival of the Startup Monday, 14 Nov 2011 | 9:26 AM ET

    Years after the dotcom bust, capital is again flowing to needy entrepreneurs, but the funding structure is very different.

  • Gen Y: The Future Is Now Friday, 18 Nov 2011 | 5:36 PM ET

    The Millennial generation is the most entrepreneurial in US history, and we're counting on their success, says guest columnist Scott Gerber

  • Student Startup Debuts at NYSE to Win $25,000 Monday, 14 Nov 2011 | 2:26 PM ET
    Winners Karishma Shah (L) and Sushanth Bhaskarabhatla.

    And the winner of the "Movers & Changers" national student entrepreneur competition is...a new website called , the brainchild of two students who both happened to intern at Google.

  • Startup Malaysia program

    New York and London still get the lion's share of what doesn't flow to Silicon Valley; and India and China have made substantial gains. But in the emerging markets of Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia and Philippines, investors are finding more and more reasons to invest.

  • Where Is The Next Hot Spot For Startups? Monday, 14 Nov 2011 | 9:50 AM ET

    All things considered, the best spots to launch a startup have a humming local economy, and attract the most venture capital. 

  • 10 Serial Entrepreneurs Wednesday, 21 Dec 2011 | 10:45 AM ET
    Serial entrepreneurs can’t seem to stop at one business, and don’t let failures throw them off course. While some of the best-known entrepreneurs, such as Richard Branson and Oprah Winfrey, have earned billions of dollars from their ventures, for many it's less about the potential for making money, and more about the excitement of creating and nurturing a company. Some started their first, homegrown businesses as children, while other serial entrepreneurs discovered their drive as adults. They m

    While some stick with their businesses long-term, serial entrepreneurs often are driven by the excitement of creating and investing in new ventures and wind up launching a string of companies.

  • Entrepreneurs Turned Politicians Monday, 14 Nov 2011 | 9:37 AM ET
    While some people prefer to make monetary political contributions and leave their influence at that, there are others that are looking to have more say in the political process. For entrepreneurs, who enjoy the process of affecting change, the lure of political office is hard to resist. After all, it’s the ultimate challenge for someone who wants to create change on a big scale. And, in many instances, it’s the entrepreneur with a successful business that has the means to enter the political are

    While some people prefer to make monetary political contributions and leave their influence at that, there are others that are looking to have more say in the political process.

  • 15 Promising New Startups Monday, 14 Nov 2011 | 2:38 PM ET
    The motivation to create new products - and start companies that will make those products - come from a variety of places. Some entrepreneurs are interested in making processes more efficient. Some are looking for ways to save people money. Some are hoping they can save the world. Whatever the motivation, entrepreneurs inspire with their creative way of taking a problem and finding a solution. In an effort to find the most innovative new companies, Startup Open, a competition that searches for s

    The motivation to create new products comes from a variety of places. Here are 15 promising new startups.

  • What's Killing the American Entrepreneur? Monday, 14 Nov 2011 | 1:57 PM ET
    Entrepreneurial DNA

    The author writes that in his work, "studying the traits of thousands of entrepreneurs, I found that the leading cause of frustration and failure in the self-employed community is the one-size-fits-all approach to entrepreneurship."

  • Startup Weekend

    More than 35,000 entrepreneurs around the world have gone through the Startup Weekend program since 2009. Now the co-founders are sharing their best practices in a new book of how in 54 hours entrepreneurs can go from pitching their ideas to creating a new business.

  • How To Launch a Startup in 54 Hours Tuesday, 15 Nov 2011 | 1:23 PM ET
    Startup Weekend

    In their new book, authors of "Startup Weekend" share how in 54 hours entrepreneurs can go from pitching their ideas to creating a new business.