Inaugural Meeting and Dialogue Global Youth Employment Agenda

  • No Title Friday, 26 Nov 2010 | 4:55 AM ET
  • How Can We Prevent a ‘Lost Generation’? Tuesday, 7 Dec 2010 | 2:28 AM ET

    The baby boomers will retire earlier and live longer, draining young people's income with their final salary pension schemes - something youth will find impossible to attain.

  • Make Sure Your Skills Are in Demand Thursday, 2 Dec 2010 | 2:30 AM ET

    David Arkless, the President of Corporate and Government Affairs at Manpower, travels the world speaking to governments and businesses about one thing: talent.

  • 10 Ways to Invest In Youth Thursday, 2 Dec 2010 | 2:21 AM ET

    The International Labor Organization has been looking at ways companies can invest in young people while at the same time driving profitability.

  • Life Skills Are What Youth Need: Blackstone CEO Thursday, 2 Dec 2010 | 2:29 AM ET
    Stephen A. Schwarzman

    As unemployment amongst the young soars, the boss of private equity giant Blackstone has called for those under 25 to be equipped with better life skills.

  • University Debt Hike to Pile Pressure on UK Youth Thursday, 2 Dec 2010 | 2:32 AM ET
    Police officers hold back demonstrators trying to gain entry to 30 Millbank, the headquarters of Britain's Conservative Party, during a protest in central London.

    Angry British students, some as young as 13, have taken to the streets recently, protesting against the government's decision to hike university fees in a bid to narrow the country's bulging budget deficit.

  • Young Unemployed Are in ‘Catch-22 Situation’ Friday, 3 Dec 2010 | 6:25 AM ET

    Young people are not preferred by employers and are the first victims of business cycles, José Manuel Salazar, executive director at the International Labor Organization, told CNBC Friday.

  • factory_worker_200.jpg

    The banking profession is losing its shine and young people may be better off choosing jobs such as engineering, science or technical, various experts told CNBC.