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  • Obama: 'I Have Mandate to Help Middle Class'

    President Obama says he got re-elected to help middle class families and small businesses.

  • General David Petraeus (C) meets young officers October 28, 2009 at Forward Operating Base Wilson in Kandahar Province, Afghanistan.

    The FBI investigation that toppled the director of the CIA underscores a danger that civil libertarians have long warned about, The New York Times reports.

  • Forget Fiscal Cliff, Brace for ‘Fiscal Waterslide’: Author

    Tax reform sounds like a great idea - until the loophole that's closed is the one that puts money in your pocket.

  • The Latest Plan To Keep Elizabeth Warren Off Banking

    It’s looking increasingly likely that Elizabeth Warren, the senator-elect from Massachusetts, will be able to secure a seat on the Senate banking committee—if that’s where she wants to go.

  • Obama Re-elected as Crucial Ohio Goes His Way

    With both parties positioning for difficult negotiations to avert a fiscal crisis, Democrats are latching on to an idea floated by Mitt Romney to raise taxes on the rich through a hard cap on income tax deductions, The New York Times reports.

  • General David Petraeus (C) meets young officers October 28, 2009 at Forward Operating Base Wilson in Kandahar Province, Afghanistan.

    The director of the Central Intelligence Agency, David Petraeus, resigned on Friday, citing an extramarital affair after serving as spy agency chief for a year.

  • FCC Chairman on Broadening the Mobile Spectrum

    Julius Genachowski, FCC chairman, discusses the agency's key initiative to open up more spectrum for mobile services.

  • Don’t Go Wobbly on Economy, GOP

    The Republicans’ Southern strategy, of appealing mostly to white voters, appears to have run into a demographic wall, The New York Times reports.

  • Asian Investors Breathe Sigh of Relief as Obama Wins

    European citizens and political leaders welcomed President Barack Obama’s re-election Wednesday. European money was less enthusiastic, the New York Times reports.

  • President Obama  speaks Dec. 6, 2012, while visiting a home in northern Virginia to discuss his plan to extend tax cuts for 98 percent of Americans.

    With the presidential election over, Wall Street titans who supported Mitt Romney now face the prospect of having to mend fences with the Obama administration.  The New York Times reports.

  • New Face of America

    Sara Fagen, CNBC contributor, explains how shifting demographics in the U.S. impacted the outcome of the election.

  • For Investors, More Fed Easing, Cliff ‘Heart Attack’

    An election that was supposed to be about change actually could end up being an intensified dose of more of the same for investors.

  • Obama Re-elected as Crucial Ohio Goes His Way

    Republican senator Lindsey Graham’s remark that there weren’t enough “angry white guys” to bring Republicans to power seemed prophetic in the light of President Barack Obama’s victory.

  • Two-Term Presidency Musings

    For the third Presidency in a row, a President has been re-elected to serve a second term (Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama).

  • Obama Re-elected as Crucial Ohio Goes His Way

    President Barack Obama was re-elected president Tuesday night, put over the top by the crucial battleground state of Ohio following the most expensive election in U.S. history.

  • Asian Investors Breathe Sigh of Relief as Obama Wins

    Asian stocks quickly reversed their downtrend on Wednesday after news of U.S. President Barack Obama’s re-election removed a major source of uncertainty for regional markets. However, strategists told CNBC they were wary on how long the relief among investors would last.

  • Status Quo as Dems Hold Senate, GOP Keeps House

    As the hotly contested U.S. presidential election drew to a close in favor of Barack Obama, Democrats appeared poised to keep control of the Senate while Republicans maintained their hold on the House of Representatives.

  • This Election, a Private Bet on Las Vegas

    Nevada has the highest unemployment rate in the nation, and its six electoral votes are up for grabs this election. Most of the state's registered voters are Democrats, but Republicans have been spending heavily.

  • Larry Kudlow's Five States to Watch

    CNBC's Larry Kudlow says Mitt Romney has a real shot of breaking through the "Obama Midwest Firewall."

  • Then Again, Maybe Romney Can Pull It Off: Lindsey

    A Republican economist who previously predicted President Barack Obama would prevail over Republican challenger Mitt Romney has changed his prediction, arguing to CNBC on Tuesday that current polls may overstate Obama’s support.