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  • President Barack Obama speaks about the Affordable Care Act in San Jose, Calif.

    As the Obama administration prepares to put the health care law in place, it faces an aggressive Republican campaign to prevent its success. The NYTimes reports.

  • One of the biggest mistakes President Obama is making in the current debate is his repeated and stubborn refusal to negotiate.

  • The stock market may be posting record gains, but Washington could be mere days away from a government shutdown and default on the national debt.

  • Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH).

    Boehner said he was confident that majority House Republicans would pass a stop-gap funding measure that denies money for "Obamacare" reforms.

  • Rep. John Boehner at a news conference.

    John Boehner tried to avoid defunding Obamacare in the budget negotiations. But his team capitulated yesterday. Here's what it's getting them.

  • President Obama addresses economic concerns

    The President delivers remarks to CEOs gathered at the Business Roundtable conference on the outlook on the economy; passing the budget; fixing structural deficits that arise out of entitlement programs, and raising the debt ceiling.

  • A Cayman Islands entity at the center of a investigation into possible insider trading in Heinz said trades placed in its account were unauthorized.

  • Social Security checks

    An upcoming GAO report says Social Security may have overpaid billions in benefits to people who had too much income from work to qualify.

  • Exempt Defense Dept. from sequestration for one year: Sen. Inhofe

    Sen. James Inhofe, (R-OK), explains why he wants to give the Defense Department a one year exemption from budget cuts if the U.S. strikes in Syria.

  • The former monitoring base of the NSA in Bad Aibling, southern Germany

    Internet security experts are calling for a campaign to rewrite Web security in the wake of disclosures that the NSA has developed the capability to break encryption protecting millions of sites.

  • Congressional testimony this week by U.S. officials and previous estimates create some doubt about what a Syria operation could cost and even who might for pay for it.

  • Protesters outside the White House on Aug. 29.

    Fifty percent of Americans oppose military action against Syria, and nearly eight-in-10 believe President Obama should receive congressional approval before using any force.

  • U.S. Department of Justice, Washington, D.C.

    The US expects to announce a program to allow some Swiss banks to avoid prosecution over offshore tax dodging by Americans, a Justice Department official said.

  • President Barack Obama speaks on improving veterans health care at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building in Washington DC, back on April 09, 2009.

    The Department of Veterans Affairs and the Department of Defense spent $1.3 billion during the last four years trying to develop a single electronic health-records system.

  • Manning arrives at a military court Wednesday to hear his sentence.

    Army Pfc. Bradley Manning is sentenced to 35 years in prison for giving hundreds of thousands of secret military and diplomatic documents to WikiLeaks.

  • President Obama and some lawmakers are frustrated that critical parts of its Dodd-Frank financial overhaul remain unenforced. The New York Time reports.

  • Guard Gate at Area 51 near Rachel, Nevada

    A newly declassified CIA history spills the story about Nevada's Area 51 and its secret mission— which was not to study UFOs, but to test the U-2 and other spy planes.

  • President Obama's plan for housing reform

    Shaun Donovan, Housing and Urban Development secretary, provides a preview of President Obama's speech on housing later today in Arizona, including the shutdown of Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac and simplifying the mortgage application process.

  • Worldwide travel alert from US government

    The State Department has issued a statement warning U.S. citizens to be alert for potential terrorist attacks for the entire month of August, reports CNBC's Hampton Pearson.

  • The TSA investigated and closed 9,622 cases of employee misconduct between 2010 and 2012, according to a report by the GAO.