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  • Our quote of the day comes from the late stage and film actress Tallulah Bankhead: "If I had my life to live again, I'd make the same mistakes, only sooner." There's no mistaking OPEC's latest move--as the oil organization seems to have agreed to cut production by some 500,000 barrels a day in February.

  • News out just moments ago that the Securities and Exchange Commission is raising the minimum requirements for so-called "accredited investors." It gets bumped up to $2.5m from $1m, where it had stood unchanged since 1982.

  • Regulators voted on a proposal that would raise the hurdle investors must meet in order to enter the fast-growing world of hedge funds.

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    We have more opinions on the regulation of hedge funds. Tomorrow (Wednesday) the S.E.C. meets to consider new rules for hedge funds--which S.E.C. Chairman Christopher Cox calls "risky investments that are not for mom and pop." This year's Amaranth meltdown would seem to support that view (Amaranth lost $6.5 billion in one month in 2006.

  • In an earlier post we talked about the issue of hedge fund returns vs. index funds. That's one battle for the massive hedge fund industry--but there's another that's maybe more important: The issue of transparency. Hedge funds might not be publicly traded, but the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission requires that money managers overseeing more than $100 million disclose their holdings...

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    You should expect to hear more calls for greater regulation of hedge funds, and watch out for another wave of big buyouts by private equity groups in the coming year. 

  • Goldman Sach's $10 billion dollar Global Alpha Fund--a 40% gainer last year--is down almost 11% this year while the stock market is on a bull run. This year on average--the so-called smart money is underperforming the broad averages. This begs the question--can hedge funds deliver above market returns or is the market simply too efficient?

  • According to a Mercer Investment Consulting study - 1/3 of pension funds invest in hedge funds. But are they safe investments? On today’s Street Signs Erin Burnett put that question to Damon Silvers, Associate General Counsel with the AFL-CIO and Cynthia Steer, Managing Director and Chief Research Strategist with CRA Rogers Casey.

  • Hedge funds are heading into a rough few weeks. Many funds are looking at some pretty average returns this year--and if that's not bad enough--the industry faces U.S. Congressional hearings starting tomorrow on regulations and insider trading. William Galvin is Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts...

  • Stay tuned for "Street Signs" today when we cover the story of global hedge funds now controlling some $2 trillion. The guests are Richard Blumenthal--Connecticut's Attorney General and David Friedland who is President of the Hedge Fund Association.

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    At Wednesday's CNBC-sponsored Delivering Alpha investor conference in New York, a wide swath of experts will converge to talk about how to survive and thrive in such a difficult environment.

  • Many of Paulson & Co.’s investors hung with it last year despite an annus horribilis in which the company’s flagship hedge fund lost 35 percent. But with returns continuing to sag amid a rising equities market, some of those investors are now jumping ship.

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    Wary of geopolitical tumult and eager for their first quiet August in years, some hedge-fund managers scaled back the size and scope of their bets in recent weeks, a pullback that was reflected, say traders, in muted monthly returns.

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