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  • Prada Lacks Strong Brand Loyalty in China: Analyst

    Italian fashion house Prada posted small gains on its trading debut in Hong Kong on Friday, and one analyst says he wouldn’t buy its shares right now because the retailer simply doesn’t have the same level of recognition in China as other luxury brands. 

  • Samsonite shares dropped as much as 10 percent on their debut in the Hong Kong on Thursday as investor appetite for new listings waned. But CEO Timothy Parker said he believed the territory is a great market, and hoped to be able to pay dividends to the company's new shareholders.

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    When luggage maker Samsonite makes its trading debut in Hong Kong on Thursday, it will be joining an elite but overcrowded list.

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    Initial public offerings have underperformed the market since the credit crisis began, so are they still the best way for businesses to raise money?

  • In Hong Kong, the government has finally jump-started a cultural development project that has been plagued with red tape for years. The NYT reports.

  • SAN FRANCISCO - APRIL 18: BlackBerry user Douglas Philips checks emails on his BlackBerry April 18, 2007 in San Francisco, California. Millions of BlackBerry users across the United States experienced a disruption in email service as Canada based Research in Motion dealt with technical difficulties with its email servers. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

    Hong Kongers are Asia Pacific’s most hardworking people, with 77 percent glued to work outside of office hours, compared with a regional average of 66 percent, according to recruitment firm Robert Half.

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    The rising labor costs for companies that supply Chinese goods to the West may result in higher consumer prices. The NYT reports.

  • Hong Kong stocks have seen a steep slide in the last month, shedding nearly 6 percent, with a record amount of short-selling. according to one strategist. But he thinks this could actually be a positive sign.

  • Given this type of market volatility, conventional wisdom would suggest this isn’t the best environment or time for a commodity company to raise capital through an initial public offering. Glencore though, doesn’t appear unduly concerned about the wild market moves.

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    The World Gold Council’s first quarter report shows demand from China for gold jewelry jumped 21 percent year on year to 142.9 tons, but some fund managers are betting on diamond and gem set jewelry to give higher returns.

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    The euro is strengthening on solid GDP reports, but the latest CPI data fails to inflate the dollar — it's time for your FX Fix.

  • Glencore closed its books a day early, suggesting strong demand for its upcoming $11 billion IPO. But there has also been much concern about whether the dual listing will do well given the recent volatility in commodities markets.

  • For a city with an aging population, a baby boom should be good news. But the one under way in Hong Kong is the result of women travelling across the border from mainland China to give birth in the city, and it is provoking an angry backlash. The FT reports.

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    Glencore is set to price its initial public offering at a level that will give the commodities trading house a valuation in the mid-$50bn range, below an average forecast of $62bn, according to people familiar with the deal. The Financial Times reports.

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    Investors are rushing investment decisions on hot internet companies and accepting weaker ownership rights than in the dotcom bubble, one of the biggest private equity investors in media and communications has warned. The Financial Times reports.

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    Four years after coming into existence, Hong Kong’s nascent market for renminbi-denominated bonds — a core plank in China’s drive to internationalize its currency — has burst into life. The Financial Times reports.

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    The KOSPI leads the behavior of indices in the ASEAN region. When the KOSPI retreats then there is a high probability that the Hang Seng, the Straits Times Index and the TAIEX will also follow the same behavior.

  • A recent survey shows people in Hong Kong say it is acceptable to leave shark fin soup off banquet menus. The NYT reports.

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    Sotheby’s and Christie’s Spring auctions in Hong Kong are seen as a barometer of Asia’s art market. Click to view Asia’s most expensive paintings sold via the two auction houses over the past year.

  • Despite growing concerns China's property market is in a bubble, Morgan Stanley firmly believes that isn't the case. Jerry Lou, Managing Director and China Strategist at the bank told CNBC on Tuesday that China's property sector lacked the three defining features of a bubble: valuations, excessive financial leverage and a sharp, steady rise in prices.