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Mold? Struggle to Police Marijuana Production Fri, 26 Apr '13 | 10:24 AM ET

Months before legal sales of marijuana begin in Colorado and Washington, officials are struggling with rules to govern issues including "medibles," mold and production.

'Hand-to-Hand Combat' in Advertising: WPP CEO Fri, 26 Apr '13 | 5:49 AM ET

The CEO of the world's biggest advertising firm has warned the industry is facing sluggish growth and the firm is fighting a daily battle.

Bankers who behave recklessly would be jailed under a new law being considered by MPs and peers on the banking commission, whose final report is due next month. The FT reports.

Mortgage Fix Failing at 'Alarming Rate' Thu, 25 Apr '13 | 4:39 PM ET

The U.S. Treasury's mortgage bailout program is failing at an "alarming rate," a government watchdog found.

Michael Farr

The next leg up for stocks may only come if we see better prospects for top-line growth, argues one investment manager.

Millionaires Have Faith in Bull Market: Study Thu, 25 Apr '13 | 2:39 PM ET

A recent jump in investors' confidence has been driven by millionaires, while the merely rich remain unconvinced that the recent stock market rallies are real, a new survey said.

Hostess Twinkies

The classic Twinkie will hit store shelves nationally by late July, Hostess Brands told NBC News.

The New York Times building in New York City.

After an 11 percent decline in ad revenue, the New York Times CEO outlined his strategy to turn the company into a multi-platform, international content giant.

Michael Haigh, SocGen's head of commodities research and the man who called gold's collapse says stay short.

AR-15s Flying Off Shelves Amid Gun Control Fears Thu, 25 Apr '13 | 12:06 PM ET

The AR-15's use in the mass shootings in Newtown and Aurora has thrust it into the national spotlight, but just the threat of a ban has been a boon to its sales.

Hog Hunting With the AR-15     Thu, 25 Apr '13 | 12:00 PM ET

Many enthusiasts of the AR-15 rifle say it's great for hunting. CNBC tagged along on a feral hog hunt in Georgia.

What's America's Newest Taboo Subject? Don't Ask Thu, 25 Apr '13 | 11:07 AM ET

About 85 percent of Americans surveyed said their credit card debt is a taboo subject for conversation with strangers.

Global Slowdown Powers US Economy Higher Thu, 25 Apr '13 | 11:01 AM ET

A slumping global economy is depressing the prices for many products, saving U.S. businesses and consumers billions.

Twitter Trading: 8 Tweets That Moved Markets Thu, 25 Apr '13 | 9:50 AM ET

News that breaks on Twitter is now news that moves the markets, sometimes even when it's not news. Here's a look at some tweets that affected trading.

How Much Is Manhattan's Trinity Church Worth? Thu, 25 Apr '13 | 9:39 AM ET
Trinity Church in Lower Manhattan, New York.

A lawsuit has prompted the historic parish to offer an estimate of the value of its assets: more than $2 billion.

A large fire from two explosions on a fuel barge in Mobile, Alabama.

The explosions and fire, which critically injured three people, occurred across the Mobile River from where the Carnival Triumph is being repaired.

Gold will top $10,000, the stock market will tank, and U.S. bond yields will be anemic, Albert Edwards said in a trademark bearish report.

A bill to impose sales tax on Internet purchases took a step closer to being passed Wednesday. Your days of tax-free online shopping could be numbered. Now what?

Tim Cook

If you have something you would like to discuss with Apple CEO Tim Cook, this is your chance.

A driver backs his truck into a bay at a Waste Management trash processing facility in Cicero, Illinois.

Waste Management CEO David Steiner chats with CNBC about how his clients are going green and whether his company will be able to profit from recycling.

Thanks to Social Security's complex rules, many recipients find out how to maximize their benefits only after it's too late to change their elections.

Visa said prom spending this year will average $1,139. That's up nearly six percent from 2012, and up a whopping 41 percent from 2011.

AP's Twitter Hacked, Who Did It?     Wed, 24 Apr '13 | 1:07 PM ET

What are the FBI and SEC looking at as they try to track who hacked into AP's Twitter account and sent the market on a mini-plunge.

Rising Stars of Collaborative Consumption Wed, 24 Apr '13 | 1:02 PM ET
Maria Bartiromo participating in CNBC's Seat at the Table.

Maria Bartiromo hosts an intimate dinner with the rising stars of collaborative consumption, a new breed of technology companies.

Maria Bartiromo invites tech stars, from entrepreneurs to investors, to dinner.

Branson Wants You to 'Get Lucky' at 35,000 Feet Wed, 24 Apr '13 | 11:50 AM ET

Want to send a cocktail to that attractive passenger across the aisle? Virgin America has the answer with a new seat-to-seat drink or meal delivery feature.

Some Banks Destroy Value Every Day: Krawcheck Wed, 24 Apr '13 | 11:47 AM ET
Sallie Krawcheck

Big banks must innovate and not simply rely on increased leverage and risk to increase returns said former Bank of America President Sallie Krawcheck. If they don't, she expects that shareholders will be the ultimate losers.

Day laborers wait near a Home Depot home improvement store in hope of finding work for the day in Los Angeles, California.

Millions of people who can't find a full-time job are taking anything that pays them under the table, and in turn are helping to boost consumption, say analysts.

Where the Budget Cut Pain Is Really Being Felt Wed, 24 Apr '13 | 9:18 AM ET
Federal employees take part in a rally in front of Department of Labor protesting budget cuts.

Flight delays from air traffic controller furloughs may seem like the start of the predicted doom of sequestration. But many have already felt the pain of mandated budget cuts.

Saudi Arabia Mulls Western-Style Weekend Wed, 24 Apr '13 | 5:36 AM ET

Saudi Arabia could change its official weekend to Friday-Saturday, in a move designed to move it closer into lockstep with global financial markets, and boost its economy.