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Doug Kass Gets ‘Summer of 1987 Feeling’ Wed, 6 Feb '13 | 5:38 PM ET
Doug Kass

Sentiment and valuations make the bear case for stocks, Doug Kass of Seabreeze Partners says.

With rental car rates, fees and taxes rising, more road warriors are opting for taxis while traveling.

Reprising his 2011 crusade, Barack Obama is calling again for eliminating "tax breaks for private jet owners," drawing criticism from the industry and opposing politicians alike.

Delta Air lines new "Sky Deck" coming soon to JFK and Atlanta.

Most annual membership prices for Delta's airport lounges will increase $50 beginning March 1. Get the new rates based on your elite status.

Over the past month, hundreds of thousands of Monopoly fans worldwide voted for which new token should replace one of the iconic ones being retired after countless journeys past Go. The results are in.

EHarmony CEO on Gay Marriage, Jesus and Robots Wed, 6 Feb '13 | 12:10 PM ET
What Would You Call Tim Geithner's Book? Wed, 6 Feb '13 | 12:02 PM ET
Timothy Geithner

Let's help out the former Treasury Secretary with title suggestions for his upcoming book.

RBS and Whack-A-Mole: Chilton Wed, 6 Feb '13 | 11:40 AM ET
Royal Bank of Scotland

The head of the CFTC says this is yet another glaring example of the financial sector run amok and warns regulators around the globe need bigger and heavier hammers.

E-Cigarettes: Escaping the Smoke Wed, 6 Feb '13 | 11:31 AM ET

Smokers seeking alternatives to cigarettes have found cause for optimism in electronic cigarettes, which use vapor to simulate tobacco smoke, and look and feel almost like the real thing, minus the unpleasant smoke, odor and ash.

Long-term unemployed in the U.S are having an easier time finding jobs — and the problem of long-term joblessness may disappear in the months ahead.


If you thought people in accounting and analyst jobs were boring, think again. Some have real creative talent, but occasionally their audience is far bigger than intended.

By joining a union, marijuana workers could have more sway in pressing for higher pay and benefits such as healthcare. Some legal marijuana retailers welcome the prospect of a unionized workforce - for now, at least.

Should Draghi Cut Rates to Dampen the Euro? Wed, 6 Feb '13 | 3:33 AM ET
Mario Draghi

Record high unemployment mean the European Central Bank has scope to lower interest rates in order to weaken the spiraling euro, ING Senior Economist Carsten Brzeski said.

The Taliban Tax: Mafia Tactics Employed Wed, 6 Feb '13 | 1:19 AM ET

The Taliban is embracing mafia-style tactics in Pakistan’s wayward port city of Karachi, the Global Post reports.

Soccer match-fixing is a rapidly growing scandal around the world - but not the U.S. What gives, America? Do you just not care about "football"?

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder leads a news conference with Acting Associate Attorney General Tony West, Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General Stuart Delery and attorneys general from eight states and the District of Columbia at the Department of Justice.

For Justice's basic theory of the case to make sense you have to believe that the investment banks wanted high ratings at any cost. Tough nut to crack.

Joe Flacco #5 of the Baltimore Ravens celebreates with his teammates after defeating the San Francisco 49ers during Super Bowl XLVII.

"Everyone is going to know him because the Super Bowl is a marketer's dream," says his agent, except Joe Flacco is not a marketers dream.

The final leg in what could be a new market high has been paved with junk.

Several BlackBerry watchers are honing in on a potential problem -- the absence of several big apps may spell trouble for the company's new smartphone.

Forget California's Silicon Valley and New York's Silicon Alley. A small startup scene is emerging in the Midwest.

Pakistan is planning to build an amusement park in the town of Abbottabad, notorious for being the site of Osama bin Laden's death, the Global Post reports.

A Microsoft senior manger of investigations in the company's Digital Crimes Unit

A formal, three-year legal and policy review of US cyberweapons that concluded last fall has effectively cleared their use alongside other weapons systems in the US arsenal, a stamp of approval that propels the fledgling US Cyber Command toward a fully operational role within the nation's military structure, cyberwar experts say.

A new study from Consumer Reports says many new vehicles with small turbocharged engines fail to deliver the mileage advertised by automakers.

An effort is building in Congress to change marijuana laws, including moves to legalize the industrial production of hemp and establish a federal pot tax.

Soda Stream products.

A version of a commercial from SodaStream International was not televised during Super Bowl Sunday. The more aggressive ad, which features Coca-Cola and Pepsi bottles exploding, is instead going viral on YouTube.

Why Companies Have Gone Sour on Stock Market Mon, 4 Feb '13 | 2:58 PM ET

While retail investors pile into stocks, corporations are pulling back.

Beware 'Credit Supernova': Gross Mon, 4 Feb '13 | 12:02 PM ET

Pimco's Bill Gross sees a "supernova" lurking in investing universe that could see investors lost in space.

New Orleans is bracing for fallout from the Super Bowl power outage that stopped the game for more than 30 minutes.

Electric Cars Head Toward Another Dead End Mon, 4 Feb '13 | 4:43 AM ET
Vice chairman of Toyota Motor, Takeshi Uchiyamada (R), introduces the company's new compact electric vehicle called the 'eQ', at the company's showroom in Tokyo on September 24, 2012.

Are electric cars running out of juice again? Recent moves by Japan's two largest automakers suggest that the electric car, after more than 100 years of development and several brief revivals, still is not ready for prime time.

Americans in their 50s and early 60s lost the most earnings power of any group, researchers say, and those who lost their jobs have had the hardest time finding new ones.