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What Happened to Unstoppable Samsung? Fri, 5 Jul '13 | 1:39 AM ET
Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone

Shares of South Korean consumer electronics giant Samsung fell almost 4 percent on Friday as the company's second quarter earnings estimate did not meet analysts' expectations.

Adding a teenage driver to the family car insurance policy can double annual premiums, according to a new study—a costly fact of life that reflects the higher risk.

Despite the military's "draw down" from Afghanistan and Iraq, budget cuts, bureaucratic red tape, and supply chain inefficiency can make obtaining needed gear difficult or impossible for many troops.

Five Guys', Shake Shack's Next Stop: London! Thu, 4 Jul '13 | 8:16 AM ET
A Shake Shack cheeseburger with a portion of fries outside the company's new burger restaurant in London

London is set to become an international haven for U.S. burger lovers as two of the country's popular chains open stores in the U.K. capital.

Twitter said it would begin showing individually targeted ads using cookies, an effective tracking technology that has fueled concerns about privacy.

A group of researchers recently developed a telescopic contact lens that enables wearers to magnify their sight by almost three times.

Will the Obamacare delay spur a hiring boom? Wed, 3 Jul '13 | 1:44 PM ET
President Barack Obama speaks about the Affordable Care Act in San Jose, Calif.

The Obama administration's dramatic delay of the new health care law's effect on larger businesses could save jobs in the short-term, but is unlikely to lead to a big hiring boom.

Scenes From the Egyptian Protests Wed, 3 Jul '13 | 12:56 PM ET
Egyptian opposition protesters chant during a demonstration in Tahrir Square as part of the 'Tamarod' campaign in Cairo, Egypt.

Protesters have turned out to demand the resignation of Egypt's Mohamed Morsi, including in Cairo, where many of the same individuals helped bring down Hosni Mubarak two years ago.

Forget soju. Pyongyang is home to a North Korean government-made, full-bodied lager, described as one of Koreas' finest. South Korean microbrewers meantime are poised for growth.

Team Orica GreenEDGE at the 2013 Tour de France.

With the Tour de France underway, the 198 riders competing in this year’s bike race will have their sights firmly focused on the finish line in Paris. But getting there requires more than extraordinary endurance; it requires cash.

Mary Conti sorts through her daughter's princess dresses before listing them for sale on a consignment website. Conti thinks it's still possible to climb the economic ladder, but it takes both luck and hard work.

The economy is slowly improving, but experts say the deep recession and weak recovery may have exacerbated trends that are putting the American Dream out of reach.

Americans Love Food Fast, More Than Fast Food Tue, 2 Jul '13 | 8:32 PM ET

Eating healthy isn’t as important to Americans as getting their food fast, according to new diet trends.

The Secret New Drink Starbucks Is Testing Tue, 2 Jul '13 | 5:16 PM ET

Never one to rest on its caffeinated laurels, Starbucks is testing out some new drinks. Here's where you can get them.

Larry Ellison celebrates after Oracle Team USA  won a semifinal match race during the America's Cup World Series last August in San Francisco.

The City by the Bay is preparing to host the America's Cup, and some wonder if it's worth the expense. The cost to taxpayers could top $22 million, but Mayor Ed Lee says fundraising is on track.

Days after attorneys filed a second wrongful death suit against Monster Beverage, the energy-drink maker struck back.

Jennifer Lopez sang 'Happy Birthday' to Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow, president of Turkmenistan, described by Human Rights Watch as one of the world's most repressive' regimes. June 29, 2013.

Jennifer Lopez performed in Turkmenistan at the request of a major Chinese state-owned oil company, only to be dismayed when she discovered Turkmenistan's human rights record.

Samuel Adams Boston Lager in a can.

Sam Adams will be back in the skies as Jet Blue agrees to serve the craft beer thanks to its new Sam Can, which is creating opportunities for sales in the places the brewery was once shut out.

FAA Probes 'Horrifying' 1,600-Foot Jet Dive Tue, 2 Jul '13 | 10:13 AM ET
Spirit Airlines

A Spirit Airlines flight went into a "horrifying" 1,600-foot dive—prompting screaming passengers to fear for their lives—after a close call with a small plane.

Some printers gobble a significant amount of ink—50 percent or more—for nonprinting functions such as cleaning the print heads, according to Consumer Reports.

Do Trendy 'Cleanses' Help or Harm the Body? Mon, 1 Jul '13 | 6:18 PM ET

Consumers say drinking cleansing products makes them feel great, but experts warn there is no proof they work and can even be dangerous, according to a report on TODAY Monday.

Amazon is said to be making plans to sell pricey art online, a move that may shake the foundation of the art world and accelerate a sweeping shift already underway at the auction houses and some galleries.

A record number of S&P 500 companies have issued negative earnings guidance for the second quarter. So why don't investors seem to care?

Obamacare is supposed to be inclusive but there are loopholes, and some small-business owners are at risk for winding up falling into the gaps in health-care coverage.

There are many curiosities along the highway for commuters and vacationers.

'My Conversations Were Bugged' Mon, 1 Jul '13 | 12:09 PM ET
Lord Mark Malloch Brown

A former U.K. minister told CNBC that he "learned to live" with "several security services" bugging his electronic communications.

Paid Via Card, Workers Feel Sting of Fees Mon, 1 Jul '13 | 11:48 AM ET
Natalie Gunshannon, who is suing the franchise owners of the McDonald's she worked for when they refused to deposit her pay directly into her checking account, with her daughter.

As companies issue payroll cards, a growing number of American workers are confronting a frustrating predicament on payday. As the New York Times reports, to get their wages, they must first pay a fee.

Erskine Bowles

Erskine Bowles, deficit commission co-chairman, praised a tax-reform plan that would start over with a "blank slate."

Fighting to attract business—and jobs—takes money. And this year, states finally have some more ammunition to bring into battle.

Kegger! Largest US Brewery Goes Landfill Free Sun, 30 Jun '13 | 2:00 PM ET

Call it plenty of beer with no waste. MillerCoors said its Golden, Colo., brewery, the largest U.S. brewery, is landfill free.

Some of the favorite foods for your Fourth of July barbecue—burgers, steaks, chicken and fresh fruit—will cost you more than last year. Blame last summer’s drought.