Episode 52: Master of Deadly Deceit

Case File

Master of Deadly Deceit

  • The American Dream
  • Carlos Perez-Olivo is a leading defense attorney. His wife Peggy is a teaching assistant. Married for close to 30 years, they raise three children in Chappaqua, NY and live on the same block as Bill and Hillary Clinton.
  • The Law Practice
  • His lucrative criminal defense practice affords his family an enviable lifestyle. There's just one problem…many clients claim Carlos is a crook. Carlos is a mining clients for money. But can he continue without consequences?
  • The Victims
  • Complaints are filed with the state of New York State Supreme Court Disciplinary committee. Carlos is accused of charging money for services that are never performed. Clients are outraged. Proceedings begin and Carlos Perez-Olivo is disbarred.
  • Murder for Money
  • It's a Saturday night in November when Carlos and his wife Peggy are driving home from dinner in the city. He says an unknown vehicle ran them off the road. There's a struggle and Peggy is fatally wounded.

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