The Car Chasers

Jeff: The Buyer

A Car Flipper's Dream
After picking up this gem in a swap meet in Dallas, Jeff and his team flipped this 1968 Chevrolet Nova into something that would make a collector fall in love at first sight. Under the hood, the car has been restored to an accurate representation of its original time period and cloned after the vison of legendary drag racer Don Yenko. Although it's not being passed off as an original, the car is surely close enough to make even the keenest eyes look twice.

Jeff Allen, the owner of Flat 12 Gallery in Lubbock, Texas, will find any excuse to find, fix, and flip a classic car. If it's got an engine, Jeff has a plan.

With his trusty team, Jeff works to effectively restore these cars into dollars signs. Jeff is all about strategy; buying low and selling high is the name of his game, but deep down, Jeff would gladly hold on to every car he buys. Each one is a treasure and that's what makes him so good at wheeling and dealing – he truly values the cars and brings that passion into the deals.

He loves all cars, but is a child of the seventies and so has a true soft spot for the muscle cars of that generation – oh, and Ferraris. He definitely can't get enough of Ferraris!

But don't let his weakness for fancy rides fool you. Jeff treats every deal as a battle, and when he goes head to head with an equal adversary, the negotiation becomes a true chess match.


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