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Jack Daniel and his Tennessee Whiskey are American legends revered by rebels and rock stars around the world. In 1866, four years after Jasper “Jack” Daniel became a licensed distiller at the ripe old age of 16, he founded the nation’s oldest distillery in Lynchburg, Tenn. For more than 150 years, the distillery’s iconic Jack Daniel’s Whiskey has endured high liquor taxes, prohibition and even the transformation of its headquarters into a dry county. Today Jack Daniel’s is the world’s most popular whiskey with more than $2 billion in sales.

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  • By: Jennifer Schlesinger| Intern

    Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey is the best selling premium whiskey label in the world, according to the Distilled Sprits Council of the United States. So how does this 145-year-old remain popular with new and old alike?

  • Country music songs tend to explore a fixed list of topics such as heartbreak, incarceration and infidelity. However, just as often the mainstream country song turns to another topic, one that has held mankind in its sway since time immemorial —  drinking alcohol. Despite the grim subject matter, the country drinking song remains an American institution, as integral to the fabric of this nation as apple pie and as redolent with cultural significance as a thick wad of chawin’ terbacky.Country dri

    What are some of the classic country songs about Jack Daniel’s whiskey? Click to find out.

  • Jack Daniel's: The Allure of Lynchburg

    Ted Simmons, the first advertising executive for Jack Daniel's, describes the authenticity of Lynchburg, Tennessee.

  • Jack Daniel's: Marketing

    Author Peter Krass explains the marketing genius of Jack Daniel.

  • Jack Daniel's: Emerging Markets

    Senior vice president and global managing director for Jack Daniel's Gus Griffin explains how Jack Daniel's whiskey captured the imagination of the entire world.

  • Frank Sinatra & Jack Daniel's

    Frank Sinatra was buried with a roll of dimes, a pack of Camel cigarettes, and a bottle of Jack Daniel's. Angelo Lucchese, Jack Daniel's first traveling salesman, explains why.

  • Jack Daniel's Whiskey: Recipe for Success

    Master distiller Jeff Arnett describes the unique nature of Jack Daniel's and how the distilling process is an open book.

  • Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey

    Jeff Arnett describes the responsibility involved in his job as master distiller for Jack Daniel's whiskey.

  • Jack Daniel & the Silver Cornet Band

    Lynn Tolley, great grand niece of Jack Daniel, explains his love affair with music.

  • Jack Daniel's History

    Jack Daniel's historian Nelson Eddy reveals a colorful and dangerous story of whiskey-making in the U.S.