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  • A man eats food donated  by the Greek church in central Athens.

    Greece has been reclassified from a "developed" to an "emerging market" by a major U.S.-based fund manager.

  • A wave of new money coming into equity markets is a "powerful force" to reckon with and means that risks such as the U.S. budget cuts and uncertainty in Italy are unlikely to derail a stellar rally in the markets, one expert told CNBC.

  • In case the turmoil in Italy isn't exciting enough, this week brings the post-sequestration jobs report, and this strategist has a currency trading playbook.

  • While large-cap stocks continue to flirt with new all-time highs, small-caps stocks are already there — with potential for even more upside in 2013 as M&A heats up.

  • Information overload is a fact of modern life, and you can curse technology — or you can see if there's an app for that.

  • Although consumers' paychecks got a bit lighter this year when the 2 percent payroll tax cut expired, Wall Street analysts see reason to remain bullish on defensive retailers.

  • Despite Best Buy's better-than-expected earnings and revenue, one analyst likened it to the Titanic on an iceberg crash course.

  • Initial Public Tweet: Twitter, Square Mull IPOs

    Payments were just the beginning for Square. The young company has big plans to cash in on the entire commerce experience.

  • Barclays is committed to its investment-banking business and sees opportunity in Africa, CEO Antony Jenkins told CNBC's "Closing Bell" on Friday.

  • Stock chart

    CNBC's Melissa Lee and the Options Action traders discuss what they'll be watching in the week ahead.

  • As Brent crude slipped to $110 a barrel, professional traders turn bearish on oil.

  • Fix for JC Penney's Woes Could Take ‘Years’: Pro

    Not surprisingly, J.C. Penney's dismal earnings numbers spurred option traders to make some large bearish bets on the stock.

  • Yahoo has changed its description in its 10-K, and its is an interesting twist on the "What is Yahoo?" question that has tripped up many recent CEOs. Its also further evidence that current CEO Marissa Mayer is intent on remaking the company.

  • Apart from bouts of debt-crisis anxiety, the euro for some time has mainly been driven by risk appetite. This strategist says it's time to watch fundamentals.

  • Obama's 'Apocalyptic' Comment Is Key: Pete Najarian

    President Barack Obama's remarks eased market concerns, OptionMonster's Pete Najarian says.

  • Groupon fired CEO Andrew Mason on Thursday afternoon. Mason said he's leaving because he's become a distraction for the company as it continues its turnaround. But how can it turn itself around? reports.

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  • Rich Ilczyszyn, founder of iiTrader, looks at important technical levels that don't bode well for black gold.

  • The 10 blue chips that did the most to push the Dow close to record highs still look relatively inexpensive, according to one strategist.