• India's tale of two banks     Tuesday, 27 Aug 2013 | 11:03 PM ET

    Ismael Pili, Head of Financials Research, Asia at Macquarie Securites says India has a tale of two banks, with private banks holding up better than the state-owned lenders.

  • Emerging markets need to reform     Tuesday, 27 Aug 2013 | 10:07 PM ET

    Tim Riddell, Head of Global Markets Research, Asia, ANZ tells CNBC's Cash Flow why he thinks the risks for emerging markets are huge at the moment.

  • Rupee's collapse confounds India Inc. Tuesday, 27 Aug 2013 | 7:32 PM ET
    A man counts Indian rupee notes near the Bombay Stock Exchange building.

    Indian companies say the fast-falling rupee is driving up the cost of imports, forcing them to raise prices even as consumer spending plummets.

  • When is it time to get back into EMs?     Tuesday, 27 Aug 2013 | 7:09 PM ET

    Adrian Mowat, Managing Director and Chief Asian & Emerging Market Equity Strategist at J.P. Morgan, explains the catalysts investors are looking out for to get back into emerging markets.

  • Is cricket the best indicator on India?     Tuesday, 27 Aug 2013 | 4:30 AM ET

    James Astill, political editor and Bagehot columnist at The Economist, compares the Indian economy to cricket in the country which is riddled with scandals of corruption and inequality issues.

  • Jeffrey Halley, Senior Manager, FX Trading at Saxo Capital Markets says with the end of "free money" from the developed world, emerging markets will not have the firepower to hold up their currencies against the greenback.

  • The BOJ is in love with its policies: Pro     Monday, 26 Aug 2013 | 7:08 PM ET

    Axel Merk, President & CIO, Merk Investments, on why he thinks the Bank of Japan is too confident of the success of its policies and discusses why he expects volatility to persist in emerging markets.

  • Huge India food program criticized as profligate Monday, 26 Aug 2013 | 5:55 PM ET
    A market in Mumbai.

    With its currency in meltdown and growth at the lowest in the past decade, India's government on Monday passed a $19.8 billion-a-year food subsidy bill.

  • Emerging market sell-off to continue?     Monday, 26 Aug 2013 | 12:24 AM ET

    Ray Attrill, Co-Head of FX Strategy at NAB expects capital outflows from emerging markets to continue in the near term.

  • Feeding India's traveling public     Sunday, 25 Aug 2013 | 8:39 PM ET

    While India's railway system is plagued by delays and overcrowding, one enterprising entrepreneur saw a crucial need that could be fulfilled. CNBC's William Chamberlin has more.

  • No need to rush ultra-easy money exit: IMF Friday, 23 Aug 2013 | 10:39 PM ET
    Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of International Monetary Fund

    Central banks in Europe, the United States and Japan have no need to rush to exit the ultra-easy monetary policies they have put in place to spur growth, IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde said.

  • India's need for reform     Friday, 23 Aug 2013 | 12:22 AM ET

    Alex Travelli, Hong Kong bureau chief at The Economist, says the absence of reform in India is the main reason for the current funk.

  • Are we in an Asian financial crisis redux?     Thursday, 22 Aug 2013 | 8:40 PM ET

    Taimur Baig, Director & Chief Economist, Global Markets Research at Deutsche Bank explains what India and Indonesia can do to to prevent a re-emergence of the 1997 Asian crisis.

  • S&P: India and Indonesia both need reform     Wednesday, 21 Aug 2013 | 11:23 PM ET

    Tan Kim Eng, Senior Director, Sovereign Ratings at S&P Ratings Services tells CNBC's Cash Flow why he thinks investors will eventually return to India and Indonesia.

  • Emerging markets could see flash flood of funds     Wednesday, 21 Aug 2013 | 7:14 PM ET

    Viktor Shvets, Macquarie's head of strategy research, Asia, says emerging markets are close to the inflow point.

  • Time to get into emerging markets?     Wednesday, 21 Aug 2013 | 10:14 AM ET

    Jeremy Schwartz, WisdomTree Asset Management, has the trade on which countries provide the best play on the pullback in emerging markets.

  • Walter Molano, BCP Securities, explains how the Fed's tapering plan is weighing on emerging markets.

  • Indian Rupee: RBI should intervene     Tuesday, 20 Aug 2013 | 11:09 PM ET

    Adi Godrej Chairman at Godrej group speaks exclusively to CNBC's Cash Flow about the depreciating Indian rupee and what he thinks the Reserve Bank of India should do.

  • The silver lining in Indian rupee's slide     Tuesday, 20 Aug 2013 | 8:32 PM ET

    Rahul Chadha, Co-Chief Investment Officer at Mirae Asset Global Investments expects exports to pick up due to the Indian rupee's slide. He says investors with a 2-year view should remain positioned in India.

  • The better bet: Emerging vs Developed markets     Tuesday, 20 Aug 2013 | 8:20 PM ET

    Bill Maldonado, CIO, Asia Pacific at HSBC Global Asset Management talks about investing in volatile times and the divide between emerging and developed market equities.