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  • Unusual Funerals and Creative Cremations Friday, 25 Jan 2013 | 2:29 PM ET

    A growing number of businesses provide memorable send-offs to the person for whom the average funeral just won’t cut it. Read ahead to see 10 businesses that provide unusual funerals, creative cremations and much more.

  • CEOs 'Struggle for Survival' in Davos Friday, 25 Jan 2013 | 1:06 PM ET
    'Struggle for Survival' participant  Paul Bulcke, CEO of Nestle

    The Crossroads Foundation is offering all Davos attendees an up-close and personal encounter with poverty through its 'Struggle for Survival' program.

  • China Tells Its Own Officials to Avoid Sex Scandals Friday, 25 Jan 2013 | 10:47 AM ET

    The official news agency of the Chinese government has published an editorial urging Chinese government officials to avoid sex scandals and be "superheroes" when it comes to fighting corruption.

  • Bailout Alums, Five Years Later Friday, 25 Jan 2013 | 10:39 AM ET
    Neel Kashkari

    The so-called Troubled Asset Relief Program has neared the end of the road. And its key architects have moved on.

  • Home Builders Turn to Rental Apartments Friday, 25 Jan 2013 | 10:15 AM ET
    Apartment construction in Houston, TX

    Faced with heavy competition from a hot rental market, some of the nation’s home builders are turning some of their resources to building multi-family, rental apartment buildings.

  • UK Firms Fear 'Downward Spiral' as Pound Tumbles Friday, 25 Jan 2013 | 6:26 AM ET

    Pressure continues to mount up on sterling as sluggish growth in the country was confirmed in Friday's report on gross domestic product (GDP) - and manufacturers have told CNBC that while they welcome a fall in the currency, a significant fall could be risky.

  • The damaged battery case from a fire aboard a Japan Airlines (JAL) Boeing 787 Dreamliner airplane at Logan International Airport in Boston is displayed inside an investigation lab at National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) Headquarters in Washington, DC.

    One whistleblower is adamant about his fear about the use of lithium-ion batteries on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, saying they could "explode."

  • Scenes from Davos 2013—The World Economic Forum Thursday, 24 Jan 2013 | 3:43 PM ET

    Davos is an opportunity for the rich and powerful to schmooze in the Swiss resort town of Davos. And it's an opportunity for the media covering them to...well, work a lot of hours and schmooze a bit, too.

  • Moving Day Average: CNBC Explains Thursday, 24 Jan 2013 | 2:09 PM ET

    The term moving average is frequently used in relation to the stock market. CNBC explains.

  • Warren Buffett

    Warren Buffett is now in the lead in his decade-long wager that a stock index fund will outperform a selection of hedge funds.

  • Soaring Housing Stocks in Perspective Thursday, 24 Jan 2013 | 12:57 PM ET

    As the Dow approaches 14000 and the S&P 500 is on a tear, stocks of the nation's home builders continue on what looks like an unstoppable trajectory skyward. But is it?

  • Happy 29th Birthday Apple Macintosh! Thursday, 24 Jan 2013 | 12:27 PM ET
    The original Macintosh, released in January 1984.

    It might be a down day for Apple's stock price, but there's still reason to celebrate. Today is the 29th birthday of Apple's Macintosh computer.

  • Jobs Numbers Are Good, but Still Not Good Enough Thursday, 24 Jan 2013 | 11:34 AM ET

    Despite a fairly dramatic recent drop in weekly unemployment claims, the notion of a significantly improving job market is drawing few converts.

  • Pro: Why Gold is Still a Short Thursday, 24 Jan 2013 | 10:48 AM ET

    Pro trader Rich Ilczyszyn looks at important technical levels for the yellow metal.

  • S&P Tops 1,500: Where the Market Goes From Here Thursday, 24 Jan 2013 | 10:36 AM ET

    The index has not traded above 1,500 since Dec. 12, 2007, just months before the implosion of big Wall Street banks. While many traders usually dismiss the big, round numbers as having little meaning, this mark could be different.

  • Netflix CEO Dishes on Blowout Quarter Thursday, 24 Jan 2013 | 8:48 AM ET
    Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix

    Netflix's better than expected earnings was due to the explosion of Internet-connected TVs, tablets, and smartphones.

  • What's Blackberry 10 Like? CNBC's Sneak Preview Thursday, 24 Jan 2013 | 5:38 AM ET
    Blackberry 10

    CNBC's Steve Liesman ran into a senior executive of Blackberry at the World Economic Forum in Davos and got a demonstration of the Blackberry 10.

  • Barclays CEO: We Were Too Aggressive, Self-Serving Thursday, 24 Jan 2013 | 3:36 AM ET

    Barclays CEO Antony Jenkins told CNBC in Davos that the bank was too aggressive and too self-serving in recent years, as it seeks to put the manipulation of Libor and other scandals behind it.

  • Apple ‘A Broken Company’: Jeff Gundlach Wednesday, 23 Jan 2013 | 5:20 PM ET

    Apple stock is headed to a level of $425 per share this quarter, DoubleLine CEO Jeff Gundlach says.

  • Dimon: Economy Could Boom With Grand Bargain Wednesday, 23 Jan 2013 | 5:15 PM ET
    Jamie Dimon listens during a panel discussion on the opening day of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland.

    If Washington can reach a grand bargain to fix its fiscal problems, the U.S. economy could boom, JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon told CNBC on Wednesday in Davos.

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