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The European Union


  • How will Greece move US markets this week? Sunday, 28 Jun 2015 | 6:34 PM ET
    How will Greece move US markets this week?

    Jeff Carbone, founder & senior partner at Cornerstone Financial Partners, expects a tough week ahead with Greece being the primary focus for U.S. markets.

  • It's a tough week ahead for Greece Sunday, 28 Jun 2015 | 6:31 PM ET
    It's a tough week ahead for Greece

    CNBC's Julia Chatterley summarizes the developments in the negotiations between Greece and its international lenders over the weekend.

  • Why a Greek default doesn't mean a Grexit Sunday, 28 Jun 2015 | 6:21 PM ET
    Why a Greek default doesn't mean a Grexit

    The fact that the ECB isn't withdrawing support for Greek banks indicates that a default may not result in a "Grexit", says Fariborz Moshirian, director of Institute of Global Finance, UNSW Business School.

  • Lagarde: IMF ready to continue Greece talks Sunday, 28 Jun 2015 | 6:05 PM ET
    Lagarde: Stand ready to continue Greek talks

    When Athens is prepared to continue negotiations, we stand ready to do that, Christine Lagarde, managing director of International Monetary Fund, told CNBC.

  • EU tries to look beyond Greece to deepen China ties Sunday, 28 Jun 2015 | 6:00 PM ET

    BRUSSELS, June 29- The European Union will briefly put aside worries about Greece to broaden its relations with China at a summit in Brussels on Monday, hoping for Chinese investment in Europe's new infrastructure fund and support for a global climate deal. "This meeting will send a positive signal that China and the EU can push growth through reform and...

  • LONDON, June 28- A British exit from the European Union would set the country back half a century and be catastrophic for its trade and economic prospects, billionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson said on Sunday. Branson, whose Virgin Group empire ranges from airlines to banking and space travel, was speaking after Prime Minister David Cameron told EU leaders...

  • VIENNA, June 28- Austrian newspaper Die Presse removed a quote it had erroneously attributed to the country's finance minister from its website on Sunday saying the words actually formed part of a reporter's question. In the amended version of the interview, Schelling said a Grexit would only be possible if Athens first asked to leave the European Union and...

  • BRUSSELS, June 27- A Greek prime minister torn between accepting harsh bailout terms and a rebellion by the left wing of his party decides to call a referendum to break the political deadlock. Ireland and Portugal had joined Greece in seeking financial rescue, and bond markets were driving up the cost of borrowing for Italy and Spain. Amid fears for the stability...

  • LONDON, June 26- European Union plans to stimulate economic growth by tapping markets kicked off on Friday with banking regulators proposing to cut the cost of raising funds from bundled debt. Asset-backed securities, which reparcel debt based on loans such as mortgages, have struggled to regain favor in Europe after the sector unraveled in the United States...

  • ‘Grexit’ may endanger these surprise countries Friday, 26 Jun 2015 | 9:28 AM ET
    A pro-government rally in front of the Greek Parliament in Athens, Greece on February 16, 2015

    Fears of contagion from a "Grexit" have focused on the euro zone, but a messy exit from the currency union could also endanger the ex-Communist countries bordering Greece.

  • Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Francois Hollande, whose countries are Athens' two biggest lenders, held a 45- minute private meeting with Tsipras before the final session of a European Union summit at which they went through details of immediate funding for Greece if it would sign the deal. It said Greece could have 15.5 billion euros in EU and IMF...

  • British bid underway to revamp relationship with EU Friday, 26 Jun 2015 | 5:13 AM ET

    BRUSSELS— Britain's attempt to forge a new relationship with the European Union has officially started— with positive words but little detail, and months of tough negotiations ahead. Britain will hold a referendum on EU membership by the end of 2017, and Cameron wants major changes to the U.K.' s relationship with the 28- nation bloc as a condition of remaining in.

  • LONDON, June 26- European Union banking regulators have proposed cutting capital charges for high quallity securitised debt by a quarter in a bid to kick-start the market and help fund economic growth. Reviving the pooled-debt or asset-backed securities markets is a core aim of the European Union's plan for a Capital Markets Union to boost the amount of funds...

  • German Chancellor Angela Merkel said it was not possible to find new money for Greece beyond what was left in its second bailout program at this stage.

  • Will Greek talks see a new dawn? Roach is hopeful Thursday, 25 Jun 2015 | 8:11 PM ET
    Will Greek talks see a new dawn? Roach is hopeful

    Stephen Roach, senior fellow at Yale University, remains hopeful on a deal because a total breakdown of talks will not be in the best interest of both Greece and its creditors.

  • Greece is an 'ideal candidate' to leave euro: Pro Thursday, 25 Jun 2015 | 7:34 PM ET
    Greece is an 'ideal candidate' to leave euro: Pro

    Peter Morici, professor of Economics at The University Of Maryland, says austerity isn't the solution to Greece's financial woes and its creditors must face reality soon.

  • Reading the tea leaves on Greek drama Thursday, 25 Jun 2015 | 7:16 PM ET
    Reading the tea leaves on Greek drama

    James Swanson, chief investment strategist at MFS Investment Management, says the comments emerging from Europe indicate the possibility of a deal between Greece and its creditors.

  • BRUSSELS, June 26- European Union leaders meeting in Brussels have a daunting list of long-running crises on their plates-- notably migrants crowding in at their southern borders, Russia growling in the east, Britain's threat to quit and a desperate need to create jobs. One quipped it was no longer Britain for dinner but " Greece for dinner." Plunged into crisis by the...

  • Eurogroup meeting fails to yield Greek deal Thursday, 25 Jun 2015 | 6:11 PM ET
    Eurogroup meeting fails to yield Greek deal

    The Eurogroup meeting of finance ministers quickly ended on Thursdday, without any signs of an agreement. CNBC's Julia Chatterley has more.

  • *Greece for dinner, Britain for dessert- one official. BRUSSELS, June 25- Prime Minister David Cameron will tell European Union leaders on Thursday he needs a new deal to keep Britain inside the bloc, opening an argument over its future at a summit preoccupied with keeping Greece from crashing out. Freshly re-elected last month, Cameron faces difficult...