• TOKYO, March 3- Stock prices plummeted while oil prices shot up on Monday as escalating tensions between Russia and the West after Russia bloodlessly seized a part of Ukraine.

  • Kerry's statement 'good and sober': Herbst     Sunday, 2 Mar 2014 | 8:18 PM ET

    U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry's statement to Russia was 'good and sober', says John Herbst, Director of the Center for Complex Operations at the National Defense University.

  • SEOUL, March 3- Brent and U.S. crude oil rallied more than $2 per barrel to multi-month highs on Monday, lifted by rising tension in Ukraine after Russian President Vladimir Putin declared he had the right to invade his neighbour. Putin secured permission from his parliament on Saturday to use military force to protect Russian citizens in Ukraine and told U.S.

  • Ukrainian and Russian troops in a standoff     Sunday, 2 Mar 2014 | 7:13 PM ET

    Russian solders seized control of Crimea on Sunday in a bloodless coup. CNBC's Bill Neely reports.

  • TOKYO, March 3- Escalating political tensions in Ukraine pressured Asian stocks on Monday, forcing anxious investors to cut their exposure to riskier assets in favour of traditional safe haven bets such as the Japanese yen and Swiss franc.

  • March 2- U.S. equity futures dipped at the open of electronic trading on Sunday, with concerns about Russia's aggression in the Ukraine weighing on sentiment. Ukraine mobilized for war on Sunday after President Vladimir Putin secured permission from his parliament on Saturday to use military force to protect Russian citizens in Ukraine.

  • *Putin threatens invasion to protect Russian citizens in Ukraine. SYDNEY, March 3- The Japanese yen rose across the board on Monday while investors gave risk currencies such as the Australian dollar a wide berth as Ukraine mobilised for war after Russia's President Vladimir Putin declared he had the right to invade the neighbouring country.

  • Reading the Ukraine crisis     Sunday, 2 Mar 2014 | 5:35 PM ET

    Leslie Holmes, Professor at the School of Social and Political Sciences at the University of Melbourne, analyzes latest developments in Ukraine after Russia seized Crimea in a bloodless coup on Sunday.

  • Ian Bremmer, President of the Eurasia Group, explains why he thinks geopolitical uncertainty, sparked by the crisis in Ukraine at the moment, may be at levels worse than the September-11 attacks.

  • WELLINGTON, March 3- The yen rallied to a three-week high against the U.S. dollar on Monday while the Australian and New Zealand dollars stumbled as escalating political tensions in Ukraine prompted investors to dump higher-risk currencies in favour of lower-risk, liquid ones.

  • UPDATE 1-Russia warns Ukraine may lose gas discount Saturday, 1 Mar 2014 | 9:11 AM ET

    MOSCOW/ KIEV March 1- Russia issued several warnings on Saturday that Ukraine may lose a discount to the gas price it now pays to Gazprom due to Kiev's outstanding gas debt. Russia's state gas company Gazprom estimates Ukraine's outstanding gas debt at $1.55 billion for 2013 and gas deliveries so far this year.

  • *Obama warns Russia over reports of military movements. *Ukraine accuses Russia, Moscow denies involvement. President Barack Obama has warned Russia against any military intervention in Ukraine after the country's new leaders accused Moscow of deploying forces in the Crimea region.

  • Traders buy protection on Russia rumors: Pro     Friday, 28 Feb 2014 | 7:44 PM ET

    Discussing Ukraine's economic impact on the stock market, with Michael Cuggino, Permanent Portfolio Funds, and Jack Bouroudjian, Index Financial Partners.

  • *Obama steps into Ukraine- Russia tension over Crimea. WASHINGTON, Feb 28- President Barack Obama warned Russia on Friday that military intervention in Ukraine would lead to "costs," as tension with old foe President Vladimir Putin rose in a Cold War-style crisis.

  • Discussing Russia's involvement in Ukraine, with Don Jensen, Center for Transatlantic Relations and CNBC's Michelle Caruso-Cabrera.

  • In addition, questions over whether Russia could be drawn into the conflict in Ukraine will likely weigh on investor sentiment. "It will be interesting to see the action on S&P futures on Sunday night based on the kind of developments we see in Ukraine.

  • NEW YORK, Feb 28- U.S. oil on Friday had its eighth straight week of gains on market talk of fewer oil rail shipments from the booming Bakken shale in North Dakota. Brent oil settled moderately higher but ended the week lower, weighed down by an outlook for dampening demand in China and another for stymied European growth due to uprisings in Ukraine.

  • Russia likely to get what Russia wants in showdown Friday, 28 Feb 2014 | 5:21 PM ET
    Russian sailors do their morning exercises near a navy vessel in the bay of the Ukrainian city of Sevastopol, the main base of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, in September 2011.

    If Crimea tries to secede from Ukraine with Russian support, there's almost nothing Ukraine could do to stop it.

  • Ukraine a sell signal: Trader     Friday, 28 Feb 2014 | 5:15 PM ET

    The "Fast Money" crew trades on uncertainty in Ukraine. And Retired US Army Gen. Wesley Clark assess the military situation there.

  • President Obama says any violation of Ukraine's sovereignty from Russia would be deeply destabilizing to Ukraine and not in the best interest of Europe.