• Mathew Martoma Expected in Court Today     Monday, 26 Nov 2012 | 10:00 AM ET

    Former hedge fund portfolio manager Matthew Martoma is due in court any minute on charges of conspiracy to commit securities fraud, with CNBC's Bertha Coombs & Judge Richard Holwell, Holwell Shuster & Goldberg.

  • The U.S. at war, a cyber war, and businesses and government are simply outgunned in the battle, said Eric Rosenbach, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Cyber Policy.

  • The Costs of Competitive Kids Friday, 2 Nov 2012 | 10:21 AM ET

    CNBC.com presents a list of competitive activities for kids, and what parents can expect to pay for their child’s involvement. Some are academic, some are in the arts and some are meant to develop strategic thinking. But all of them carry a price tag much higher than you’d expect.

  • The New Bubble Is Securitized Credit: CEO     Tuesday, 16 Oct 2012 | 5:08 AM ET

    Charles Biderman, founder and CEO of TrimTabs Investment, tells CNBC that the new bubble is securitized credit; "Prices have gone to the moon, there is tremendous demand and huge inflows into vehicles that invest in that."

  • Annual Report on Securities Industry     Tuesday, 9 Oct 2012 | 3:35 PM ET

    This year, the securities industry has lost 1,200 jobs and earned $10.5 billion in profits. Thomas DiNapoli, NY State Comptroller, offers insight on the securities industry's annual report.

  • Changes to Money Market Funds Stall Thursday, 23 Aug 2012 | 2:16 AM ET
    A security officer stands outside the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission headquarters in Washington, D.C., U.S., on Tuesday, May 10, 2011.

    Attempts to make sweeping changes to a popular type of mutual fund that played a central role in the 2008 financial crisis have been derailed, the New York Times reports.

  • Seven years after he was first sued by New York state prosecutors for securities fraud, the allegations against former AIG chief Maurice “Hank” Greenberg are still pending – and may now be considered by the state's highest court.

  • Auto Sales Could Help Drive Market Sentiment Monday, 2 Jul 2012 | 8:11 PM ET
    Customer at an auto dealership.

    The auto industry has been one of the positives in this shaky economy but will it last? Traders will be watching June auto sales on Tuesday—especially after a weak ISM reading.

  • NYSE trader

    The beach may be beckoning this Fourth of July week but traders are going to want to be at their desks for the start of the third quarter, with the jobs report, an ECB rate decision—and more.

  • Goldman Stuck With a Defense Tab, Awaiting a Payback Tuesday, 19 Jun 2012 | 10:56 AM ET
    Rajat Gupta

    For Goldman Sachs, the insider trading case against a former board member, Rajat K. Gupta, which ended in a conviction on Friday, was distracting and discomforting. At least until now, it has also been very expensive, the New York Times reports.

  • Fidelity Defends Money Market Funds     Monday, 30 Apr 2012 | 10:16 AM ET

    Regulators have been critical of money market funds, saying the retail investor is not made fully aware of the risks involved. However, Nancy Prior, Fidelity Money Market Funds president, tells CNBC why investors are aware.

  • Santelli on Bonds     Thursday, 5 Apr 2012 | 2:00 PM ET

    CNBC's Rick Santelli and Brian Sullivan discuss whether a shift from the Fed minutes arose in the markets and check on how to play bonds.

  • Fed's Net Income to Bottom Out in 2016 at $30B     Wednesday, 4 Apr 2012 | 11:04 AM ET

    CNBC's Steve Liesman discusses the details of the Fed's projection for their net income to decline beginning this year from $83 billion to $80 billion.

  • Government Regulation

    It was August, 1964. President Lyndon Johnson was about to sign into law the most important Wall Street reforms since the Great Depression.

  • New Housing Task Force Will Zero In on Wall St Thursday, 26 Jan 2012 | 3:29 PM ET

    In the latest government tactic to prosecute crimes related to the financial crisis, the housing task force will attempt to crack down on financial firms suspected of improperly bundling home loans into securities for investors, the New York Times reports.

  • China Set to Bolster Short Selling Wednesday, 4 Jan 2012 | 6:17 PM ET

    China is poised to unveil measures to bolster the country’s nascent short-selling industry in an effort to deepen its capital markets, according to securities officials and fund managers. The Financial Times reports.

  • CNBC's Scott Wapner reports why hedge fund manager, Phil Falcone's Harbinger Capital's assets have fallen from $26B in 2008 to less than $5B.

  • Comcast CEO Fine     Friday, 16 Dec 2011 | 2:29 PM ET

    CNBC's Eamon Javers shares the details on Comcast Corporation CEO Brian L. Roberts agreement to pay a $500,000 civil penalty to settle charges he violated pre-merger reporting and waiting recquirements when he acquired Comcast voting securities. The SEC said the violation was inadvertent and technical.

  • Herb Alert: When Prime Goes Subprime?     Friday, 7 Oct 2011 | 2:28 PM ET

    Earlier this week, the Fitch report raised concerns over the Residential Mortgage-Backed Securities market. CNBC's Herb Greenberg has the story on RMBS.

  • Ponzi Schemes Tuesday, 30 Aug 2011 | 12:25 PM ET

    How much do you know about modern-day Ponzi schemes? Take our quiz and find out.