• Iran in Position to Threaten Oil lanes Tuesday, 27 Nov 2012 | 12:05 PM ET

    In December, the U.S. military will have only one aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf for the first time in two years. The Iranian navy said it was kicking off a military exercise in the region at that time.  If talks scheduled between Tehran and the IAEA turn sour, there's potential for Iran to exploit the security vacuum for geopolitical gain.

  • Why a UK Downgrade Wouldn't Be a Big Deal Tuesday, 27 Nov 2012 | 3:32 AM ET

    The downgrade of the U.K.’s credit rating by at least one of the three major ratings agencies: Moody’s, Standard & Poor’s or Fitch, looks increasingly likely in the New Year. Before gnashing of teeth and wailing begins, bear in mind that losing the triple-A crown may not be such a big deal after all.

  • Another Snag for Oil From South Sudan Thursday, 22 Nov 2012 | 10:47 AM ET

    World markets will have wait a little longer for oil from South Sudan; last minute wrangling with its northern neighbor has put production and transit plans on hold.

  • Is John McAfee at the 'Heart of Darkness'? Friday, 16 Nov 2012 | 7:35 PM ET

    It's been a dramatic turn of events for John McAfee, the former tech entrepreneur who was once worth more than $100 million and is now wanted for questioning in the murder of his neighbor in Belize.

  • Iran Launches Air Drills in Country's East Monday, 12 Nov 2012 | 6:05 AM ET

    Iran launched large-scale air defense drills in the country's eastern half on Monday, Iranian media reported, amid heightened tensions between Tehran and Washington over a military incident in the Gulf reported last week.

  • The Hong Kong dollar is the solution to China’s currency problem. Over the last few weeks the territory’s monetary authority has had to intervene in markets to stop the currency from rising against the U.S. dollar. Some HK$14.3 billion ($1.85 billion) has been spent to preserve the peg. In these times of economic uncertainty, the need for an investable hard currency is so intense that even our little Hong Kong dollar is seen by some as a safe haven.

  • Gear Up For a Busy Week of Horse Trading Monday, 5 Nov 2012 | 1:05 AM ET

    The race to the White House, the UK QE button, a potential Spanish bailout request and Aussie interest rate trigger present global investors with an event driven week. And dare I say it, the possibility of higher liquidity to trade, writes CNBC's Karen Tso.

  • Marathon Polarizes NYC Amid Devastation Friday, 2 Nov 2012 | 10:56 AM ET

    There is real tragedy in New York. People have died in Staten Island. Queens had dozens of homes destroyed. And lower Manhattan remains a mess. Yet the New York Marathon not only will go on but also will pass through some of these distressed places.

  • Why Euro Exit Is an Option for Germany Thursday, 1 Nov 2012 | 9:06 PM ET

    Should Germany leave the euro? It is, after all, the big country with an obvious exit option. The question becomes more pertinent after a new decision by Angela Merkel.

  • Carroll’s Resignation Exposes Lack of Women CEOs Friday, 26 Oct 2012 | 9:19 AM ET

    Cynthia Carroll’s departure from the helm of mining company Anglo-American didn’t just affect the company’s share price—it sparked a new round of questions about the lack of women in the top echelons of the business world.

  • Wall Street’s Boardroom Bloodletting Tuesday, 16 Oct 2012 | 10:35 AM ET
    Vikram Pandit

    The most dangerous job on Wall Street is looking like the corner office. CEOs and CFOs are getting their jobs whacked faster than the post-Lufthansa heist crew in the movie Goodfellas.

  • What New Euro Zone Bailout Bond Tells Us Tuesday, 16 Oct 2012 | 7:55 AM ET

    The books for the new euro zone bailout fund bond are expected to open Tuesday, and the demand and pricing for the bond could show plenty about how the market views the euro zone’s prospects for success in the tussle with its debt crisis.

  • Fall: The Season of Illegitimate Energy Price Rises Monday, 15 Oct 2012 | 6:48 AM ET

    last week British Gas and peers hiked the winter prices, in part blaming the Government energy policy for the ramp-up and confirming their disdain for the British public by assuming that we are so thick to think that if it is getting colder then it must be ok to slip in a price rise, writes CNBC's Steve Sedgwick.

  • Cutting Government Debt Is a Myth Thursday, 11 Oct 2012 | 6:04 AM ET
    David Cameron

    U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron warned of the growing risk that Britain’s creditors could start to question “our ability and resolve to pay off our debts” on Wednesday as he wrapped up his Conservative Party’s annual meeting in Birmingham, Britain’s second city.

  • Is a Larger Middle East War Inevitable? Thursday, 11 Oct 2012 | 2:14 AM ET

    Double, double toil and trouble.  All the elements for a larger regional conflict are slowly falling into place, just as the witches’ ingredients in Shakespeare’s Macbeth, as the fateful day, November 6th, or Election Day approaches. Oilprice.com reports.

  • Forget Renewables, We Need Cheap Oil Now: Analyst Wednesday, 10 Oct 2012 | 4:45 PM ET

    What does our worlds energy future look like? To help us look into the future we spoke with Gail Tverberg, a well-known independent researcher and commentator on energy issues and author of the popular blog, Our Finite World.

  • US Navy Investigates Turning Seawater Into Jet Fuel Tuesday, 9 Oct 2012 | 5:11 PM ET
    U.S. Sailor standing on deck of a ship

    For centuries navies used wind as renewable energy. Now the U.S. Navy is investigating another potentially limitless fuel source to produce JP-5 jet fuel – seawater.

  • Is the Netflix Debate Scaring Investors Off? Tuesday, 9 Oct 2012 | 11:34 AM ET

    Two analysts disagree about Netflix and the competition it has from Amazon.com. What's an investor to believe?

  • The Path Past Politics to Natural Gas Exports Monday, 8 Oct 2012 | 12:58 PM ET
    hydraulic fracturing process

    US natural gas production is rising despite fewer rigs in operation, but far more reserves could be unleashed by fracking. Exports are one answer to overabundance, so what's the holdup? Oilprice.com reports.

  • Which Biofuels Hold Promise for the Future? Friday, 5 Oct 2012 | 3:26 PM ET

    Following record droughts across the United States the benefits of the ethanol subsidy were once again hotly debated and biofuels in general found themselves generating quite a few unflattering headlines.

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