• Are we drunk yet? Time to remove the QE punch bowl Tuesday, 10 Dec 2013 | 6:17 AM ET
    Former World Bank President Robert Zoellick

    Central banking is no longer the discipline of taking away the punch bowl just as the party gets going, writes Moorad Choudhry.

  • Peacocks: It's your fault, not RBS', that you failed Tuesday, 10 Dec 2013 | 3:06 AM ET

    Having gone bust more than a year ago, Peacocks is really living up to its name. The failed fashion chain is preening for all it's worth.

  • Alan Greenspan defends his Fed record Tuesday, 10 Dec 2013 | 12:00 AM ET
    Former Federal Reserve Board Chairman, Alan Greenspan

    Economist John Taylor said Alan Greenspan kept rates too low for too long, exacerbating the housing bubble. Greenspan said Taylor's wrong.

  • Should Abercrombie’s CEO be year’s worst? Monday, 9 Dec 2013 | 5:49 PM ET
    Abercrombie & Fitch CEO Michael Jeffries in a 2009 photo

    Abercrombie & Fitch said it will extend CEO Mike Jeffries' contract, but some say he looks like a shoo-in to win as this year’s worst CEO.

  • No fare hike if...: CEO of new American Airlines Monday, 9 Dec 2013 | 12:02 PM ET

    CEO Doug Parker tells CNBC that "as long as demand stays the same, nothing should happen to prices."

  • Limit damage of Obamacare 'coercion': GOP senator Monday, 9 Dec 2013 | 11:04 AM ET

    But it's too difficult to repeal the Affordable Care Act because "it's been implemented, GOP Sen. Ron Johnson tells CNBC.

  • The advice I received from Nelson Mandela: CEO Monday, 9 Dec 2013 | 10:03 AM ET
    Getty Images Co-Founder and CEO Jonathan Klein with President Nelson Mandela, at his home in Johannesburg, South Africa, in 2009.

    Getty CEO Jonathan Klein speaks about what it was like growing up white in South Africa and the advice he received from Nelson Mandela when they met.

  • Here's what's holding up the US recovery Monday, 9 Dec 2013 | 8:54 AM ET

    The U.S. economy is ready to recover but there's a roadblock, says research director Dan Steinbock.

  • Fed taper won't bother investors: JPM's Lee Monday, 9 Dec 2013 | 7:40 AM ET
    Thomas Lee, JPMorgan's U.S. equity strategist

    Investors won't be bothered by a Fed taper even if it starts this month, JPMorgan's chief U.S. equity strategist, Thomas Lee, tells CNBC.

  • Bank on it: The Fed is a friend Sunday, 8 Dec 2013 | 10:21 PM ET

    Over the first three quarters of 2013, U.S. GDP grew at an average rate of 1.6 percent. That is half the growth rate over the same period of 2012.

  • Why Ulta’s stock turned ugly Friday, 6 Dec 2013 | 2:16 PM ET

    The stock of a beauty retailer Ulta shed more than 20 percent on Friday and Ulta's balance sheet has been showing red flags for quarters.

  • Clean energy: Better than coal in your stocking? Friday, 6 Dec 2013 | 11:58 AM ET

    If naughty kids get a lump of coal in their stocking, do good kids get clean energy? Depends on who's playing Santa in your nation's capital, says Terry Tamminen.

  • Is bitcoin the fad of all fads? Friday, 6 Dec 2013 | 10:58 AM ET

    Sorkin shares his thoughts on bitcoin, the return of Occupy Wall Street and Miley Cyrus.

  • Branson: Mandela embraced free markets, too Friday, 6 Dec 2013 | 8:23 AM ET
    Former South African President Nelson Mandela, left, and U.K. billionaire Richard Branson listen to Peter Gabriel sing 'Biko,' in Johannesburg, South Africa.

    Nelson Mandela embraced free markets, but thought that "with great wealth comes great responsibility," Sir Richard Branson tells CNBC.

  • Prohibition is over! Time to buy beer stocks Thursday, 5 Dec 2013 | 11:34 AM ET

    In honor of today’s anniversary of the repeal of prohibition, here’s a bucket of beer stocks, compliments of Todd Schoenberger.

  • Apple 2014: Don't call it a comeback Thursday, 5 Dec 2013 | 10:34 AM ET
    An American icon: the Apple store in Manhattan

    The key to understanding Apple's 2014 strategy is its cohesive cross-device operating ecosystem that is driving sales and product development. Jason Stein, of Laundry Service, shares his predictions.

  • Social Media in 2014: It’s about show, not tell Thursday, 5 Dec 2013 | 10:28 AM ET
    The social media effect: Retailers continue to be a big beneficiary of Pinterest.

    What lies ahead for social media? User-generated content will be embraced as brands cut through the clutter and create more engaging experiences. Apu Gupta, CEO of Curalate shares his predictions.

  • Is a peak coming in this key market metric? Thursday, 5 Dec 2013 | 10:13 AM ET

    The NYSE is buzzing about this metric. Is it nearing a peak? And what's the scariest part? Tom Kee from Stock Traders Daily crunches the numbers.

  • Can you trust the jobs report numbers?     Thursday, 5 Dec 2013 | 8:15 AM ET

    According to a source, some census employees faked job responses, reports CNBC's Eamon Javers. And CNBC's Steve Liesman reports on the actual falsification rate among interviews.

  • The real facts about inequality Wednesday, 4 Dec 2013 | 12:37 PM ET
    A homeless woman stands in the street in New York.

    There is no question that inequality is disturbingly high. But the discussion around it is flawed by a disregard for actual data.

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