• Goldilocks US Jobs Data Keep 'Taper' Talk Alive Friday, 7 Jun 2013 | 9:46 AM ET
    Federal Reserve Board Chairman Ben Bernanke

    The modestly improving jobs outlook is enough to send stocks higher at the open, while prompting bond yields to move up -- and keep Fed tapering talk alive in the market.

  • The End? Fed's Fisher Signals End to Bond Rally Wednesday, 5 Jun 2013 | 10:29 AM ET
    Richard Fisher, president and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.

    We've had Federal Reserve officials say it's time to consider tapering bond purchases, but we haven't had a Fed official declaring a rally of anything "over." Until now.

  • 'Government Motors' No More: GM Comes Full Circle Tuesday, 4 Jun 2013 | 9:39 AM ET

    General Motors being added to the S&P 500 at the close on June 6th (replacing Heinz ) is more good news for GM, which will open at a 2-year high.

  • NYSE Euronext Shareholders Approve ICE Merger Monday, 3 Jun 2013 | 11:14 AM ET

    NYSE Euronext has approved its merger with InterContinentalExchange by a landslide: with about 63 percent of shareholders voting, the approval rate was roughly 99 percent.

  • Benefits of Trading With Options  Wednesday, 29 May 2013 | 5:40 PM ET

    CNBC's Adam Bakhtiar reports Nikkei futures point to a weak open in the Asian markets; and Jon Najarian of OptionMonster.com, discusses the benefits of trading with options.

  • Can Agriculture Stocks Grow?  Friday, 24 May 2013 | 4:53 PM ET

    How the agriculture business may perform this summer, with Brian Stutland of Stutland Volatility Group.

  • Where the Wealthy Are Investing  Wednesday, 22 May 2013 | 7:41 AM ET

    Bruce Kasman, JPMorgan Chase; and Stephen Bodurtha, Citi Private Bank, provide an in-depth look at where affluent investors are finding returns amid economic uncertainty.

  • Trader Bets Chips on Huge Qualcomm Move Monday, 6 May 2013 | 1:32 PM ET
    Qualcomm Inc., Chairman and CEO Dr. Paul E. Jacobs.

    Can Qualcomm shares get a move on? Traders sure think so. They just don't know if the shares will go higher or lower.

  • Pro: How to Trade the Gold ETF Now Wednesday, 1 May 2013 | 2:56 PM ET

    One big options trader foresees more stormy weather for gold, but Brian Stutland is betting on calmer seas ahead.

  • Software Glitch, Not a Hack, Says CBOE's Brodsky  Friday, 26 Apr 2013 | 10:35 AM ET

    "Yesterday we had a software bug; it wasn't any sort of hacking incident," William Brodsky, chairman and CEO of the Chicago Board Options Exchange, said about why the system wasn't open for trading for three hours yesterday.

  • CBOE Reopens Options Trading After Systems Outage Thursday, 25 Apr 2013 | 1:10 PM ET

    After delaying its open due to "downloading" issues, the Chicago Board Options Exchange reopened trading on all its products at 1:00 p.m. ET.

  • CBOE Delays Trading Due to System Outage  Thursday, 25 Apr 2013 | 11:41 AM ET

    The world's busiest options exchange has been closed all day, reports Fast Money trader Jon Najarian. No word yet when the exchange will reopen. "Guys are sitting there scratching their heads, talking with each other trying to figure out what's going on," said Brian Stutland, Stutland Volatility Group. Meanwhile, CNBC's Rick Santelli wonders if the trading systems have gotten too complex.

  • Trader Bets Netflix Will Be a Blockbuster Monday, 22 Apr 2013 | 2:08 PM ET

    Netflix will report second quarter earnings after the bell on Monday, but traders are getting pretty excited ahead of time.

  • Trader Bets Boeing Will Soar: Stutland Friday, 19 Apr 2013 | 1:20 PM ET

    Boeing moved higher Friday morning, after news that the FAA is expected to approve Boeing's plan to fix its Dreamliner. One options trader got into the trade ahead of time.

  • Big Trader Bets Against Yahoo: Stutland Wednesday, 17 Apr 2013 | 3:51 PM ET

    Yahoo's earnings left traders with mixed emotions. One options trader placed a bet that Yahoo's next move will be to the downside.

  • Playing the Coke Pop: Stutland Tuesday, 16 Apr 2013 | 4:47 PM ET

    Shares of Coca-Cola jumped 5 percent higher on Tuesday, after the company reported better-than-expected earnings and revenue. Here's how one options trader played the pop.

  • Why Freeport Could See More Pain Ahead: Stutland Monday, 15 Apr 2013 | 3:46 PM ET

    Gold continues to rip through levels of support like they are non-existent. The sell-off in gold has dragged the gold miners down with it.

  • Taking Advantage of the Gold Panic: Stutland Friday, 12 Apr 2013 | 12:42 PM ET

    This options trade took advantage of the panic selling of gold on Friday.

  • The Smart Way to Play the Market: Stutland Monday, 8 Apr 2013 | 12:25 PM ET

    On Monday morning, one option trader took advantage of the uptick in the VIX to sell out-of-the-money puts on the S&P 500 ETF (SPY) expiring this week.

  • Options Action on Earnings Outlook  Friday, 5 Apr 2013 | 4:52 PM ET

    An options strategy ahead of JPMorgan's earning, with Brian Stutland, Stutland Volatility Group.