• Hot Holiday Toys  Tuesday, 18 Dec 2012 | 11:55 AM ET

    Toys "R" Us is one of the world's largest toy retailers. Jerry Storch, chairman & CEO of Toys "R" Us, offers Courtney Reagan an update on the holiday shopping season.

  • Uncorking Holiday Liquor Sales  Tuesday, 18 Dec 2012 | 10:57 AM ET

    Bryan Fry, CEO of Pernod Ricard US, offers insight on the holiday season and what it means for his business. Sales of various types of whiskey are growing because younger consumers have taken to it, he says

  • Godiva Expects Sweet Sales  Tuesday, 18 Dec 2012 | 6:50 AM ET
    Godiva Chocolates visits Squawkbox at CNBC

    Jim Goldman, president and CEO of Godiva Chocolatier, offers insight on the Christmas holiday shopping season.

  • Vanguard CEO: Don't Underestimate Stocks!  Monday, 17 Dec 2012 | 12:35 PM ET

    Vanguard CEO Bill McNabb explains why he thinks buying and holding stocks should remain a profitable long-term investments for at least another 10 years.

  • CNBC's Rick Santelli speaks to Peter Schiff, CEO of Euro Pacific Capital about the Fed, and whether the U.S. has a structural unemployment problem. "The government makes it too easy for people not to work," he explains.

  • H.J. Heinz CEO Bets on Emerging Markets  Friday, 14 Dec 2012 | 7:45 PM ET

    Heinz expects its emerging market sales to double in the next 3-5 years, with Bill Johnson, H.J. Heinz CEO; Brian Kelly, Shelter Harbor Capital; David Riedel, Riedel Research; and Tim Seymour, Triogem Asset Management.

  • Gift-Giving With Boomerang  Friday, 14 Dec 2012 | 11:50 AM ET

    Zach Smith, Boomerang CEO and co-founder, explains how his company uses Facebook information to allow users to give gifts to friends and family.

  • Chocolate Crisis Coming?  Friday, 14 Dec 2012 | 11:22 AM ET

    Will rising milk costs lead to higher chocolate prices during the peak of the holiday season?

  • The Future of Social Media  Friday, 14 Dec 2012 | 11:15 AM ET

    Clara Shih, Hearsay Social CEO, explains how social media is driving a shift in consumer behavior and business competition.

  • Retail Investors Hanging on 'Fiscal Cliff?'  Friday, 14 Dec 2012 | 10:37 AM ET

    Jim McCaughan, Principal Global Investors CEO, explains how investors should navigate the markets in these uncertain times. He says he suspects the Senate bill will go to the House and end up being law.

  • Moynihan: Signs of 'Real, Sustained Recovery'  Friday, 14 Dec 2012 | 10:10 AM ET

    Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan discusses the state of the housing industry, including what BAC is doing to modify loans for homeowners who are delinquent.

  • Discovery CEO Growing Overseas Portfolio  Friday, 14 Dec 2012 | 10:01 AM ET

    David Zaslav, Discovery CEO, discusses his company's $1.7 billion deal to acquire SBS Nordic media assets in an effort to increase its global reach.

  • BofA CEO on Future of Home Ownership  Friday, 14 Dec 2012 | 9:45 AM ET

    "We changed our position to be direct to consumers," said Brian Moynihan, Bank of America president & CEO, discussing changes in his company's mortgage business, with CNBC's Diana Olick.

  • Boeing CEO Preparing For the 'Fiscal Cliff'  Friday, 14 Dec 2012 | 8:33 AM ET

    James McNerney, Boeing CEO, discusses his company's contingency plans if we go over the "fiscal cliff" and address recent issues with its 787 Dreamliner.

  • Briggs & Stratton CEO on Housing & Generator Biz  Thursday, 13 Dec 2012 | 6:45 PM ET

    Briggs & Stratton is the world's largest maker of gasoline engines for outdoor power equipment. The company's CEO Todd Teske discusses the housing recovery, and where his company is headed.

  • Snap-On's CEO Talks Growth  Thursday, 13 Dec 2012 | 2:15 PM ET

    The "fiscal cliff" clock is ticking, and it's throwing a real wrench into the U.S. economy. Nick Pinchuk, CEO of Snap-On, provides perspective.

  • SolarCity Debuts at $8 Per Share  Thursday, 13 Dec 2012 | 9:40 AM ET

    Elon Musk, SolarCity chairman and Lyndon Rive, CEO of SolarCity, talk about the company's initial public offering on the Nasdaq this morning.

  • Volatility is the Name of the Game: CEO  Thursday, 13 Dec 2012 | 7:44 AM ET

    Mitchell Caplan, CEO of Jefferson National, explains how investors can make money in 2013 and level the investment playing field.

  • Will 2013 Be Year of the Layoff?  Wednesday, 12 Dec 2012 | 4:43 PM ET

    Jeffrey Joerres, Chairman & CEO of ManpowerGroup, reveals the latest survey results for the outlook on hiring next year.

  • Loss of R&D Tax Credit May Lead to Layoffs: CEO  Wednesday, 12 Dec 2012 | 4:30 PM ET

    Bart Shuldman, TransAct Technologies chairman & CEO, explains why he may have to lay off workers if the research and development tax credit isn't extended.