• Fund Manager Picks Big, Small Pharma Stocks Thursday, 7 Jun 2007 | 1:06 PM ET

    Pharmaceutical stocks is the place to invest in the current market, according to Kris Jenner, portfolio manager for the T. Rowe Price Health Sciences Fund. The medical doctor told "Morning Call" viewers he likes large-cap Wyeth and small-cap Alexion Pharmaceuticals, in particular. "There is no more valuable opportunity in the pharmaceutical industry today than bringing forward an Alzheimer's product," Jenner said of Wyeth, which has made advances in treating the disease.

  • The ASCO/Avandia Hangover Thursday, 7 Jun 2007 | 11:49 AM ET

    In the wake of ASCO (the American Society of Clinical Oncology's annual meeting) where Genentech reported mixed clinical trial results, the stock is trading at a new intra-day low...it's lowest level since May 2005. And in the wake of yesterday's hearing on Avandia where the stage may have been set for a black-box or severe safety warning being put on the diabetes drug's label, GlaxoSmithKline is actually trading up.

  • European Stocks to Watch: AstraZeneca Wednesday, 6 Jun 2007 | 12:32 PM ET

    Shares of London-based pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca made modest gains (down 0.9%), reversing a recent downward trend thanks to positive momentum generated by rival GlaxoSmithKline (down 0.7%).

  • FDA's Post-Market Drug Safety Program Called 'Broken' Wednesday, 6 Jun 2007 | 12:23 PM ET

    Paul Brown, consumer healthcare advocate at the U.S. Public Interest Research Group, told CNBC’s “Morning Call” that the Food and Drug Administration’s post-market safety program is “broken.”

  • U.S. FDA Chief Says Avandia Data Still Inconsistent Wednesday, 6 Jun 2007 | 11:30 AM ET

    All studies to date provide inconsistent data about the potential contribution of GlaxoSmithKline's diabetes drug Avandia to heart attack risk, the head of the Food and Drug Administration said in testimony prepared for a congressional hearing on Wednesday.

  • In an exclusive interview on CNBC, GlaxoSmithKline’s CEO J.P. Garnier defended the company's diabetes drug Avandia, saying recent safety questions are based on statistical analysis, not medical evidence.

  • AstraZeneca Finance Chief Quits to Join Goldman Wednesday, 6 Jun 2007 | 4:42 AM ET

    AstraZeneca's Chief Financial Officer Jon Symonds, who lost out in a 2005 race for the CEO job, is to leave the company at the end of July to join investment bank Goldman Sachs.

  • Speculating on Acadia Pharma Tuesday, 5 Jun 2007 | 8:00 PM ET

    With three great drugs and some good data points on the horizon, Cramer thinks the stock could turn a profit in the short term.Investing can be confusing. Luckily, Cramer has mapped out some road rules for all you Home Gamers trying to navigate the jungle that is Wall Street. Think of it as "Mad Money 101" –- some fundamental advice to keep in mind as you play the market. Whether you're a first time investor or a seasoned financier, it's always good to remember the basics.

  • The maker of the controversial diabetes pill Avandia published preliminary results of a study that the company claims show the drug does not raise heart risks. However, experts say the results are inconclusive and even seem to suggest more risk from the drug.

  • Battered Glaxo Faces Calls to Boost Cash Returns Tuesday, 5 Jun 2007 | 12:26 PM ET

    GlaxoSmithKline, its shares off 12% in the past fortnight due to a safety scare over diabetes drug Avandia, is under growing pressure to increase cash returns to mollify shareholders.

  • Amgen said on Monday it has agreed to buy privately held Ilypsa, which is developing a drug for chronic kidney disease, for $420 million in cash.

  • Hot Stocks: ASCO's Winners and Losers Monday, 4 Jun 2007 | 4:27 PM ET

    A roundup of the most actively traded biotech and pharma stocks following the annual American Society of Clinical Oncology conference in Chicago.

  • Onyx Pharamaceuticals shares rose sharply after its partner Bayer said results of a Phase 3 study showed that Nexavar significantly extended overall survival in patients with liver cancer by 44%.

  • Selling Hope: The Cost Of Curing Cancer Monday, 4 Jun 2007 | 1:24 PM ET

    The American Society of clinical Oncology is underway in Chicago and the high profile, annual cancer conference is producing its usual combination of scientific and financial excitement.

  • CNBC's Domm: Today's Agenda in the Markets Monday, 4 Jun 2007 | 8:43 AM ET

    Stocks are weaker ahead of the open despite a round of Monday morning mergers. Asian markets were higher, ignoring another selloff in China overnight, and European markets are lower.

  • Game Plan for the Week of June 4 Friday, 1 Jun 2007 | 6:57 PM ET

    Next week is conference week and that means companies should have big news for investors. Here’s how to play it.Investing can be confusing. Luckily, Cramer has mapped out some road rules for all you Home Gamers trying to navigate the jungle that is Wall Street. Think of it as "Mad Money 101" –- some fundamental advice to keep in mind as you play the market. Whether you're a first time investor or a seasoned financier, it's always good to remember the basics.

  • Cancer and Us Friday, 1 Jun 2007 | 12:01 PM ET

    As I prepare our coverage on Monday for ASCO--the American Society of Clinical Oncology Annual Meeting--it is easy to get lost in the mind-numbing amount of data, caught up in the battles we've been drawn into with ASCO media relations and one company, in particular, that shall remain unnamed, the controversy over the ASCO data distribution policy and all of the volatility in certain stocks. But cancer touches all of us. And my family is no exception.

  • Dendreon said Thursday the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has decided that positive interim or final survival data from an ongoing trial of its Provenge cancer vaccine will satisfy the agency's earlier request for more data, sending its shares soaring.

  • European Stocks to Watch: British Energy Thursday, 31 May 2007 | 12:51 PM ET

    Shares in nuclear power group British Energy fell 2.1% despite the overall strength of the FTSE-100, following proposals from the British government to cut its stake in the nuclear power group Wednesday.

  • Dendreon: the Ride Thursday, 31 May 2007 | 10:42 AM ET

    Before the bell this morning, the ever-popular Dendreon put out a press release ahead of its presentation later today at the Bank of America Healthcare Conference in Las Vegas. You can listen to the presentation via Webcast at 1 p.m. ET. The company says that the Food and Drug Administration has confirmed that it will "accept either a positive interim or final analysis of survival" from the ongoing, larger clinical trial on Dendreon's highly controversial prostate cancer treatment Provenge.

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