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  • The Ticket Sales Combine Lands In Pittsburgh Monday, 3 Aug 2009 | 4:17 PM ET

    It’s hard to sell a ticket these days, but it’s even harder to sell a Pirates ticket. It’s not only the record, but it’s also the amount of players they’ve traded away over the last two months.

  • Minor League Team Pulls Off Nickel Beer Night Monday, 3 Aug 2009 | 2:07 PM ET
    Lake County Captains

    When promotions really go wrong, they’re often not tried again. But the Lake County Captains, the Single-A affiliate of the Cleveland Indians, managed to play a full game last night while offering five cent beers.

  • Do Teams Even Own Practice Jersey Rights? Monday, 3 Aug 2009 | 11:04 AM ET
    NY Giants

    When the New York Giants trotted out for practice today in Albany, they wore the Timex logo on their jerseys for the first time, part of watch brand’s sponsorship with the team.

  • The Top 10 Most Interesting Trends In Sports Friday, 31 Jul 2009 | 1:19 PM ET

    My favorite annual report is out from the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association. The report details participation trends in sports and provides insight into what sports are growing and what sports are hurting. I've gone through it to give you the most interesting numbers.

  • Diamondbacks

    This morning, Arizona Diamondbacks president and CEO Derrick Hall came on CNBC to talk about how the team, in a market with the lowest per capita income of any MLB city, is dealing with the downturn. Hall also talked about being the first team to put out season ticket renewals for next year. We finished with asking him about the report of more names -- David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez -- of the 2003 doping list becoming public.

  • Recession Over? Bullish Call On Golf Retail Thursday, 30 Jul 2009 | 4:56 PM ET

    As I sit here at CNBC, I hear more and more people say that the recession is over and there are definitely signs. The Dow, for example, is on track to have its best July - on a percentage basis – since 1939.

  • David Ortiz

    If you could build a marketable baseball player from scratch, you’d probably come up with someone like Derek Jeter. A close second would be David Ortiz. Ortiz was in a major market. He was a slugger. He was part of two championship teams in a short period of time and he had a golden smile.

  • Favre's Choice Hurts Ticket Speculators Wednesday, 29 Jul 2009 | 4:00 PM ET
    Brett Favre

    The odds of Brett Favre becoming the next Minnesota Vikings quarterback were so good that sales of Vikings tickets on StubHub were up 95 percent in July, the largest increase of any team.

  • Stats Simulation Company Gaining Traction Wednesday, 29 Jul 2009 | 12:15 PM ET
    Brett Favre

    When it became clear yesterday that Brett Favre would not be coming out of retirement to join the Minnesota Vikings, the staff at Accuscore had already crunched the numbers.

  • What Are Practice Jerseys Really Worth? Wednesday, 29 Jul 2009 | 10:54 AM ET

    Following in the footsteps of the NFL, the NBA will now allow teams to put its ads on practice jerseys, according to USA Today.

  • Assessing Swimwear Ruling With Speedo's Craig Brommers Tuesday, 28 Jul 2009 | 4:14 PM ET

    On the same day that FINA, swimming’s governing body, acknowledged the fact that high-tech bodysuits would be banned by May 2010, a German swimmer named Paul Biedermann beat world record holder Michael Phelps in the 200-meter freestyle.

  • Sponsor Strategy On Vick: Stay Quiet Tuesday, 28 Jul 2009 | 1:12 PM ET
    Michael Vick

    Last week, we asked you what you thought would happen if Michael Vick signed with an NFL team. Nearly 40 percent of you said that you thought that it would drive an NFL or team sponsor to leave the sport.

  • Yankees President Randy Levine Comments On Ticket Sales Tuesday, 28 Jul 2009 | 11:24 AM ET
    New York Yankees

    New York Yankees president Randy Levine was on “Squawk Box” this morning with former mayor Rudy Giuliani guest hosting to discuss the business of the team.

  • Nicklaus Paints Bleak Picture On Golf Course Design Monday, 27 Jul 2009 | 4:24 PM ET

    Jack Nicklaus was on CNBC today to talk about his new branding alliance with designer David Chu and Howard Milstein. During the interview, Nicklaus was asked about his golf course design company, which manages 341 courses.

  • Gortat Won't Be Wearing New Reeboks Next Year Monday, 27 Jul 2009 | 3:35 PM ET
    Marcin Gortat

    The odds of Marcin Gortat wearing Reebok shoes next year have seriously decreased. That’s because Reebok won’t be providing the Orlando Magic backup center with free shoes anymore.

  • If FINA Ruling Holds, Business Would Change Friday, 24 Jul 2009 | 4:09 PM ET

    Following the success of the full body Speedo LZR racer over the past couple years, the swimsuit business dramatically changed. Some companies, either not willing to spend money to keep up with the newest slick versions or not confident that they could generate enough sales at high price points to make the endeavor worth it, left the business.

  • Brooklyn Decker Caption Contest Winners Friday, 24 Jul 2009 | 11:53 AM ET
    CNBC's Darren Rovell and supermodel, Brooklyn Decker.

    On Wednesday, we asked you to provide a caption to this picture of me and Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Brooklyn Decker. We received over 100 submissions. Check out the picture and the top three submissions under it.

  • New Roethlisberger Spot Will Continue To Air Friday, 24 Jul 2009 | 10:42 AM ET
    Ben Roethlisberger

    Minutes after Ben Roethlisberger called the sexual assault allegations against him “false and vicious,” and that he would fight the civil suit, those watching on ESPN might have seen a commercial starring the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback.

  • Over the next week, over 700 items from the old Yankee Stadium will be sold in a three separate auctions by Steiner Sports. There are tons of items featured from the dugout bat holder to a sign that boasts of the Yankees' 26 world championships.

  • New Wheaties Cereal Sounds Very Familiar Thursday, 23 Jul 2009 | 2:34 PM ET
    Wheaties box

    Eight months ago, I wrote this about a rumored, high-powered Wheaties that was in the planning stages...General Mills spokesman Shelly Dvorak told me at the time that the rumors were "not accurate." But today...

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