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  • Losing The Right Two Schools Saved The Big XII Tuesday, 15 Jun 2010 | 1:58 PM ET
    Big XII Conference

    Pressured perhaps by the heat that Texas legislators might push for Baylor to go to the Pac-10 as a condition of the three other Texas schools making the move, Colorado jumped to the Pac-10 as soon as they got the invitation. Perhaps believing that the conference was destined to crumble, Nebraska went for greener pastures to the Big Ten. As hard of it is to believe, the record will show, that the loss of these two teams saved the Big XII.

  • One Reason to Watch the World Cup Tuesday, 15 Jun 2010 | 1:31 PM ET
    Cristiano Ronaldo

    Ronaldo has already been linked to Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian, but I've never heard of him. Neither have most Americans. You'll be hearing a lot more about him. Or, maybe I should say, you'll be seeing a lot more of him.

  • MLB baseballs seen through the netting of a basket

    For the fourth straight year, Major League Baseball will beat out the National Football League in licensing revenue this year, according to Ira Mayer, publisher of The Licensing Letter, an industry trade publication that focuses on the licensing business.

  • Chairman and CEO of IMG, the largest sports management business in the world, on the financial crisis and investing in the global marketplace.

  • Vuvuzela

    It is definitely one of the most annoying sounds in all of sports. Yes, all of us who have been watching the World Cup now know what a Vuvuzela is. If you haven't, picture 60,000 bumble bees buzzing at the same time for 90 straight minutes while you're trying to watch a soccer game.

  • 'BP Crosstown Cup' Draws Boos at Wrigley Field Friday, 11 Jun 2010 | 6:38 PM ET
    Official trophy of the BP Crosstown Cup.

    For BP, a company that’s had a helluva time getting a “cup” on the Gulf of Mexico oil gusher it is responsible for, it’s now connected to another cup, the BP Crosstown Cup in Chicago. And it's a strikeout for the oil producer.

  • ESPN's Big World Cup Bet Friday, 11 Jun 2010 | 2:13 PM ET

    ESPN is going all out for the World Cup. They've sent 300 employees to South Africa and will, for the first time ever, broadcast all 64 games from the host site. I talked to John Skipper, the ESPN's executive vice president for content, about the push.

  • What America Is Up Against in the World Cup Friday, 11 Jun 2010 | 2:00 PM ET
    The match ball for the opening World Cup fixture between South Africa and Mexico.

    The World Cup is big business ... though not so much in America. Saturday, however, the U.S. men's soccer team takes on England, and I will watch! Ok, I promise to watch for at least ten minutes. To prepare myself for the experience, I've been reading up on the event

  • Playing the Vuvuzela at the World Cup Friday, 11 Jun 2010 | 9:45 AM ET

    It's official, I am no musician. The African trumpet, otherwise known as the vuvuzela, has been my downfall.

  • 16-Team Conference TV Deal Not a Slam Dunk Friday, 11 Jun 2010 | 8:59 AM ET

    Barry Frank knows more about TV rights money than just about anyone. And the executive vice president for IMG Media who has negotiated a slew of television deals in his years in the business has this to say about adding the 16-team conference that is developing with the Pac-10: The math might not work.

  • Toning Shoe Category Explodes Thursday, 10 Jun 2010 | 5:06 PM ET
    Skechers Resistance Runners hit shelves in July.

    The idea of a toning shoe softly came into the American marketplace in 2008. A year later, it had blossomed into a $300 million business. This year, projections have the business at an astounding $1.5 billion.

  • Forget the Economy, the World Cup Is Here Thursday, 10 Jun 2010 | 4:17 AM ET
    A Vuvuzela

    Do you know your Laduma from your Vuvuzela? Your Diski from your Makarapa? And why is everyone in Johannesburg screaming Bafana Bafana at me?

  • One-on-One with Nike Brand President Charlie Denson Wednesday, 9 Jun 2010 | 4:51 PM ET
    Charlie Denson, Nike Brand President

    Today, Nike announced that it is bringing the world's best basketball teams to New York City for something called the World Basketball Festival.  I spoke to Nike Brand president Charlie Denson about the event and about other topics.

  • Beachbody’s P90X Making Serious Money Wednesday, 9 Jun 2010 | 4:32 PM ET
    Beachbody's P90X

    Get fit quick infomercial products and videos have been around for a long time. But it’s a safe bet that when we look back on the industry 20 years from now, P90X might be considered the gold standard. In the last couple years, the 12-DVD workout program, which includes a nutrition and workout guide, has turned into a $200 million franchise.

  • Stephen Strasburg Mania Hits Fever Pitch Wednesday, 9 Jun 2010 | 10:03 AM ET
    Pitcher Stephen Strasburg #37 of the Washington Nationals throws a pitch during the top of the third inning of his major league debut.

    With an incredible 14-strikeout win in his much heralded debut, the business of Stephen Strasburg can only heat up from here.

  • Top Pot Doughnuts' maple bars & doughnuts

    Now we know. Golden Tate is quite a fan of Top Pot Doughnut's Maple Bars. If you haven't heard by now, the Seattle Seahawks rookie was cited for trespassing after he and his friend snuck in through an open back door at one of the Washington-based chains.

  • Muscle Milk

    Powerful protein supplements manufacturers like Muscle Milk and Myoplex were on an incredible trajectory, benefiting strongly from the workout world philosophy that protein building was not only good for energy but for recovery. But a damning Consumer Reports investigation threatens to cripple the burgeoning business that is a big part of the $2.7 billion sports nutrition marketplace.

  • Stephen Strasburg

    No matter how much fans want a certain player, the bottom line for the bottom line is that most players don’t pay for themselves. When they do, they’re usually rookies, who have low salaries and they are playing for a team that isn’t particularly doing well at the box office.

  • Panini Includes Me In Their World Cup Sticker Set Monday, 7 Jun 2010 | 5:07 PM ET
    The cover to Panini's 2010 FIFA World Cup sticker packet

    Last month, I wrote about how companies and PR executives weren’t making the cut when it came to getting the attention of reporters in this world of increasing clutter. As an example of a company doing it right, I talked about Jack Daniels announcing its new partnership with golfer Trevor Immelman by putting my name on a bottle of Gentleman Jack, with a note from Immelman himself.

  • TV Math Doesn't Necessarily Add Up For Conferences Monday, 7 Jun 2010 | 3:26 PM ET
    University of Michigan football player

    Lost in the talk of the formation of college football mega conferences led by the Pac-10 and the Big 10 is that bigger isn’t necessarily more profitable. Yes, there are certain teams that will make sense for both conferences, but let’s not forget that we’re dividing money here.

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