Food Products


  • Why Boulder Brands is up   Thursday, 7 Aug 2014 | 2:42 PM ET
    Why Boulder Brands is up

    Boulder Brands posted a rock solid quarter. TheStreet.com editor Herb Greenberg says gluten-free is a fad.

  • Russia banning US poultry imports   Thursday, 7 Aug 2014 | 2:06 PM ET

    Discussing if there will be a big impact from Russia's decision to ban U.S. poultry imports into the country, with USA Poultry & Egg Export Council's Jim Sumner.

  • Russia issues imports ban   Thursday, 7 Aug 2014 | 2:03 PM ET
    Russia issues imports ban

    Russia has issued import bans on Western food. Lauren Goodrich, Stratfor senior Eurasia analyst, discusses what outcome Russian President Putin really wants to come from this.

  • A last minute request   Wednesday, 6 Aug 2014 | 12:55 PM ET
    A last minute request

    A half-hour before opening the pop up restaurant, Tim asks about various pasta shapes. Can the brothers whip up something in time that Joe and Tim will approve of?

  • Out of Ft. Worth, Texas and into Joe T's   Tuesday, 5 Aug 2014 | 10:45 AM ET
    Out of Ft. Worth, Texas and into Joe T's

    Chef and investor Tim Love from CNBC's "Restaurant Startup" visits one of his favorite places in Fort Worth, Texas, Joe T. Garcia's has been serving some of the best Mexican food and margaritas around for nearly 80 years.

  • McDonald's resumes full menu in China   Monday, 4 Aug 2014 | 9:48 AM ET
    McDonald's resumes full menu in China

    The "Squawk on the Street" crew discuss news McDonald's in China has resumed its full menu after one of its food suppliers Shanghai Husi Food Co. was accused of supplying expired meat.

  • Gum: Here's one market bubble that hasn't popped Monday, 4 Aug 2014 | 8:43 AM ET

    The gum market has declined a tenth in sales and a fifth in volume in the last five years, but natural gum's bubble is just inflating.

  • Another craft brew booms...Soda! Saturday, 2 Aug 2014 | 3:00 PM ET
    Appalachian Brewing Company’s flagship root beer.

    Craft soda may be little, but as local companies get picked up by Walmart and big players boost profits, it proves fierce.

  • Accountability facing McDonald's   Wednesday, 30 Jul 2014 | 1:43 PM ET
    Fast food workers and activists demonstrate outside the McDonald's corporate campus on May 21, 2014 in Oak Brook, Illinois.

    CNBC's Scott Cohn reports on the liabilities potentially facing franchise-owned McDonald's restaurants and corporate.

  • Orange juice gets hammered   Wednesday, 30 Jul 2014 | 1:16 PM ET
    Orange juice gets hammered

    How much more to the downside does orange juice have? OJ trader with Liberty Trading Group James Cordier, provides perspective.

  • Najarian battle: Chipotle vs. Yum! Brands   Wednesday, 30 Jul 2014 | 12:27 PM ET
    Najarian battle: Chipotle vs. Yum! Brands

    "Fast Money Halftime Report" traders Pete Najarian and Jon Najarian debate whether Chipotle or Yum! Brands makes a better investment.

  • Big lobbying dollars flow in engineered food fight Tuesday, 29 Jul 2014 | 4:29 AM ET
    A researcher takes tissue samples from genetically modified corn plants.

    The way consumers would be informed when their food has been genetically engineered is being battled in Congress and among advocacy groups.

  • McDonald's faces meat shortage in China   Monday, 28 Jul 2014 | 6:25 AM ET

    CNBC's Eunice Yoon reports OSI Group is going to make sweeping changes and conduct a full review of its factories in China on the heels of a food safety scandal.

  • War of words: Russia vs. US   Friday, 25 Jul 2014 | 1:11 PM ET
    War of words: Russia vs. US

    NBC News' Jim Maceda reports Russia and the U.S. State Department engaged in a "war of words," and a potential sanction deal on Russia from Europe.

  • Trader hot for El Pollo Loco   Friday, 25 Jul 2014 | 12:30 PM ET
    Trader hot for El Pollo Loco

    Fast casual restaurant chain El Pollo Loco is in five U.S. states, and shares are at session highs. The FMHR traders take their positions.

  • Starbucks CEO: Six million transactions a week   Friday, 25 Jul 2014 | 9:46 AM ET
    Starbucks CEO: Six million transactions a week

    Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz discusses his company's loyalty program strategy with "stars" as currency, and how food sales are performing.

  • Don't believe the hype—a kale crisis is bunk Thursday, 24 Jul 2014 | 2:55 PM ET
    Northern Spy Food Co.’s kale salad.

    Recent stories reported a coming worldwide kale shortage due to an absence of seeds at Australia's Bejos Seeds. The truth is something else.

  • Chipotle CFO: Not enough US naturally raised beef   Wednesday, 23 Jul 2014 | 6:25 PM ET
    Chipotle CFO: Not enough US naturally raised beef

    Chipotle CFO Jack Hartung says Chipotle has found a high quality supply of grass-fed beef in Australia, and the company's solution to a long and slow line.

  • Domino's CEO: Food, service, technology coming together

    Domino's Pizza President & CEO, shares his excitement over the company's new iPad app, and predicts a slow decline in the price of raw materials.

  • McDonald's drops, Chipotle pops   Tuesday, 22 Jul 2014 | 5:44 PM ET
    McDonald's drops, Chipotle pops

    What Chipotle is doing right, with "Fast Money" trader Dan Nathan; and the reason behind McDonald's weakness, with Guy Adami.