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  • New Careers After 40 Thursday, 17 Nov 2011 | 3:27 PM ET
    Life may begin at 40, but job searches that begin at that age can be discouraging. After all, it’s not the job market that it used to be. Entire professions are disappearing, and the labor market is flooded with unmarried, childless, eager young applicants whose salary requirements are generally lower.Despite this grim scenario, older workers shouldn’t despair. They bring such hard-won assets as experience and discipline to the table, and the people doing the hiring know it. “Savvy employers are

    CNBC.com spoke with experts in tech, human resources, and finance to determine which professions are best for workers over 40.

  • YouTube Ready to Announce Original Content Channels Friday, 28 Oct 2011 | 5:27 PM ET

    It's been in the works for years, and later today YouTube will finally announce the creation of 100 new online YouTube channels with original programming. The tech giant spent months working with Hollywood agencies and has secured deals with celebrities including Ashton Kutcher, Amy Poehler, and Deepak Chopra. Most of these channels will launch next year, creating about 25 hours of new programming per day.

  • Zynga Unleashed     Tuesday, 11 Oct 2011 | 4:55 PM ET

    CNBC's Julia Boorstin has the story on Zynga, an online distribution service, the Zynga Direct platform.

  • Remembering Steve Jobs     Thursday, 6 Oct 2011 | 9:45 AM ET

    CNBC's Jon Fortt has the story on what is sure to be a somber day at the Apple headquarters since the passing of Steve Jobs.

  • Tributes To Steve Jobs Wednesday, 5 Oct 2011 | 11:50 PM ET
    Upon the announcement that Steve Jobs passed away on October 5, 2011, public outpouring from individuals, corporations and the media was experienced around the globe. From posts on Twitter and statements by companies to Apple fans congregating outside of the company’s stores to show their respect for the visionary who changed the lives of so many. Click ahead for a variety of tributes to Steve Jobs on the eve of his passing. Posted 5 Oct 2011

    Upon the announcement that Steve Jobs passed away on Oct. 5, 2011, the public outpouring from individuals, corporations, and the media resounded around the globe.

  • Facebook in Smartphone Apps Move Friday, 30 Sep 2011 | 2:16 AM ET
    Mark Zuckerberg

    Facebook is in the advanced stages of developing mobile applications that will for the first time bring games and other apps that work on its web platform to smartphones, the FT reports.

  • Mastering Social Media & Music Wednesday, 28 Sep 2011 | 2:56 PM ET
    Musician D.A. Wallach of Chester French

    D.A. Wallach was one of the first few thousand people to use Facebook, and he's been a social media pioneer for artists ever since.

  • Tech Check: Zuckerberg at F8 Conference     Friday, 23 Sep 2011 | 4:39 PM ET

    CNBC's Jon Fortt has details on Facebook's presence on the iPad and its new media-friendly features, with CEO, Mark Zuckerberg.

  • One on One with Mark Zuckerberg     Thursday, 22 Sep 2011 | 8:00 PM ET

    Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg talks business and tech, with CNBC's Jon Fortt.

  • Shakeup At Hewlett-Packard     Thursday, 22 Sep 2011 | 7:45 PM ET

    A major shakeup at HP, former eBay CEO, Meg Whitman takes the helm of the tech giant. CNBC's Jon Fortt has the details, and Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg says the company is so busy it hasn't had time to think about an IPO.

  • Zuckerberg on Facebook     Thursday, 22 Sep 2011 | 5:00 PM ET

    CNBC's Jon Fortt talks to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg about the new, more media-friendly Facebook and what it means to the social networking company's users.

  • Mark Zuckerberg Reveals Timeline Thursday, 22 Sep 2011 | 1:57 PM ET
    F8 Facebook Developers Conference 2011

    The long-awaited Facebook f8 has officially begun. Mark Zuckerberg kicked things off by unveiling "Timeline."

  • Facebook's F8 Conference     Thursday, 22 Sep 2011 | 1:33 PM ET

    A look at Facebook's F8 conference and the announcement from Mark Zuckerberg on its new look, with Ron Suskind, the"Confidence Men" author; David Kirpatrick, "The Facebook Effect" author; and CNBC's Jon Fortt.

  • Countdown to Facebook's Developer Conference Wednesday, 21 Sep 2011 | 12:40 PM ET

    In just 24 hours, Facebook's f8 developer conference kicks off in San Francisco. This is the company's fourth developer conference and the potential announcements have Silicon Valley buzzing.

  • David Kirkpatrick

    A conversation with the author of The Facebook Effect David Kirkpatrick

  • Facebook Is Big, and It Could Get Much Bigger Wednesday, 21 Sep 2011 | 11:17 AM ET
    F8 Facebook Developers Conference 2011

    Is it just an impressive sharing platform? Or is it the next Silicon Valley mega-company?

  • Co-Founder Moskovitz Is Gone, But Still Building Wednesday, 21 Sep 2011 | 11:14 AM ET

    People like to point out that Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz is, on paper, possibly the world's youngest billionaire.

  • The Hot File: Tech IPOs     Thursday, 15 Sep 2011 | 1:18 PM ET

    Weighing in on Facebook's IPO delay and Groupon's growth, with CNBC's Kayla Tausche, John Fortt and John Carney, CNBC.com.

  • Facebook IPO Likely Delayed Until Late 2012 Wednesday, 14 Sep 2011 | 3:27 PM ET
    Mark Zuckerberg

    The highly anticipated IPO of Facebook will likely be delayed until late 2012, people familiar with the company said.

  • Biggest Businesses Run by College Dropouts Tuesday, 2 Aug 2011 | 3:58 PM ET
    Position: CEO, CarnivalMarket Cap: $19.6 billion Instead of spending four years in college, this chief executive spent time working his way up the chain of command at . Micky Arison, the CEO of Carnival, started in the sales department and was promoted to reservations manager in 1974. He was later promoted to vice president of passenger traffic and just three years later he was named president of the company. Arison helped acquire Holland America Line, Windstar Cruises and Westours, allowing Car

    From computers to cruise lines, these 10 CEOs made it to the top without a college degree and defied the idea that to be successful, you have to have a diploma.