• UK Means More than Financial Services: Minister Thursday, 23 Apr 2009 | 7:50 AM ET

    Concessions must be made to boost the economy over the long-term, UK Minister of Trade and Investment, Mervyn Davies, UK Minister of Trade and Investment, told CNBC Thursday, one day after Labor announced a budget which was widely criticized.

  • G20 To Call For Doubling of IMF Budget: UK Thursday, 2 Apr 2009 | 9:23 AM ET

    The members of the G20 are likely to call for at least a doubling of the International Monetary Fund's budget, if not more, UK Chancellor of the Exchequer Alistair Darling told CNBC Thursday.

  • Baccardax: G20 Needs to Keep it Real Wednesday, 1 Apr 2009 | 10:12 AM ET

    Why should we pay attention to four-and-a-half hours of debate followed by highly choreographed photo ops and a communiqué that most of us could have cobbled together on the back of a swanky hotel envelope?

  • Laymakers Say Case for UK Royal Mail Sale Not Made Wednesday, 1 Apr 2009 | 12:29 AM ET
    A Royal Mail postal delivery van drives past a mail collection box in London, Monday, Oct. 15, 2007. An agreement, brokered on Friday, aims to end a dispute over pay, pensions and working practices. Despite Friday's outline deal, some wildcat action continues around the country. (AP Photo/Kirsty Wigglesworth)

    The British government has failed to make a case for a 30% sale of Royal Mail as there is no clarity around how the proceeds would be used, a parliamentary committee .

  • Brazil President Blames 'White People' for Crisis Friday, 27 Mar 2009 | 7:56 AM ET

    Brazil's president blamed "white people with blue eyes" for the world economic crisis and said developing countries shouldn't pay for it.

  • UK Minister: I Did Not Know Details of RBS Pension Tuesday, 17 Mar 2009 | 10:36 AM ET
    A Royal Bank of Scotland logo is seen outside the company's offices in central London, Tuesday May 29, 2007. A consortium led by Royal Bank of Scotland PLC said Tuesday it will launch a hostile bid of euro71.1 billion (US$95.5 billion) for ABN Amro, topping a friendly offer from Barclays PLC and pressing Bank of America Corp. for control of the Dutch bank's U.S. arm. (AP Photo/Matt Dunham)

    The British government was unaware of the huge pension given to the former CEO of part-nationalized Royal Bank of Scotland and the bank ignored its own standards in awarding the massive payout, a Treasury minister testified Tuesday.

  • Madoff In Jail, Could Face Additional Charges Thursday, 12 Mar 2009 | 3:10 PM ET

    Prosecutors will bring additional charges as warranted against Bernard Madoff or anyone else involved in the fraud that bilked investors of billions.

  • I'm Short Stocks, Buying Dollars: Hugh Hendry Wednesday, 11 Mar 2009 | 9:44 AM ET

    The stock market is still an unsafe place for investors as quantitative easing, by which central banks boost the supply of money attempting to kick-start economies, is unlikely to work, Hugh Hendry, Chief Investment Officer at Eclectica, told CNBC.

  • Baccardax: Viewers Sound Off on On-Air Spat Wednesday, 11 Mar 2009 | 9:07 AM ET

    We might have strayed a bit from the rulebook on a good dinner party this morning as we sat back and watched hedge fund manager Hugh Hendry of Eclectica lock horns with Liam Halligan, the chief economist at Prosperity Capital and maverick columnist for the UK’s Telegraph newspaper.

  • Barclays Shares Jump on Government Aid Hopes Tuesday, 10 Mar 2009 | 12:05 PM ET

    Barclays shares jumped Tuesday as Credit Suisse upgraded the stock to "outperform" from "neutral", saying there are chances the bank will use the government's asset protection scheme.

  • Printing Money Is Safe: Bank of England Monday, 9 Mar 2009 | 10:09 AM ET

    The Bank of England can control the threat of inflation generated by its radical new policy of creating money, the bank's deputy governor said in a commentary published Monday.

  • Baccardax: Stocks Are the Only 'True' Market Tuesday, 3 Mar 2009 | 9:30 AM ET

    The unpalatable truth is that equity markets seem the purest measure of investor confidence, corporate health and economic prediction.

  • Baccardax: Sir Fred's Pension Red-Herring Thursday, 26 Feb 2009 | 8:26 AM ET

    Negotiation remains at the very temporal core of the global financial markets and Sir Fred executed his perfect right to haggle for as much cash as he could from his paymasters when he took the helm of Royal Bank of Scotland in 2000.

  • Is this the Year of the Recessionista? Tuesday, 24 Feb 2009 | 4:20 AM ET

    The current global slowdown is hitting those in every economic category, as even the very wealthy rein in spending.

  • Should Starbucks Have Said 'Sorry' to UK? Thursday, 19 Feb 2009 | 7:54 AM ET

    After the UK business secretary lashed out at  Starbucks CEO Howard Shcultz's assessment of Britain's economy, Starbucks said it had "no intention of criticizing the economic situation in the UK" and was committed to the market.

  • Bank of England Seeks More Authority to Create Money Wednesday, 18 Feb 2009 | 7:01 AM ET

    The Bank of England revealed Wednesday that its policy makers had unanimously agreed to ask the government for the authority to create money in a bid to kick-start the economy as its ability to cut interest rates further dwindles.

  • British Economy to Shrink by 3.3% in 2009: CBI Sunday, 15 Feb 2009 | 10:35 PM ET

    Britain will fall into a deeper economic recession than previously thought, the Confederation of British Industry said on Monday, as tight credit conditions and a global downturn weigh down on companies.

  • Government Bonds May Be Last Bubble: Jim Rogers Tuesday, 10 Feb 2009 | 5:59 AM ET

    Investors will have to short government bonds at some point despite their current attraction, as the amount of debt issued is "staggering" and inflation risks are down the road, Jim Rogers, CEO of Jim Rogers Holdings, told CNBC Tuesday.

  • RBS Plans Bonuses despite Taxpayer Cash: Report Thursday, 5 Feb 2009 | 8:29 AM ET

    Royal Bank of Scotland, now 68 percent owned by the UK government, still plans on paying out bonuses that could reach tens of million to hundreds of millions of pounds, London newspaper The Times reported Wednesday.

  • Busch: London Takes A Pounding Monday, 2 Feb 2009 | 10:47 AM ET

    Today, the British pound has been unceremoniously thrown beneath the carriage and trampled (Tut Tut!) as story after story all point in the same direction, says Andrew Busch.