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  • Now Is the Best Time to Invest in Hedge Funds Monday, 2 May 2011 | 10:02 AM ET

    This may be the best time to invest in hedge funds. Right now.

  • Writer Lisa Falcone and businessman Philip Falcone attend NY TIMES Party at the C5 Resturant at The Royal Ontario Museum.

    Regulators are now investigating Harbinger Capital Partners on at least five matters.

  • The Persecution of Bill Ackman Thursday, 28 Apr 2011 | 3:34 PM ET

    The New York Observer’s profile of Bill Ackman, the founder of Pershing Square Capital Management, provides a good opportunity to reflect on one of the most disgusting abuses of securities laws in recent memory.

  • Crooks Who Risk it All     Thursday, 28 Apr 2011 | 7:01 AM ET

    Discussing David Sokol's recent departure from Berkshire Hathaway, with James Stewart, SmartMoney Magazine/The New Yorker.

  • Why Hedge Funds Are Donating to Republicans Tuesday, 26 Apr 2011 | 4:31 PM ET
    GOP symbol and cash

    The big Wall Street Journal story on hedge funds does a good job of describing the shift of hedge fund political donations from Democrats to Republicans.

  • Raj Rajaratnam

    Will Rajat Gupta's insider trading defense be that it was his job to spill board room secrets to Goldman's tier one clients?

  • Actelion Shareholder Battle Heats Up Ahead of AGM Tuesday, 26 Apr 2011 | 12:46 PM ET

    Actelion shareholder Elliott Advisors, having already called for a management overhaul at the Swiss biotech concern, says all options, including a sale of the company, need to be on the table at Actelion's shareholder meeting in May.

  • Hedge Fund Trade of the Week: Teva Monday, 25 Apr 2011 | 6:13 PM ET

    Where’s the fast money finding opportunity? In this regular feature Anthony Scaramucci aka The Hedge reveals his latest greatest pick!

  • How Japan Dealt a Double Blow to Hedge Funds Monday, 25 Apr 2011 | 3:27 PM ET

    To the banker-poet T.S. Eliot, April was the cruelest month. But for many hedge fund traders who take bets on economic trends around the world, March was the cruelest they can remember.

  • Jury Begins Deliberations in Rajaratnam Case Monday, 25 Apr 2011 | 12:32 PM ET
    Raj Rajaratnam

    A jury has begun deliberating at the trial of a hedge fund founder accused of making tens of millions of dollars through insider trading.

  • The Raj Trial Just Got Weird Thursday, 21 Apr 2011 | 2:26 PM ET
    Raj Rajaratnam

    The verdict on Raj could come any day now, and things just got weird.

  • Hybrid Hedge Portfolio     Thursday, 21 Apr 2011 | 10:24 AM ET

    Exploring some alternative hybrid hedge strategies, with Todd Walker, Oppenheimer managing director.

  • Rajaratnam Attorney: 'This is My Last Trial' Wednesday, 20 Apr 2011 | 6:26 PM ET
    Raj Rajaratnam

    No matter how the insider trading trial of hedge fund mogul Raj Rajaratnam turns out, his lead attorney tells CNBC exclusively that it will be his last trial.

  • Maria's Market Message     Wednesday, 20 Apr 2011 | 6:00 PM ET

    CNBC's Maria Bartiromo discusses the day's top business and financial stories, and looks ahead to tomorrow's Closing Bell.

  • Uncertain Future for Global Economy     Wednesday, 20 Apr 2011 | 12:29 PM ET

    University of Texas Investment Management Co. CEO Bruce Zimmerman reveals his most pressing concerns about the Global Economy in both the developed and emerging markets.

  • Hedgies Hate The Dollar     Wednesday, 20 Apr 2011 | 12:27 PM ET

    CNBC's Kate Kelly explains how hedge funds continue to short the dollar.

  • When the Fundamentals Just Don’t Matter Tuesday, 19 Apr 2011 | 11:03 PM ET

    Cramer lists the forces that can drive stocks in this ever more complicated market.

  • Hedge Fund Trade of the Week: Supervalu Tuesday, 19 Apr 2011 | 6:06 PM ET

    Where’s the fast money finding opportunity? In this regular feature Anthony Scaramucci aka The Hedge reveals his latest greatest pick!

  • During the last 10 years the hedge fund industry has outperformed the market with less volatility, Simon Fludgate, partner at Aksia, a hedge fund research and advisory firm, told CNBC Tuesday.

  • Small But Mighty Hedge Funds     Tuesday, 19 Apr 2011 | 12:29 PM ET

    Simon Fludgate, partner at hedge fund advisory firm Aksia LLC, explains why small and mid-sized hedge funds may offer investors more value now than their larger counterparts.

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