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  • Delphi

    The New York Posts Josh Kosman does a run down this morning on how Paul Singers Elliot Management and Silver Point Capital turned a $435 million investment in the distressed debt of the autoparts maker Delphi into an equity stake worth $1.54 billion today.

  • Kristin Davis

    Kristin Davis, the madam who ran the prostitution ring patronized by disgraced former governor Eliot Spitzer, is running for governor of New York State.

  • In Clearing Bayou, Quagmire for Goldman Friday, 22 Oct 2010 | 10:37 AM ET
    Samuel Israel, founder of the Bayou Group

    Newly unsealed court documents — including Goldman e-mail and internal reports — portray a firm that at times seemed to turn a blind eye to its own internal concerns about Bayou as it raked in fees from the hedge fund. The NYT reports.

  • Ever since the so-called “flash crash” on May 6, policymakers have fretted about the state of equity markets. So have investors. The FT reports.

  • Hedge Fund Trade Of The Week: Dr. Pepper Snapple Group Tuesday, 19 Oct 2010 | 6:25 PM ET

    Where’s the fast money finding opportunity? In this regular feature Anthony Scaramucci aka The Hedge reveals his latest greatest pick!

  • How To Build A Poor Man's Hedge Fund Monday, 18 Oct 2010 | 6:50 PM ET
    Stack of U.S. hundred-dollar bills

    Forget the high fees. Given the explosion of ETFs and other financial products, it's possible to create a low-budget, limited hedge fund, providing an alternative to your traditional porfolio mix.

  • Investing In The Big Screen Can Be A Profitable Story Monday, 18 Oct 2010 | 10:00 AM ET
    The Hangover

    If you haven't enjoyed the stock market's plot line in recent years but you're still able to stand the suspense—then you might want go to the movies. While some 60 percent of the movies produced each year are box- office flops, those that do resonate with viewers can generate a pretty penny for investors.

  • Editor's Introduction: A Wealth of Options Monday, 18 Oct 2010 | 9:56 AM ET
    Alternative Investing - A CNBC Special Report - See Complete Coverage

    Alternative investing is a big space; an alphabet soup of options to diversify your portfolio. From commodities to coins to cars, there's money to be made.

  • Hedge Fund Trade Of The Week: Ralph Lauren Wednesday, 13 Oct 2010 | 5:48 PM ET

    Where’s the fast money finding opportunity? In this regular feature Anthony Scaramucci aka The Hedge reveals his latest greatest pick!

  • FDIC's Bad Bank Plan Criticized Before Being Unveiled Tuesday, 12 Oct 2010 | 5:55 AM ET
    FDIC Chairwoman Sheila Bair on CNBC'c Power Lunch

    Regulators are struggling to create a global mechanism that could wind down a big financial institution without the disruption caused by Lehman Brothers’ collapse in 2008, reports the Financial Times.

  • Options Action: Fortune Brands Not So Lucky? Monday, 11 Oct 2010 | 6:38 PM ET

    Activist investor William Ackman's firm disclosed a stake in the company, but that might not have helped the stock in the options market.

  • Expect Hedge Funds to Rumor Down Apparel Makers Monday, 11 Oct 2010 | 3:50 PM ET

    Plus, are Apple’s earnings estimates too low?

  • Currency Battle Could Start Hurting Corporate Earnings Thursday, 7 Oct 2010 | 4:28 PM ET
    Currency Signs

    The ongoing global currency battle is likely to begin eating into earnings as companies struggle to find ways to hedge against unpredictable moves in various denominations.

  • Anthony Scaramucci

    Anthony Scaramucci tends to talk in lists: Here’s what’s working, here’s what’s not, here’s what a good hedge fund manager needs to do — all enunciated in clear, bullet-point conversational format.

  • French Pave Way for EU Hedge Fund Deal Thursday, 7 Oct 2010 | 7:06 AM ET

    abstract goes here

  • Despite the recent run-up in stocks, Kyle Bass, managing partner of Hyman Capital, thinks other asset classes are better for investors.

  • Stocks are Cheap Compared to Bonds: Hedge Fund CEO Wednesday, 6 Oct 2010 | 11:40 AM ET

    "For corporate debt there is kind of a tug-of-war between what yields are and what spreads are. Spreads are still pretty wide, above average. Yields are pretty much as low as they've been in leveraged credit," Tannanbaum said.

  • Hedge Fund Trade of the Week: Becton Dickinson Tuesday, 5 Oct 2010 | 5:43 PM ET

    Where’s the fast money finding opportunity? In this regular feature Anthony Scaramucci aka The Hedge reveals his latest greatest pick!

  • Billionaire hedge fund manager Leon Cooperman told CNBC Tuesday he will donate most of his fortune to charity in order to help needy people get out of poverty.

  • The SEC’s focus on high frequency traders should be instead on the proliferation of high frequency products. The traders are the good guys in the Man versus Machine debate. My worries are about the 30-some sponsors of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) who are said to be creating all sorts of new ready-to-exploit pricing inefficiencies in small capitalization stocks, sectors, industry ETFs, ETF futures, ETF options, and ETF fund-of-funds.

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