• *Iraq violence drives Brent and U.S. crude up 1 pct on week. NEW YORK, June 20- Oil and gold rose for a second week and a key commodities index hit 21- month highs on Friday as violence in Iraq fueled oil supply worries and the U.S. central bank's comfort with inflation boosted bullion buying.

  • 'Salvage operation' for Iraq: Pro     Friday, 20 Jun 2014 | 2:12 PM ET

    David Phillips, Columbia University, says "Iraq has been over for a long time," and shares his opinions on what the role of the U.S. should be in the crisis there.

  • ISIS threat to America?     Friday, 20 Jun 2014 | 2:12 PM ET

    CNBC's Michelle Caruso-Cabrera provides insight to reports saying ISIS leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi told soldiers he'd "see them in New York."

  • Three-state solution for Iraq?     Friday, 20 Jun 2014 | 1:20 PM ET

    Discussing the three-state possibility in Iraq, and whether President Obama is providing the appropriate assistance, with retired CIA senior intelligence officer Luis Rueda.

  • Iraq's biggest threat     Friday, 20 Jun 2014 | 1:17 PM ET

    Kurdistan is a semi-autonomous region of Iraq. CNBC's Michelle Caruso-Cabrera reports the refinery there is capable of processing 100,000 barrels of crude per day, but Baghdad says it would be unconstitutional to drill and export oil from there.

  • *Obama to send up to 300 military advisers to Iraq. NEW YORK, June 20- Oil on Friday fell from a nine-month high, slipping below $115 a barrel, as concerns eased that violence in Iraq, OPEC's second-largest producer, might lead to supply disruptions.

  • *Israel keen to build rapport with Kurds. *Israel previously bought small cargoes of trucked oil. LONDON, June 20- A tanker delivered a cargo of disputed crude oil from Iraqi Kurdistan's new pipeline for the first time on Friday in Israel, despite threats by Baghdad to take legal action against any buyer.

  • Time to unleash US's energy superpower: Rep. Upton Friday, 20 Jun 2014 | 11:11 AM ET
    Pump jacks and wells on the Monterey Shale formation in California

    The House is gearing up for some key energy votes, says Energy and Commerce Committee Chair Fred Upton.

  • Calls for new Iraqi government     Friday, 20 Jun 2014 | 10:33 AM ET

    Iraq Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki is being pressured to step down, reports CNBC's Michelle Caruso-Cabrera with the latest details from Iraq.

  • Rep. Coffman: No military solution in Iraq     Friday, 20 Jun 2014 | 10:30 AM ET

    As al-Qaeda gains ground in Iraq, Rep. Mike Coffman, (R-Colo.), discusses the growing terror threat for the U.S. and what John Kerry should do when he meets with Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki.

  • Why US advisors are doomed to fail in Iraq Friday, 20 Jun 2014 | 10:15 AM ET
    Soldiers from the 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division go over last minute details before going out on the U.S. military's last combat patrol in the country, at Camp Adder on December 16, 2011 near Nasiriyah, Iraq.

    The U.S. has dispatched similar teams around the world and they have been unable to affect outcomes. The Fiscal Times reports.

  • Cashin: Two-year tenure for Yellen?     Friday, 20 Jun 2014 | 10:01 AM ET

    The Federal Reserve's apparent dismissal of rising inflation worries some on Wall Street, especially after gold's rally, veteran trader Art Cashin tells CNBC.

  • Calls for new Iraq government     Friday, 20 Jun 2014 | 9:41 AM ET

    CNBC's Michelle Caruso-Cabrera reports top Shiite cleric Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani has called for effective government.

  • Iraq turmoil triggers pain at the pump     Friday, 20 Jun 2014 | 7:36 AM ET

    Joe Petrowski, Mercantor Partners, explains how the crisis in Iraq will likely impact gasoline prices as the ongoing crisis continues in Iraq. The good news is oil demand is falling in the U.S. due to demographics and innovation, says Petrowski.

  • Secretary Kerry headed to Iraq: Report     Friday, 20 Jun 2014 | 7:31 AM ET

    According to Iraqi state media, President Obama has asked Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki to step down, reports CNBC's Michelle Caruso-Cabrera with the latest details from Iraq.

  • Obama to send 300 military advisors to Iraq     Friday, 20 Jun 2014 | 6:07 AM ET

    CNBC's Michelle Caruso-Cabrera reports U.S. Secretary Kerry is headed to Iraq after President Obama announced he is sending support to help battle Sunni insurgency.

  • LONDON, June 20- Iraqi Kurdistan looked set to unload its first cargo of disputed crude oil in Israel from its new pipeline after weeks of seeking an outlet as Iraq's central government has threatened legal action against any buyer.

  • *Obama to send up to 300 military advisors to Iraq. LONDON, June 20- Oil held near $115 a barrel on Friday, close to a nine-month high, and was headed for its second weekly gain on increased risks of disruption to supply from Iraq.

  • *World share index hits record high, Japan stocks at 5- month top. *Gold near two-month peak after vicious short-covering rally. LONDON, June 20- Global stocks traded just off record highs on Friday, still largely undeterred by a second week of violence in Iraq that has sent oil prices to nine-month highs.

  • Indian citizens kidnapped in Iraq     Friday, 20 Jun 2014 | 4:30 AM ET

    India has learnt that 40 of its citizens have been kidnapped in Iraq. Ajai Sahni, executive director at the Institute for Conflict Management, discusses the Indian government's response.