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  • Is Natural Gas the Answer To Energy Needs of US? Monday, 4 Aug 2008 | 1:00 PM ET

    Natural gas has many virutes, but recent proposals to encourage demand could boost prices for consumers and petroleum-dependent industries.

  • Energy Independence Made Easy? Thursday, 31 Jul 2008 | 3:59 PM ET

    You got to admire the American ‘Can-Do’ spirit, which is on full throttle display since we have awoken to energy predicament. Oil sheiks got over us a barrel? Not for long! Definitely not when we really put our collective Yank minds to the problem – as we are finally beginning to do.

  • Yahoo: Will There Be Shareholder Showdown? Thursday, 31 Jul 2008 | 9:23 AM ET
    Yahoo Center

    Sure the company and its nemesis, Carl Icahn, have joined forces so that bitter proxy contest could be eliminated. But that doesn't mean they've pushed their differences aside, or that general shareholder bitterness doesn't remain.

  • Microsoft-Yahoo Saga: To Be Continued Wednesday, 30 Jul 2008 | 9:39 PM ET

    Yahoo has a lot of persuading to do Friday. At its annual meeting, Yahoo will have to show frustrated shareholders how it plans to move forward in the wake of dead-end buyout talks Microsoft.  This  against the background of Carl Icahn on its board and the sale of  T. Boone Pickens Yahoo stake  ahead of the meeting.

  • As T. Boone Pickens in the Wall Street Journal described his master plan for solving an aspect of the US energy crisis: dependence on foreign oil. At its core, this solution was really only a swap of foreign energy sources from oil to natural gas.

  • Pickens: Not Pushing Energy Plan to Make Money Tuesday, 22 Jul 2008 | 12:27 PM ET

    Oilman T. Boone Pickens says he's pushing his alternative energy proposal to Congress not because he wants to make money through his own businesses, but because he knows how to solve the nation's energy problem.

  • Texas OKs Big-Bucks Wind Power Project Thursday, 17 Jul 2008 | 8:13 AM ET

    Texas extended its already formidable national lead in wind power by clearing the way Thursday for a major expansion of the state's electrical power transmission network, valued at nearly $5 billion, a move that will triple its current wind power capacity.

  • Pickens' Audacious Wind-for-Gas Plan Flawed? Tuesday, 8 Jul 2008 | 3:09 PM ET

    Boone Pickens’ plan to massively expand wind production to free up more natural gas for vehicles is an audacious suggestion but it faces a key challenge rooted in natural gas’ virtue as a clean and versatile fuel for utilities to generate electricity.

  • Pickens Sticks with $150 Oil; Could Fall to $100 Tuesday, 8 Jul 2008 | 8:51 AM ET
    Boone Pickens

    Prices are not driven by speculation and the short-term target is still $150 a barrel, Boone Pickens told CNBC. But they could dip to $100 over 2 years.

  • Wind Friday, 20 Jun 2008 | 3:52 PM ET

    Even with erratic federal and state subsidies, wind capacity in the US has blossomed since 2000, and there is now enough to serve 5 million homes. The Energy Dept. estimates wind could fulfill 20 percent of our electricity needs by 2020 if the right infrastructure is put in place.

  • World Crude Production Has Peaked: Pickens Tuesday, 17 Jun 2008 | 2:30 PM ET
    Boone Pickens

    World crude oil production has topped out at 85 million barrels per day even as demand keeps climbing, helping to drive a stunning surge in prices, billionaire oil investor T. Boone Pickens said on Tuesday.

  • Wind-Power Industry Set To Tap Capital Markets Thursday, 22 May 2008 | 5:34 PM ET
    Wind turbines generate power at the Searsburg Wind Power Facility in Searsburg, Vt. Thursday, July 21, 2005. Two ridge lines in the southern Green Mountain National Forest soon could sprout 370-foot tall wind power generators, if the U.S. Forest Service approves what would be the first wind energy project on its lands anywhere in the country. A company called Deerfield Wind LLC has proposed up to 30 of the towers in a special-use application to the Forest Service. The review is expected to take

    Small investors might soon be able to take part in the surging growth of US wind power, as the industry reaches a scale that will increasingly require tapping public capital markets to continue its explosive growth. 

  • Pisani: Why Market Bears Ruled Tuesday Tuesday, 20 May 2008 | 4:36 PM ET

    Bears had upper hand Tuesday, as oil hit new highs, not backing down; dollar rally evaporating; inflation trends clearer (core PPI stronger than expected).

  • When Pickens Speaks...Birinyi And Associates Listens Tuesday, 20 May 2008 | 1:25 PM ET
    Oil Prices

    When Boone Pickens speaks, we know the oil market listens. But we were very interested to see that Birinyi Associates were listening as well when Pickens was interviewed by Becky Quick on "Squawk Box" today.

  • Stop Trading!: If Buffet Likes Wind Power... Thursday, 15 May 2008 | 4:21 PM ET

    You should, too. Cramer offers his top picks for the sector.

  • Oil Prices Headed Toward $125 a Barrel: Pickens Thursday, 17 Apr 2008 | 10:06 AM ET

    Crude oil prices are still headed upward and could top $125 a barrel in the near-term, oil investor T. Boone Pickens said on Thursday.

  • Pickens Expects Oil, Natural Gas Prices to Fall Friday, 22 Feb 2008 | 2:37 PM ET
    Boone Pickens

    Legendary oilman Boone Pickens said Thursday he is shorting both the oil and natural gas markets in the belief prices will stage a short-term pullback.

  • Boone Pickens: When He Speaks, Oil Traders Listen Friday, 22 Feb 2008 | 8:56 AM ET

    This post is from guest blogger CNBC energy producer Judy Gee.The March oil contract may have gone out like a lion, but the new front-month contract came in like a lamb. The contract for April delivery tested $100 but declined as low as $97 before ultimately settling lower for the first time since the rally took off last week

  • Boone Pickens

    I spoke with Boone Pickens Tuesday as he launched Clean Energy's (CLNE) next venture at the Port of Long Beach in Southern California. The basic idea is to wean trucks and buses from diesel, and fuel them instead with liquid natural gas.

  • T. Boone Pickens' Son Gets Probation in Fraud Case Monday, 10 Dec 2007 | 1:33 PM ET

    A son of oil tycoon T. Boone Pickens was sentenced to five years of probation and ordered to take part in a substance abuse program for orchestrating a stock fraud scheme.