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He Did WHAT? Outrageous Holiday Party Behavior

Have you ever thrown a coworker in a lagoon at the office party? Here are some of the most outrageous things people have done at office parties.

A new survey that shows that millionaires are far more dog-friendly than the rest of Americans.

Britain Favors Credentials Over Countrymen for BoE's Top Job

Central bankers are joining premier-league footballers as global-economy elites.

Lakshmi Mittal

Lakshmi Mittal is meeting with France's president over accusations of “lying” and “blackmail."

One Percent to Boost Holiday Spending by $600 Million

Buying your love each item from the song “The 12 Days of Christmas” will cost more than ever this year.

10 Champions of British Enterprise

These 10 U.K. entrepreneurs went from minor start-ups to globally recognized brands.

The global economy will be stuck in a “twilight zone” of sluggish growth in 2013, Morgan Stanley has warned.

Are Two Cloud Servers Better Than One?

Cloud computing is fast becoming as ubiquitous as the clouds circling the Earth. As more and more people depend on “the cloud” to store sensitive data, they also realize it isn’t perfect —and sometimes it fails because of storm surges

Brewers Battle to Reverse French 150% Tax Increase

Government plans for a 160 percent increase in the tax on beer, has left the French beer industry reeling.

Governor of the Bank of England Mervyn King

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The Parthenon in Greece

The Greek debt crisis, the political situation in Athens and their impact on the euro zone are falling off investors' radars, but cannot be ignored, according to one foreign exchange analyst in London.

Are diamonds truly becoming an investor's best friend? One investor certainly thinks so.

Will Europe’s economy stabilize or collapse? Here’s what you need to know about the euro zone debt crisis.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel

European Union leaders wanted to conclude negotiations on the euro zone's new bailout fund

Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi

Silvio Berlusconi is renowned for his off-color remarks and personal scandal.

Despite the rarity of precious metals and gemstones on our planet, there are places in the known universe where these stones and jewels are considerably more abundant.

Safe House, KWK Promes

When the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse approach, to where will you retreat? Here are home with differing styles of disaster preparedness.

Price: $4,500 This trike was hand-built by Worksman Cycles--the company that invented the delivery tricycle in 1898 for ice cream vendors—with fabric and colors that were custom designed by Tory Burch. One nice feature: if pedaling along grows tiring, flip a switch and activate a clean-energy electric drive system.

Global investors have followed every twist in the ongoing debt crisis engulfing the euro zone. See what countries have the most indebted governments, and how their economies are faring.

As Academy Award season approaches, it’s not uncommon to hear talk about the “Oscar Jinx." Click to see the actors and actresses whose careers declined once they won the Academy Award.

The Farnborough International Airshow in the UK runs from July 19-25 and alternates each year with Paris as the premier European trade and display air show. This year the show kicked off with a higher-than-expected amount of new plane and leasing orders in the private sector. But the warnings were clear from the world's military, that cuts in defense spending would make it harder for firms to win new contracts. Farnborough has a history of flight testing and aircraft building going back to the s

The Farnborough International Airshow in the UK runs from July-25 and alternates each year with Paris as the premier European trade and display air show.