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Third time lucky for some, could it be a case of seventh time lucky for Singapore,which has just unveiled its latest and most stringent measures to cool a sizzling property market, which has so far defied a slew of steps unveiled since 2009.

South Korea's plan to stimulate its weak economy via government spending and policy measures depends on how China's economy performs this year, the finance minister of Asia's fourth largest economy said.

Investors sifting through analysts' new year predictions for stock market movements may want to press "delete" and look instead for sound companies, as history shows equity index forecasts are usually wrong.

China's one-child policy has produced less trusting, less trustworthy and less competitive children compared to the generation born before the policy was introduced, a study has found.

The Asia-Pacific region is home to the world's freest economies, according to an index published on Thursday as Western economies grapple with too much government involvement.


As gaming revenue in Singapore's once super-hot casino industry, which is the second biggest in Asia, slows, what does this mean for island-nation's slowing economy?

As if China and Japan didn't have enough to fight about, the two nations are now squabbling about which nation holds the record for the world's oldest person. The Global Post reports.

Read this if you're traveling to Taiwan. But if you just got back, it's too late. Baishawan restaurant, a famous destination in Taitung County, Taiwan, intentionally fed leftovers to more than 10,000 tourists, according to the China Daily.


Sony has put a one of its main buildings in central Tokyo up for sale in a deal that could raise as much as 100 billion yen ($1.14 billion) as the company seeks to sell non-core assets to generate cash to improve its balance sheet, people with direct knowledge of the deal said.

The brutal rape and ensuing death of a 23-year-old woman in Delhi — now known as Damini ("lightning" in Hindi) — along with concurrent massive civil society mobilization in India around these events, has ignited a flurry of speculation and analysis within Western media about why India is such a dangerous place for women. The Global Post reports.

South Korean men spent a whopping $495.4 million on skincare products in 2011, as makeup and cosmetics become more culturally acceptable. The Global Post reports.

Members of a new class of affluent Asian-Americans, many of whom have benefited from booms in finance and technology, are making their mark on philanthropy in the United States. The New York Times reports.

Forget that millions of North Korean children are starving — it's Kim Jong Un's birthday. Candy for everyone! The Global Post reports.

Marc Faber

Marc Faber told CNBC on Tuesday that he owns gold as an "insurance policy" despite a possible correction.

Samsung Reveals Chinese Labor Breaches

Shares of the world’s largest smartphone maker Samsung Electronics are expected to surge 50 percent in 2013, on the back of a stellar performance last year.


Looking for a McDonald's in Australia this month? You may bump into a "Macca's" instead. The international fast food giant will temporarily change signs to "Macca's," the affectionate Australian nickname for the chain, in celebration of Australia Day.

people brad pitt chanel--1066433025_v2.jpg

Even though Brad Pitt has been supposedly banned from entering China, his first post to Weibo, the Twitter-like microblogging platform popular in the People's Republic, suggests otherwise. The Global Post reports.

A government-backed investment fund is one of several waiting in the wings for a chance to support – and profit from – China's fast-growing performing arts and film companies. Caixin Online reports.

Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Note Phablet

Call it phablet, phonelet, tweener or super smartphone, but the clunky mobile phone - closer in size to a tablet than the smartphone of a couple of years back - is here to stay.

China's lowest temperatures in nearly three decades are wreaking havoc on shipping, air, and road transportation.

South Korean pop star Rain performing at a concert.

South Korean singer-actor Rain has been given a dressing down for going out with South Korea's sweetheart, Kim Tae-hee, while on compulsory military service - but without his army hat.

Kim Jong Un

Speculation is swirling in South Korea that the wife of Kim Jong Un has given birth to the newest member of the ruling Kim dynasty. The Global Post reports.

In America, teenagers think that braces are awkward, dorky and annoying. But in Asia, braces are cool. They're so cool in fact, that teens in Thailand, Indonesia and China are even wearing fake braces to make a fashion statement.

A poster at a protest against the gang rape of a 23-year-old in New Delhi, India

The gang rape of a 23-year old student has invoked a new political voice from middle class Indians who consider gender rights as important as poverty alleviation.


Following a year tainted by heightened economic uncertainty, the world's second largest economy is setting itself up for a positive 2013, say analysts, pointing to China's latest economic data and stellar equity market performance.


The Chinese government passed a law that requires adult children to visit their aging parents more often. The Global Post reports.

Opera House in Sydney, Australia.

Forget Australia's mining boom. The nation's strong economy, high currency and wages have made it a magnet for sex, drugs and rock and roll.

Hollywood, California

China's 2012 box office was dominated by foreign films for the first time in four years as a deal cemented earlier this year saw more Hollywood film screened on the mainland, squeezing out domestic competition.


Yale University plans to open in Singapore, but critics feel it is impossible to build an elite college dedicated to free inquiry in a nation with heavy restrictions on public speech and assembly.